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Welcome to the hyperlinked source code tree for dungeon. This is an attempt at a WWW document that allows you to find functions, structs etc. in the dungeon source code by name.

If you are interested in a particular type of symbols (e.g functions), use the type links below. If you are interested in a particular directory in dungeon, choose the directory link below.

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Bugs and Missing Features

I am using ctags and perl to find the symbols and produce the html documents. My parsing of the ctags output (especially for variables) seems slightly wrong. I'd appreciate a better way of doing things.

The final code should have hyperlinks that allow you to follow references to other symbols in the tree (e.g calls to bread() etc). This is difficult given FORTRAN's scoping rules, and I don't want to write a FORTRAN grammar parser. Until I can think of a clean way, I'll omit the desired hyperlinks.

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