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#	@(#)Makefile	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/11/93

# Makefile for kernel tags files, init_sysent, etc.

ARCH=	hp300 i386 luna68k news3400 pmax sparc tahoe vax

	@echo "make tags, make links or init_sysent.c only"

init_sysent.c syscalls.c ../sys/syscall.h: syscalls.master
	-mv -f init_sysent.c init_sysent.c.bak
	-mv -f syscalls.c syscalls.c.bak
	-mv -f ../sys/syscall.h ../sys/syscall.h.bak
	sh syscalls.master

# Kernel tags:
# Tags files are built in the top-level directory for each architecture,
# with a makefile listing the architecture-dependent files, etc.  The list
# of common files is in ./  Links to the correct tags file
# are placed in each source directory.  We need to have links to tags files
# from the generic directories that are relative to the machine type, even
# via remote mounts; therefore we use symlinks to $SYSTAGS, which points at
# ${SYSDIR}/${MACHINE}/tags.


# Directories in which to place tags links (other than machine-dependent)
DGEN=	conf \
	dev dev/scsi \
	hp hp/dev hp/hpux \
	kern libkern \
	miscfs miscfs/deadfs miscfs/fdesc miscfs/fifofs miscfs/kernfs \
	miscfs/lofs miscfs/nullfs miscfs/portal miscfs/specfs miscfs/umapfs \
	net netccitt netinet netiso netns nfs scripts sys \
	ufs ufs/ffs ufs/lfs ufs/mfs ufs/ufs \

	-for i in ${ARCH}; do \
	    (cd ../$$i && make ${MFLAGS} tags); done

	rm -f ${SYSTAGS}
	ln -s ${SYSDIR}/${MACHINE}/tags ${SYSTAGS}
	-for i in ${DGEN}; do \
	    (cd ../$$i && { rm -f tags; ln -s ${SYSTAGS} tags; }) done
	-for i in ${ARCH}; do \
	    (cd ../$$i && make ${MFLAGS} SYSTAGS=${SYSTAGS} links); done