Getting help

About SCOhelp
    About HTML
    How help works
    About topics
    Understanding frames
    Getting character-based help
    Getting updates of the documentation

Navigating SCOhelp
    Using accelerators and mnemonics
    Finding information
        Viewing search results
        About Verity search options
    Finding and opening manual pages
    Using the global glossary

Printing topics and sequences

Saving topics and sequences

Using Netscape Communicator features

Setting browser preferences

Troubleshooting SCOhelp
    SCOhelp installation fails on S5 filesystem
    If SCOhelp fails without an error message
    SCOhelp error messages
    SCOhelp displays wrong help with proxy server
    Characters displayed incorrectly in locales other than Latin 1 codeset
    Resizing the SCOhelp window displays JavaScript error
    SCOhelp not indexed
    Verity Search gives wrong results or does not work
    ODSSI tools errors