Getting help

Viewing search results

The search ``hits'' appear in the left frame. (A ``hit'' is a document that contains the word(s) that match the search criteria.)

SCOhelp shows the number of hits and displays the first ten documents, listing the best matches first.

If your search resulted in more than ten hits, SCOhelp displays hotlinks at the bottom of the list, which lead to additional pages of hits. For example:

   More results: 1 2 3 4 5
This indicates that there are five pages of hits. To select the next page of hits, click on the 2.

To display the document in the right frame, click on the title in the left frame.

All the hits in the document are highlighted

To navigate the search results, use the arrow buttons in the Prev and Next table on the Search results page:

NOTE: Using the Back button in the bottom right SCOhelp frame to return to the first page of search results causes an error. This is harmless and can be ignored. You might want to re-specify the search.

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