Getting help

Finding information

SCOhelp includes the Verity search engine.

To find a word or phrase in the current document (displayed in the right frame):

  1. Click on the right frame to select it.

  2. Select:

    Edit -> Find in Frame

  3. Enter the word in the ``Find'' field, specify a case-sensitive or backwards search, and click on Find.

    SCOhelp highlights the first instance of the word. Click on Find again to locate subsequent occurrences.

To find a word or phrase anywhere in the online documentation:

  1. Click on the Search button in the bottom right frame.

    NOTE: If SCOhelp has not yet been indexed, you see a message in the left frame. See ``SCOhelp not indexed''.

  2. Enter comma-separated words or phrases to search for in the field in the left frame.

    NOTE: Verity searches for complete words; it does not find strings within words unless you add the * character at the beginning and/or end of the string.

    See ``Verity search operators''.

    For information on the basic search and search refinement, see ``Forming search queries''.

  3. If translated documentation is installed on your system, click on the Options button to select the languages to search.

  4. Click on Search (or press <Enter>) to begin your search.

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