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#	TODO,v 1.3 1993/07/19 13:40:00 cgd Exp

 1) should understand "older", original High Sierra ("CDROM001") type

   Not yet. ( I don't have this technical information, yet. )

 2) should understand Rock Ridge

   Yes, we have follows function.

       o Symbolic Link
       o Real Name(long name)
       o File Attribute 
       o Time stamp
       o uid, gid

   Except follows:

       o POSIX device modes

         I have no idea right now, we should check a REAL implementation
         for 386BSD.....
       o Limitation of 8 level directory( ISO9660 limitation )

         Rock Ridge Extension are defined with the "CL/PL/RE" for getting
         rid of this limitation. But as far as I test the cdroms,I'v never 
         seen this definition and we can access the over 8 level without
         it. (Another word, this limitation is NOT physical ISO9660's
         FORMAT limitation for unix stuffs.... I believe... )

 3) should be called cdfs, as there are other ISO file system soon possible

   Not yet. Probably we should make another file system when the ECMA draft 
   is valid and do it. For doing Rock Ridge Support, I can use almost same
   code. So I just use the same file system interface...

 4) should have file handles implemented for use with NFS, etc

   Yes. we have already this one, and I based it for this release. 

 5) should have name translation enabled by mount flag

   Yes. we can disable the Rock Ridge Extension by follows option;

      "mount -t isofs -o -norrip /dev/cd0d /cdrom"

 6) should run as a user process, and not take up kernel space (cdroms
    are slow)

   Not yet. And addition, we should try to avoid a long seek by a absolute path
   with using the PATH TABLE or other method.

 7) ECMA support.

   Not yet. we need not only a technical spec but also ECMA format
   cd-rom itself!

 8) Character set change by SVD ( multi SVD support )

   Not yet. We should also hack the other part of system as 8 bit
   clean. As far as I know, if you export the cdrom by NFS, the client
   can access the 8 bit clean (ie. Solaris Japanese with EUC code )

Last update July 19, '93 by Atsushi Murai. ([email protected])