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Welcome to the UnixWare® 7 documentation set. With SCOhelp, you can access all of the manual pages and topics currently installed on your system.

SCOhelp is based on Netscape Communicator(TM) and makes extensive use of frames:

To navigate through the UnixWare 7 documentation, click on the navigation buttons found at the bottom of SCOhelp as well as the hot links provided in the text. Use the Search button to access the Verity search engine which allows you to locate text by typing a multi-word query string (with operators). Use the Print button to print individual frames and, when you are viewing a section from within a topic, assemble the larger topic for printing. After installing your system or updating a documentation package, you must create the software index before you can use the full capabilities of either the Search or Print functions. See config_search(1M).

You can also search the manual page sections for particular commands, routines, and files by clicking on the Manual Pages button; it works very much like the man(1) command, which displays manual pages from the command line.

For a complete description of the SCOhelp interface, see Using SCOhelp.

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