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This is a WWW interface for CVS repositories. You can browse the file hierarchy by following directory links (which have slashes after them, e.g. src/). If you follow a link to a file, you will see its revision history. Following a link labeled with a revision number will display that revision of the file. In the revision history view, there is a link near each revision to display diffs between that revision and the previous one, and a form at the bottom of the page that allows you to display diffs between arbitrary revisions.

[DIR] abyss/
[DIR] amfv/
[DIR] arthur/
[DIR] ballyhoo/
[DIR] beyondzork/
[DIR] borderzone/
[DIR] bureaucracy/
[DIR] checkpoint/
[DIR] coco/
[DIR] cutthroats/
[DIR] deadline/
[DIR] enchanter/
[DIR] hitchhikersguide/
[DIR] hitchhikersguide-gold/
[DIR] hollywoodhijinx/
[DIR] infidel/
[DIR] infocom-sampler/
[DIR] journey/
[DIR] leathergoddesses/
[DIR] leathergoddesses-gold/
[DIR] lurkinghorror/
[DIR] minizork-1982/
[DIR] minizork-1987/
[DIR] minizork2-1988/
[DIR] moonmist/
[DIR] nordandbert/
[DIR] planetfall/
[DIR] planetfall-gold/
[DIR] plunderedhearts/
[DIR] restaurant/
[DIR] seastalker/
[DIR] sherlock/
[DIR] shogun/
[DIR] sorcerer/
[DIR] spellbreaker/
[DIR] starcross/
[DIR] stationfall/
[DIR] suspect/
[DIR] suspended/
[DIR] trinity/
[DIR] wishbringer/
[DIR] wishbringer-gold/
[DIR] witness/
[DIR] zork/
[DIR] zork-german/
[DIR] zork1/
[DIR] zork1-gold/
[DIR] zork2/
[DIR] zork3/
[DIR] zorkzero/

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