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This is the README for the DMSDOS CVF-FAT filesystem extensions. 

CVF-FAT is a generic modular Compressed Volume Files interface for the FAT 

DMSDOS is a module which provides similar functionality to the former dmsdos 
filesystem: support for Microsoft's doublespace/drivespace and for Stac's 
stacker. DMSDOS uses the CVF-FAT extensions and can be considered as a
sample implementation for using the CVF-FAT extensions. 

CVF-FAT is the official successor of the dmsdos filesystem. DMSDOS itself
is still continued, but it now is a child of CVF-FAT and not a filesystem
any more.

List of files to read:

README             this file
INSTALL.TXT        how to install CVF-FAT and dmsdos
patches/DIFFS.TXT  description of kernel patches ("when do I use which one")
PORT_TO_WIN32      if you want to run dmsdos utilities in a Win32 environment

Other directories:

doc/            various documentation
man/            man pages for dmsdos utilities
src/            complete source code for dmsdos
patches/        kernel patches and updates for the CVF-FAT interface