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Initial revision

This thing uses code from:

Reverse-engineered Atari ST frontier (David Braben, etc)
Hatari (,
Scale2x (,
All the other shit i wrote myself (like the 68k assembler
and disassembler) are GPL (i guess...).

Type 'make' and perhaps god will favour you.

Some special keys:

F11	- Toggle fullscreen.
F12	- Open the emulation menu.
Ctrl-M	- Toggle mouse grabbing.
Ctrl-Q	- Quit.

If you have a middle mouse button then pressing it should toggle
mouse grabbing also.


* 4096 colour palette (was 512 in ST version).

* dynamic colours are always allocated. frontier used to allocate 14
  dynamic colours for scenes which typically want 25-35 colours. now
  all these colours are available. this basically means frontier is
  now 256 colours from a 4096 colour palette.

* New option: Light/dark space colour.

* Fixed ST FE2 bug: milkyway was not visible until after a hyperspace.

* 'Scale2x' mode, which can be activated in the screen section of
  the big F12 menu thingy.

* ripped out the crappy sound code. sfx are now 8 or 16 bit 22khz
  wavs in sfx/, and music doesn't exist for the moment.

2004.05.16 - Option 'Icon beeps' had no effect in ST frontier. Fix this.
2004.05.16 - Remember option 'light/dark' space in savefiles.
2004.05.16 - Default to 'very high' detail level.

Savefiles should remain compatible with those of the atari ST version.


Bug reports, patches, legal threats welcome.