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Tue Apr 24 17:58:08 2018 UTC (2 years, 11 months ago) by root
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Tom Morton


GL renderer

(!) Z ordering issues (intro on planet, ship undercarriage, ...)

(!) planet renderer

(!) Holes in some types of space station (hoop one). investigate.

(!) Remaining tesselation bugs on hills, clouds, etc.

(+) Teardrop drawn poorly.

(+) TwinklyCircle drawn poorly.

gl renderer performance

1 remaining murderer of framerate:

* gluTesselator for 0x5 objects


stockmarket and bulletin board getting fucked up sometimes (x86 compile bug?)

old bug - repairing your hull involves RSI mouse clicking

why is the savefile extension option the wrong way around?

Inability to enter starsystem view (use keyboard) - more generally
that fucking broken click bug of fe2.