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Tom Morton

A sortof benchmark is reported fps at the start point on mars,
once the framerate has settled down (clouds are slowly added).

Press 'f' to enable framerate display.
Press 'ctrl-e' to switch between gl and software renderers.

Test system: athlon xp1700+, ddr333, lunix, nvidia fx5700 (driver 81.78).
C output cores compiled with gcc-2.95, -O1 part1, -O0 part2.

./frontier --nosound

Build		i386old	i386-gl	C-old	C-gl	notes
2006-02-22	87	33	22	18	gl display list abuse fixed!
2006-02-21_2	85 	16	22	11

2006-01-16	94		16

frontvm1 (8 fps - uae 68k interpreted core)