File:  [GNU Debugger] / gdb / environ.h
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Tue Apr 24 17:53:57 2018 UTC (3 years, 7 months ago) by root
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CVS tags: gdb_2_8_1, gdb_2_8, gdb_2_5_3, gdb_2_5_2, gdb_2_5_1, gdb-2_4_coff, gdb-2_0, HEAD

/* We manipulate environments represented as these structures.  */

struct environ
  /* Number of usable slots allocated in VECTOR.
     VECTOR always has one slot not counted here,
     to hold the terminating zero.  */
  int allocated;
  /* A vector of slots, ALLOCATED + 1 of them.
     The first few slots contain strings "VAR=VALUE"
     and the next one contains zero.
     Then come some unused slots.  */
  char **vector;

struct environ *make_environ ();
void free_environ ();
void init_environ ();
char *get_in_environ ();
void set_in_environ ();
void unset_in_environ ();
char **environ_vector ();