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hatari 0.30

2003-03-12 (THH):  *** Version 0.30 ***
  * Updated readme.txt and version number to 0.30
  * Changed output audio sample format back to unsigned again (seems to  work
    better on some systems).

2003-03-10 (THH):
  * Adjusted audio functions so that Hatari's sound should be right again.

2003-03-09 (THH):
  * Fixed TOS patching routine - it was only working on big endian machines
    (Thanks to Tony Smolar for the hint!).
  * IKBD_Cmd_ReadClock() should now work.

2003-03-08 (THH):
  * Some parts of the code accessed the SR directly to read the IPL - however
    the UAE CPU core only updates the SR when doing a MakeSR() first. So this
    is done in the affected code parts now, too.
  * The IPL wasn't raised when a MFP interrupt occured - fixed now.
  * Full screen resolution for ST-Low can now be selected from the screen
    setup dialog.

2003-03-04 (THH):
  * The IKBD emulation does not longer duplicate joystick fire buttons when
    a game (like Babarian) tries to use both, joystick and mouse => Games like
    Lotus Turbo Esprit Challange are now working again!
  * Improved audio timer function - the code should now be a little bit faster.

2003-03-03 (THH):
  * Resynced Hatari's UAE CPU core with UAE 0.8.22 - this fixes some bugs in
    68k instructions like ABCD and SBCD.
  * Now only reinitializing the sound subsystem if really needed, this should
    fix a problem with Linux ALSA sound driver (Thanks to Tony Smolar for
    discovering this problem!).
  * Added another patch for TOS 2.05 so that this TOS version should now work
    with Hatari, too.

2003-02-28 (THH):
  * Rewrote TOS patching routine. It is more flexible now.
  * Removed 0xa0ff opcode for VDI resolutions; using GEMDOS_OPCODE now instead.

2003-02-02 (THH):
  * Fixed MMU RAM size configuration bug.
  * Rewrote some screen conversion functions in C (low320x8.c, low640x8.c,
    med640x8.c and spec640x16.c).

2003-01-29 (THH):
  * When a bus or address error occurred, the PC was often not set to the
    right exception handler routine. This has been fixed now - thanks to
    Philippe Gerin for finding the bug and the patch for solving it!

2002-12-30 (THH):  *** Version 0.25 ***
  * Added some more bus error entries in intercept.c (just like on a real ST).
  * Updated the readme.txt.

2002-12-23 (THH):
  * Moved Hatari's line-a opcodes (0xa000 and 0xa0ff) from tos.c to cartimg.c
    so that the extended VDI resolutions should now also work with hard disk
    emulation turned on.
  * WinSTon turned off screen rendering while booting in a VDI resolution
    mode. This has been enable again, so that the user can see what's going
    on. However, booting in a VDI mode is now a little bit slower (especially
    on TOS 2.06).

2002-12-22 (THH):
  * VDI resolutions with 4 colors are now working, too.
  * Fixed some bugs in screen.c

2002-11-30 (THH):
  * Added the possibility to select the GEM resolution to the TOS/GEM dialog.
  * Rewrote ConvertVDIRes_2Colour() in C for big monochrome VDI resolutions.

2002-10-13 (THH):
  * Rewrote ConvertVDIRes_16Colour() in C and added Line-A/VDI patches
    so that Hatari now also features a VDI big resolution mode.

2002-09-21 (THH):
  * Added YM and WAV sound recording (to hatari.ym or hatari.wav since the
    GUI does not support editing strings yet).
  * Introduced "System" setup dialog for configuring the ST hardware
    (currently CPU and blitter).

2002-08-11 (THH):
  * Fixed bug in the blitter function, so the letters in the menu bar of the
    desktop are now correct.

2002-07-08 (THH):
  * Some more endianess patches for spec512 screens - looks much better now!
  * Fixed the bug that caused Hatari to crash when it was not able to load
    the font image.

2002-07-04 (THH):
  * Added experimental blitter emulation (taken from STonX).
    "Wings Of Death" started working now - wow!

2002-07-03 (THH):
  * Separated SDL_INIT_JOYSTICK and SDL_INIT_AUDIO from Main_Init(), since
    failures during joystick/audio initialization shouldn't be fatal.
  * Short-Cuts now also work with the "apple" key on Mac OS X.
  * Some endianess patches for the spec512 convertion routine (but it is
    still not yet working right).

2002-02-21 (THH):
  * Fixed bug in tos.c - TOS 1.00 has been wrongly patched and did not work
    any more...

2002-02-18 (THH):  *** Version 0.20 ***
  * Setting the HD drives is now also included in the GUI.
  * Updated the readme.txt.

2002-02-05 (Thomas Huth):
  * Added Svens HD-image patch.
  * Yet another bugfix for BeOS (lseek again...)

2002-01-14 (Thomas Huth):
  * Added (real) joystick support.

2002-01-02 (Thomas Huth):
  * Fixed some problems with the CPU reset.
  * Updated the GUI.

2001-12-27 (Thomas Huth):
  * Finished the first working version of the GUI. Not yet perfect,
    but many things can now be configured there.
  * Mapped the GUI to the F12 key, quitting the program is now

2001-12-25 (Thomas Huth):
  * Cleaned up: Fixed many "FIXME"s, rewrote the splitpath and makepath
    functions, and moved the scandir and alphasort functions to file.c.
  * Improved the SDL-GUI.
  * Designed some dialogs and started working on a file selection dialog.

2001-12-21 (Thomas Huth):
  * Hatari now uses the SDL's relative mouse mode instead of absolut mode.
  * Removed the files view.c and statusbar.c (not really needed).

2001-12-10 (Thomas Huth):
  * Wrote a first version of the graphical user interface.
  * The path where Hatari searches its data (TOS-image etc.)
    can now be specified in the Makefile.

2001-10-10 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.11 ***
  * Changed some C++ comments to C comments (for plain ANSI-C compilers).
  * Fixed a stack problem in gemdos.c

2001-09-20 (Thomas Huth):
  * Added screen flipping in fullscreen mode (-> more speed!).
  * ST-Med/ST-Low mixed mode now works (e.g. in the Magnetic
    Scrolls adventures).

2001-09-09 (Sven de Marothy):
  * Added hard-drive emulation, (option -e or --harddrive)
  * Fixed annoying key clicks during boot.

2001-08-16 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.10a ***
  * Improved CPU cycles emulation. Most instructions now return the
    right cycles, I hope.
  * Added Spec512 support.

2001-07-21 (Thomas Huth):
  * Added some shortcuts
  * Added the possibility to switch between fullscreen and window mode.
  * Started working on better CPU cycles emulation (well, they are
    a real mess!).

  * Added ST Medium resolution.

  * Added Sven's debugger patch.

  * Added Sven de Marothy's screenshot patch. It allows taking screenshots
    by pressing ALTGR-G.

2001-06-10 (Thomas Huth):
  * Added sound support. Does not yet work perfect, but at least there
    are some noises now :-) (Use option --sound to enable it).

2001-06-01 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.05a ***
  * Added joystick emulation.
  * Added Stefan's patch for ST-LOW res on big-endian machines,
    his patch for also leaving Hatari by pressing F12, and
    his fullscreen patch.
  * Changed all tabulator characters in the source to spaces.

2001-05-27 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.04a ***
  * Added Stefan Berndtsson's patch for big-endian machines.
    Hatari now runs also with non-x86 Linux machines! Thanks Stefan!
  * Rewrote the ST-LOW resolution conversation routines in C
    => ST-LOW now works!
  * Added some of the WinSTon patches Paul Bates recently published
    at the WinSTon BBS (Thanks to Ladislav Adamec for the hint).
  * Cleaned up the source tree a little bit.

2001-04-03 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.03a ***
  * Rewrote some more assembler functions. FDC emulation now works!

2001-04-02 (Thomas Huth):
  * SDL Keyboard code finished and included a SDL-Key -> ST-Scancode table.

2001-03-29 (Thomas Huth):
  * Added mouse support.

2001-03-28 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.02a ***
  * Added very simple SDL support.
  * Rewrote a lot of assembler functions in C (e.g. intercept.c).
  * Adapted the UAE CPU. Now Hatari is able to boot a TOS 1.0x ROM, the
    Desktop shows up, but no mouse and keyboard interaction yet.

2001-03-21 (Thomas Huth):  *** Version 0.01a ***
  * Made the WinSTon source code compilable.
  * Added the UAE CPU sources.