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hatari 0.40

 Main developers

- Thomas Huth  (THH)  <> 
- Sven de Marothy  <>

 Code from other projects

The initial Hatari source code was based on two main sources:

- Most of the hardware emulation comes from the WinSTon sourcecode
  written by Paul Bates (see:

- The CPU core has been taken from UAE which has been written by Bernd Schmidt
  and others (

Beside these two main sources, Hatari also uses some code from other projects:

- Some parts (e.g. the blitter emulation) have been taken from the emulator
  STonX that has been written by Marinos Yannikos and Martin Griffiths

- Some code (e.g. the scancode keyboard mapping) has been taken from the
  emulator Aranym (

- The code (unzip.c) for decompressing ZIP files has been taken from Gilles
  Vollant's miniunzip program (

- The routines for saving and loading the ASCII configuration file (cfgopts.c)
  have originally been written by Jeffry J. Brickley.


Following people contributed patches to this projects and/or helped to find
bugs in Hatari (listed in random order - and if someone is missing here, please
remind me!):

- Stefan Berndtsson <> : Patches to get Hatari running on
  big endian machines.

- Claus Windeler <> : BeOS adaption of Hatari.

- Emmanuel Anne <> : Contributed lots of patches,
  RTC emulation.

- Markus Oberhumer : A patch that fixed a problem with ZIPped disk images;
  routine for loading the configuration file from the $HOME directory.

- Tony Smolar : Helped to find some bugs in the sound output routines.

- Philippe Gerin : Fixed a bug in the CPU core (a problem with bus errors).

Special thanks go to Matthias Arndt for writing the Hatari user manual!