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   version 0.11.0
     - fix rtc polling mode (Bernhard Kauer)
     - qcow2: order concurrent aio requests (Kevin Wolf)
     - qemu-io: port to win32 (Stefan Weil)
     - alpha: fix extlh instruction (Vince Weaver)
     - tcg: fix size of local variables in tcg_gen_bswap64_i64 (Stefan Weil)
     - net: fix send ordering (Jan Kiszka)
     - escc: fix IRQ routing (Aurelien Jarno)
     - versatile: fix Linux task preemption (Aurelien Jarno)
     - curses: reduce memory usage by 250MB (Aurelien Jarno)
   version 0.11.0-rc2
     - mips: fix conditional move off fp conditions codes (Nath Froyd)
     - fix migration to obey -S (Paolo Bonzini)
     - remove pc-0-10 machine type (Mark McLoughlin)
     - vnc: fix copyrect screen corruption (Gerd Hoffman)
     - fix vm state change handlers running order (Markus Armbruster)
     - e1000: fix eerc and ics emulation (Bill Paul)
     - fix sdl zooming with pl110 (Blue Swirl)
     - sparc64: flush pending conditional evaluations (Igor Kovalenko)
     - esp: fix interrupt register read (Blue Swirl)
     - option rom makefile fixes (Paul Brook)
     - fix sparse warnings (Blue Swirl)
     - fix symfind (Laurent Desnogues)
     - win32: fix default prefix (Stefan Weil)
     - fix checksum writing in signboot (Alex Graf)
     - fix sdl window resize (Stefano Stabellini)
     - do not resize the screen on hw_invalidate (Stefano Stabellini)
     - Add checks for -smbios option (Beth Kon)
     - fix do_set_link (Luiz Capitulino)
     - fix do_commit behavior (Luiz Capitulino)
     - make windows notice media change (Gleb Natapov)
     - check for PR_SET_NAME being defined (Nathan Froyd)
     - fix migration for ide devices (Anthony Liguori)
     - Use correct depth in vmware vga (Reimar Doffiner)
     - support 32bpp cursors in sdl (Reimar Doffinger)
     - fix device name completion for eject (Blue Swirl)
     - make screendump use DisplayState properly (Stefano Stabellini)
     - fix autostart with live migration (Avi Kivity)
     - fix detached migration with exec (Chris Lalancette)
     - fix segv when changing vnc password in sdl (Zach Amsden)
     - fix vnc password clearing with stdio monitor (Zach Amsden)
     - clean up VGA type selection (Zach Amsden)
     - add missing linefeed in error message (Stefan Weil)
   version 0.11.0-rc1
     - add machine aliasing support (Mark McLoughlin)
     - add getfd/closefd monitor commands (Mark McLoughlin)
     - use correct headers for tap-win32 (Filip Navara)
     - fix live migration (Glauber Costa)
     - slirp: use monotonic clock if available (Ed Swierk)
     - clear msix_entries_nr on error (Michael Tsirkin)
     - HPET: fix reg writes (Beth Kon)
     - slirp: fix guestfwd for incoming data (Jan Kiszka)
     - fix build of qemu-thread.c on win32 (Sebastian Herbszt)
     - improve signrom.sh portability (Christoph Egger)
     - fix qemu-img convert to copy unallocated parts of the image
           (Akkarit Sangpetch)
     - vmdk: fix backing file handling (Kevin Wolf)
     - scsi: add save/restore support (Nolan Leake)
     - fix live migration for SCSI (Nolan Leake)
     - various sparc build fixes (Blue Swirl)
     - fix OpenBSD build (Blue Swirl)
     - only allow -cpu host when using KVM (Anthony Liguori)
     - fix build breakage when !KVM (Anthony Liguori)
   version 0.10.6:
     - e1000: ignore reset command (Kevin Wolf)
     - fix VNC memory allocation (Stefan Weil)
     - fix raw_pread_aligned return value (Christoph Hellwig)
     - allow monitor interaction when using -incoming exec: (Chris Lalancette)
     - fix -net socket,listen (Jan Kiszka)
     - live migration: don't send gratuitous packets all at once (Gleb Natapov)
     - serial: fix lost characters after sysrq (Jason Wessel)
     - Fix prototype of zfree (Stefan Weil)
     - Handle EINTR with exec: migration (Uri Lublin)
     - Delete io-handler before closing fd after migration (Uri Lublin)
     - Fix qemu_aio_flush (Andrea Arcangeli)
     - lsi53c895a: Implement additional registers (Sebastian Herbszt)
     - virtio-blk: fix warning (Gerd Hoffman)
     - i386: fix cpu reset (Nitin Kamble)
     - kvm: fix irq injection into full queue (Jan Kiszka)
     - Prevent CD-ROM eject while device is locked (Mark McLoughlin)
     - Fix screen dump with blank screen (Eduardo Habkost)
     - Fix memory leak with cpu_unregister_map_client (Isaku Yamahata)
     - Fix memory leak in SDL (Jan Kiszka)
     - Fix build on OS X 10.4 (John Arbuckle)
     - Fix leak of vlan clients after hot remove (Mark McLoughlin)
     - Fix migration after hot remove with eepro100 (Mark McLoughlin)
     - Don't start a VM after failed migration if stopped (Anthony Liguori)
     - Fix live migration under heavy IO load (Glauber Costa)
     - Honor -S on incoming migration (Paolo Bonzini)
     - Reset HPET config register on reset (Beth Kon)
     - Reset PS2 keyboard/mouse on reset (Dinesh Subraveti)
 version 0.10.5:  version 0.10.5:
   - kvm: trim unsupported cpu features from cpuid (Avi Kivity)    - kvm: trim unsupported cpu features from cpuid (Avi Kivity)
   - kvm: provide a better error message for -smp > 1 (Mark McLoughlin)    - kvm: provide a better error message for -smp > 1 (Mark McLoughlin)
Line 55  version 0.10.2: Line 150  version 0.10.2:
 version 0.10.1:  version 0.10.1:
   - virtio-net: allow masking of notifications on empty queue (Alex Williamson)  
   - e1000: fix rx descriptor low threshold logic (Alex Willaimson)  
   - x86 tcg: add NULL checks to lsl instruction (Jan Kiszka)  
   - kvm vga: fix screen corruption with -std-vga and Windows (Avi Kivity)  
   - kvm vga: fix screen corruption with Ubuntu installations (Glauber Costa)  
   - virtio-net: check right return size on sg list (Alex Williamson)    - virtio-net: check right return size on sg list (Alex Williamson)
   - Make qemu_announce_self handle holes (live migration after hotplug)    - Make qemu_announce_self handle holes (live migration after hotplug)
     (Marcelo Tosatti)      (Marcelo Tosatti)

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