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   version 0.12.4
    - Workaround for broken OSS_GETVERSION on FreeBSD, part two (Juergen Lock)
    - oss: fix fragment setting (malc)
    - oss: issue OSS_GETVERSION ioctl only when needed (malc)
    - oss: refactor code around policy setting (malc)
    - oss: workaround for cases when OSS_GETVERSION is not defined (malc)
    - block: Free iovec arrays allocated by multiwrite_merge() (Stefan Hajnoczi)
    - lsi: fix segfault in lsi_command_complete (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - lsi: pass lsi_request to lsi_reselect (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - lsi: move dma_len+dma_buf into lsi_request (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - lsi: move current_dev into lsi_request (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - lsi: have lsi_request for the whole life time of the request. (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - lsi: use QTAILQ for lsi_queue (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - tcp/mips: Change TCG_AREG0 (fp -> s0) (Stefan Weil)
    - sh_pci: fix memory and I/O access (Aurelien Jarno)
    - Fix incoming migration with iothread (Marcelo Tosatti)
    - Fix SIGFPE for vnc display of width/height = 1 (Chris Webb)
    - net: remove broken net_set_boot_mask() boot device validation (Eduardo Habkost)
    - qcow2: Remove request from in-flight list after error (Kevin Wolf)
    - qcow2: Don't ignore immediate read/write failures (Kevin Wolf)
    - block: Fix multiwrite memory leak in error case (Kevin Wolf)
    - block: Fix error code in multiwrite for immediate failures (Kevin Wolf)
    - block: Fix multiwrite error handling (Kevin Wolf)
    - scsi-disk: fix buffer overflow (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - qcow2: Rewrite alloc_refcount_block/grow_refcount_table (Kevin Wolf)
    - qcow2: Factor next_refcount_table_size out (Kevin Wolf)
    - block: avoid creating too large iovecs in multiwrite_merge (Christoph Hellwig)
    - json-parser: Fix segfault on malformed input (Kevin Wolf)
    - linux-user: switch default ppc64 CPU to 970fx from 970 (Aurelien Jarno)
    - target-sh4: MMU: fix store queue addresses (Aurelien Jarno)
    - target-sh4: MMU: fix ITLB priviledge check (Aurelien Jarno)
    - target-sh4: MMU: fix mem_idx computation (Aurelien Jarno)
    - sh7750: handle MMUCR TI bit (Aurelien Jarno)
    - UHCI spurious interrut fix (Paul Brook)
    - tcg/mips: fix branch offset during retranslation (Aurelien Jarno)
    - tcg/arm: correctly save/restore registers in prologue/epilogue (Aurelien Jarno)
    - workaround for cmd646 bmdma register access while no dma is active (Igor V. Kovalenko)
    - Fix corner case in chardev udp: parameter (Jan Kiszka)
    - Don't set default monitor when there is a mux'ed one (Jan Kiszka)
    - spelling typo (compatibilty) in hw/fw_cfg.c (Vagrant Cascadian)
    - fdc: fix drive property handling. (Gerd Hoffmann)
    - target-i386: fix commit c22549204a6edc431e8e4358e61bd56386ff6957 (TeLeMan)
    - target-i386: fix SIB decoding with index = 4 (Aurelien Jarno)
    - Fix segfault with ram_size > 4095M without kvm (Ryan Harper)
    - target-i386: Fix long jumps/calls in long mode with REX.W set (malc)
    - target-i386: fix lddqu SSE instruction (Aurelien Jarno)
    - qemu-char.c: drop debug printfs from qemu_chr_parse_compat (Jan Kiszka)
    - fix undefined shifts by >32 (Paolo Bonzini)
    - Fix qemu -net user,hostfwd= example (Aurelien Jarno)
 version 0.12.3  version 0.12.3
   - kvm: Fix eflags corruption in kvm mode (Jan Kiszka)    - kvm: Fix eflags corruption in kvm mode (Jan Kiszka)
   - qcow2: Fix access after end of array (Kevin Wolf)    - qcow2: Fix access after end of array (Kevin Wolf)

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