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   version 0.12.5
    - audio/alsa: Handle SND_PCM_STATE_SETUP in alsa_poll_handler
    - block: Handle multiwrite errors only when all requests have completed
    - block: Fix early failure in multiwrite
    - vpc: Use bdrv_(p)write_sync for metadata writes
    - vmdk: Use bdrv_(p)write_sync for metadata writes
    - qcow2: Use bdrv_(p)write_sync for metadata writes
    - qcow: Use bdrv_(p)write_sync for metadata writes
    - block: Add bdrv_(p)write_sync
    - qcow2: Restore L1 entry on l2_allocate failure
    - block/vdi: Fix image opening and creation for odd disk sizes
    - block/vpc: Fix conversion from size to disk geometry
    - qcow2: Remove abort on free_clusters failure
    - vmdk: Fix COW
    - qcow2: Fix creation of large images
    - vmdk: fix double free
    - qemu-options: add documentation for stdio signal=on|off
    - target-arm : fix parallel saturated subtraction implementation
    - target-arm : fix thumb2 parallel add/sub opcode decoding
    - target-arm: fix addsub/subadd implementation
    - target-i386: fix xchg rax,r8
    - block/vvfat.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
    - audio/alsa: Spelling typo (paramters)
    - target-mips: fix DINSU instruction
    - Correct definitions for FD_CMD_SAVE and FD_CMD_RESTORE
    - qcow2: Fix corruption after error in update_refcount
    - qcow2: Fix corruption after refblock allocation
    - block: Fix multiwrite with overlapping requests
    - qcow2: Fix error handling in l2_allocate
    - qcow2: Clear L2 table cache after write error
    - ide: Fix ide_dma_cancel
    - usb-bus: fix no params
    - Avoid crash on '-usbdevice <device>' without parameters
    - Fix -usbdevice crash
    - Fix multiboot compilation
    - Fix missing symbols in .rel/.rela.plt sections
    - target-ppc: fix RFI by clearing some bits of MSR
    - Fix typo in balloon help
    - arm_timer: fix oneshot mode
    - arm_timer: reload timer when enabled
    - qemu-sockets: avoid strlen of NULL pointer
    - block: fix aio_flush segfaults for read-only protocols (e.g. curl)
    - virtio-blk: fix barrier support
    - block: fix sector comparism in multiwrite_req_compare
    - pci: irq_state vmstate breakage
    - qemu-img: use the heap instead of the huge stack array for win32
 version 0.12.4  version 0.12.4
  - Workaround for broken OSS_GETVERSION on FreeBSD, part two (Juergen Lock)   - Workaround for broken OSS_GETVERSION on FreeBSD, part two (Juergen Lock)
  - oss: fix fragment setting (malc)   - oss: fix fragment setting (malc)

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