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   version 0.8.2:
     - ACPI support
     - PC VGA BIOS fixes
     - switch to OpenBios for SPARC targets (Blue Swirl)
     - VNC server fixes
     - MIPS FPU support (Marius Groeger)
     - Solaris/SPARC host support (Ben Taylor)
     - PPC breakpoints and single stepping (Jason Wessel)
     - USB updates (Paul Brook)
     - UDP/TCP/telnet character devices (Jason Wessel)
     - Windows sparse file support (Frediano Ziglio)
     - RTL8139 NIC TCP segmentation offloading (Igor Kovalenko)
     - PCNET NIC support (Antony T Curtis)
     - Support for variable frequency host CPUs
     - Workaround for win32 SMP hosts
     - Support for AMD Flash memories (Jocelyn Mayer)
     - Audio capture to WAV files support (malc)
   version 0.8.1:
     - USB tablet support (Brad Campbell, Anthony Liguori)
     - win32 host serial support (Kazu)
     - PC speaker support (Joachim Henke)
     - IDE LBA48 support (Jens Axboe)
     - SSE3 support
     - Solaris port (Ben Taylor)
     - Preliminary SH4 target (Samuel Tardieu)
     - VNC server (Anthony Liguori)
     - slirp fixes (Ed Swierk et al.)
     - USB fixes
     - ARM Versatile Platform Baseboard emulation (Paul Brook)
   version 0.8.0:
     - ARM system emulation: Arm Integrator/CP board with an arm1026ej-s
       cpu (Paul Brook)
     - SMP support
     - Mac OS X cocoa improvements (Mike Kronenberg)
     - Mac OS X CoreAudio driver (Mike Kronenberg)
     - DirectSound driver (malc)
     - ALSA audio driver (malc)
     - new audio options: '-soundhw' and '-audio-help' (malc)
     - ES1370 PCI audio device (malc)
     - Initial USB support
     - Linux host serial port access
     - Linux host low level parallel port access
     - New network emulation code supporting VLANs.
     - MIPS and MIPSel User Linux emulation
     - MIPS fixes to boot Linux (Daniel Jacobowitz)
     - NX bit support
     - Initial SPARC SMP support (Blue Swirl)
     - Major overhaul of the virtual FAT driver for read/write support
       (Johannes Schindelin)
 version 0.7.2:  version 0.7.2:
   - x86_64 fixes (Win2000 and Linux 2.6 boot in 32 bit)    - x86_64 fixes (Win2000 and Linux 2.6 boot in 32 bit)

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