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   version 0.10.5:
     - kvm: trim unsupported cpu features from cpuid (Avi Kivity)
     - kvm: provide a better error message for -smp > 1 (Mark McLoughlin)
     - Remove initrd printfs (Richard Jones)
     - Initial variables found by valgrind (Jean-Christophe Dubois)
     - Fix -initrd with > 4GB guests (Glauber Costa)
     - Fix busy loop on live migration for certain platforms (Uri Lublin)
     - Remove GCC 3.x requirements from docs (Hollis Blanchard)
     - ETRAX: fixes for kernel command line, ethernet address, bmi (Edgar Iglesias)
     - CRIS: Fix bmi (Edgar Iglesias)
     - Fix bounce buffer errors (Avi Kivity)
     - Fix regression in -kernel (Anthony Liguori)
   version 0.10.4:
     - Improve block range checks to remove integer overflow (Kevin Wolf)
     - e1000: do not re-init PCI config space 0 (Amit Shah)
     - fix AIO deletion race (Alex Graf)
     - reset option roms on reboot (Glauber Costa)
     - fix qcow2 corruption in cluster freeing (Gleb Natapov)
     - Enable power button event generation (Gleb Natapov)
   version 0.10.3:
     - fix AIO cancellations (Avi Kivity)
     - fix live migration error path on incoming
     - avoid SEGV on pci hotplug failure (Chris Wright)
     - fix serial option in -drive
     - support DDIM for option roms (Glauber Costa)
     - avoid fork/exec on pre-2.6.27 kernels with KVM (Jan Kiszka)
     - block-vpc: don't silently create smaller images than requested (Kevin Wolf)
     - Fix non-ACPI timer interrupt routing (Beth Kon)
     - hpet: fix emulation of HPET_TN_SETVAL (Jan Kiszka)
     - kvm: fix cpuid initialization (Jan Kiszka)
     - qcow2: fix corruption on little endian hosts (Kevin Wolf)
     - avoid leaing memory on hot unplug (Mark McLoughlin)
     - fix savevm/migration after hot unplug (Mark McLoughlin)
     - Fix keyboard mapping on newer Xords with non-default keymaps (balrog)
     - Make PCI config status register read-only (Anthony Liguori)
     - Fix crash on resolution change -> screen dump -> vga redraw (Avi Kivity)
   version 0.10.2:
     - fix savevm/loadvm (Anthony Liguori)
     - live migration: fix dirty tracking windows (Glauber Costa)
     - live migration: improve error propogation (Glauber Costa)
     - qcow2: fix image creation for > ~2TB images (Chris Wright)
     - hotplug: fix error handling for if= parameter (Eduardo Habkost)
     - qcow2: fix data corruption (Nolan Leake)
     - virtio: fix guest oops with 2.6.25 kernels (Rusty Russell)
     - SH4: add support for -kernel (Takashi Yoshii, Aurelien Jarno)
     - hotplug: fix closing of char devices (Jan Kiszka)
     - hotplug: remove incorrect check for device name (Eduardo Habkost)
     - enable -k on win32 (Herve Poussineau)
     - configure: use LANG=C for grep (Andreas Faerber)
     - fix VGA regression (malc)
   version 0.10.1:
     - virtio-net: allow masking of notifications on empty queue (Alex Williamson)
     - e1000: fix rx descriptor low threshold logic (Alex Willaimson)
     - x86 tcg: add NULL checks to lsl instruction (Jan Kiszka)
     - kvm vga: fix screen corruption with -std-vga and Windows (Avi Kivity)
     - kvm vga: fix screen corruption with Ubuntu installations (Glauber Costa)
     - virtio-net: check right return size on sg list (Alex Williamson)
     - Make qemu_announce_self handle holes (live migration after hotplug)
       (Marcelo Tosatti)
     - Revert r6804-r6808 (qcow2 allocation info).  This series of changes added
       a high cost to startup for large qcow2 images (Anthony Liguori)
     - qemu-img: fix help message (Aurelien Jarno)
     - Fix build for non-default installs of SDL (Anthony Liguori)
     - Fix race condition in env->interrupt_request.  When using TCG and a dynticks
       host timer, this condition could cause TCG to get stuck in an infinite
       loop (Aurelien Jarno)
     - Fix reading encrypted hard disk passwords during early startup (Jan Kiszka)
     - Fix encrypted disk reporting in 'info block' (Jan Kiszka)
     - Fix console size with tiny displays (MusicPal) (Jan Kiszka)
     - Improve error handling in bdrv_open2 (Jan Kiszka)
     - Avoid leaking data in mux'ed character devices (Jan Kiszka)
     - Fix initial character device reset (no banner in monitor) (Jan Kiszka)
     - Fix cpuid KVM crash on i386 host (Lubomir Rintel)
     - Fix SLES10sp2 installation by adding ISTAT1 register to LSI SCSI emulation
       (Ryan Harper)
   version 0.10.0:
     - TCG support (No longer requires GCC 3.x)
     - Kernel Virtual Machine acceleration support
     - BSD userspace emulation
     - Bluetooth emulation and host passthrough support
     - GDB XML register description support
     - Intel e1000 emulation
     - HPET emulation
     - VirtIO paravirtual device support
     - Marvell 88w8618 / MusicPal emulation
     - Nokia N-series tablet emulation / OMAP2 processor emulation
     - PCI hotplug support
     - Live migration and new save/restore formats
     - Curses display support
     - qemu-nbd utility to mount supported block formats
     - Altivec support in PPC emulation and new firmware (OpenBIOS)
     - Multiple VNC clients are now supported
     - TLS encryption is now supported in VNC
     - MIPS Magnum R4000 machine (Hervé Poussineau)
     - Braille support (Samuel Thibault)
     - Freecom MusicPal system emulation (Jan Kiszka)
     - OMAP242x and Nokia N800, N810 machines (Andrzej Zaborowski)
     - EsounD audio driver (Frederick Reeve)
     - Gravis Ultrasound GF1 sound card (Tibor "TS" Schütz)
     - Many, many, bug fixes and new features
 version 0.9.1:  version 0.9.1:
   - TFTP booting from host directory (Anthony Liguori, Erwan Velu)    - TFTP booting from host directory (Anthony Liguori, Erwan Velu)

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