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qemu 0.12.2

# Makefile for qemu target independent user files.

include ../config-host.mak
include $(SRC_PATH)/rules.mak
-include config.mak

.PHONY: all

# Do not take %.o from $(SRC_PATH), only %.c and %.h
# All %.o for user targets should be built with -fpie, when
# configured with --enable-user-pie, so we don't want to
# take %.o from $(SRC_PATH), since they built without -fpie
vpath %.c %.h $(SRC_PATH)


obj-y =
obj-y += envlist.o path.o
obj-y += tcg-runtime.o host-utils.o
obj-y += cutils.o cache-utils.o

all: libuser.a
# Dummy command so that make thinks it has done something

libuser.a: $(obj-y)

	rm -f *.o *.d *.a *~

# Include automatically generated dependency files
-include $(wildcard *.d */*.d)