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Line 35  void kbd_put_keycode(int keycode); Line 35  void kbd_put_keycode(int keycode);
 void kbd_mouse_event(int dx, int dy, int dz, int buttons_state);  void kbd_mouse_event(int dx, int dy, int dz, int buttons_state);
 int kbd_mouse_is_absolute(void);  int kbd_mouse_is_absolute(void);
 struct mouse_transform_info_s {  struct MouseTransformInfo {
     /* Touchscreen resolution */      /* Touchscreen resolution */
     int x;      int x;
     int y;      int y;
Line 43  struct mouse_transform_info_s { Line 43  struct mouse_transform_info_s {
     int a[7];      int a[7];
 };  };
 void do_info_mice(void);  void do_info_mice(Monitor *mon);
 void do_mouse_set(int index);  void do_mouse_set(Monitor *mon, int index);
 /* keysym is a unicode code except for special keys (see QEMU_KEY_xxx  /* keysym is a unicode code except for special keys (see QEMU_KEY_xxx
    constants) */     constants) */
Line 75  void kbd_put_keysym(int keysym); Line 75  void kbd_put_keysym(int keysym);
 #define QEMU_BIG_ENDIAN_FLAG    0x01  #define QEMU_BIG_ENDIAN_FLAG    0x01
 #define QEMU_ALLOCATED_FLAG     0x02  #define QEMU_ALLOCATED_FLAG     0x02
   #define QEMU_REALPIXELS_FLAG    0x04
 struct PixelFormat {  struct PixelFormat {
     uint8_t bits_per_pixel;      uint8_t bits_per_pixel;
Line 113  struct DisplayChangeListener { Line 114  struct DisplayChangeListener {
     struct DisplayChangeListener *next;      struct DisplayChangeListener *next;
 };  };
   struct DisplayAllocator {
       DisplaySurface* (*create_displaysurface)(int width, int height);
       DisplaySurface* (*resize_displaysurface)(DisplaySurface *surface, int width, int height);
       void (*free_displaysurface)(DisplaySurface *surface);
 struct DisplayState {  struct DisplayState {
     struct DisplaySurface *surface;      struct DisplaySurface *surface;
     void *opaque;      void *opaque;
     struct QEMUTimer *gui_timer;      struct QEMUTimer *gui_timer;
       struct DisplayAllocator* allocator;
     struct DisplayChangeListener* listeners;      struct DisplayChangeListener* listeners;
     void (*mouse_set)(int x, int y, int on);      void (*mouse_set)(int x, int y, int on);
Line 129  struct DisplayState { Line 137  struct DisplayState {
 void register_displaystate(DisplayState *ds);  void register_displaystate(DisplayState *ds);
 DisplayState *get_displaystate(void);  DisplayState *get_displaystate(void);
 DisplaySurface* qemu_create_displaysurface(int width, int height, int bpp, int linesize);  
 DisplaySurface* qemu_resize_displaysurface(DisplaySurface *surface,  
                                            int width, int height, int bpp, int linesize);  
 DisplaySurface* qemu_create_displaysurface_from(int width, int height, int bpp,  DisplaySurface* qemu_create_displaysurface_from(int width, int height, int bpp,
                                                 int linesize, uint8_t *data);                                                  int linesize, uint8_t *data);
 void qemu_free_displaysurface(DisplaySurface *surface);  
 PixelFormat qemu_different_endianness_pixelformat(int bpp);  PixelFormat qemu_different_endianness_pixelformat(int bpp);
 PixelFormat qemu_default_pixelformat(int bpp);  PixelFormat qemu_default_pixelformat(int bpp);
   extern struct DisplayAllocator default_allocator;
   DisplayAllocator *register_displayallocator(DisplayState *ds, DisplayAllocator *da);
   DisplaySurface* defaultallocator_create_displaysurface(int width, int height);
   DisplaySurface* defaultallocator_resize_displaysurface(DisplaySurface *surface, int width, int height);
   void defaultallocator_free_displaysurface(DisplaySurface *surface);
   static inline DisplaySurface* qemu_create_displaysurface(DisplayState *ds, int width, int height)
       return ds->allocator->create_displaysurface(width, height);    
   static inline DisplaySurface* qemu_resize_displaysurface(DisplayState *ds, int width, int height)
       return ds->allocator->resize_displaysurface(ds->surface, width, height);
   static inline void qemu_free_displaysurface(DisplayState *ds)
   static inline int is_surface_bgr(DisplaySurface *surface)
       if (surface->pf.bits_per_pixel == 32 && surface->pf.rshift == 0)
           return 1;
           return 0;
 static inline int is_buffer_shared(DisplaySurface *surface)  static inline int is_buffer_shared(DisplaySurface *surface)
 {  {
     return (!(surface->flags & QEMU_ALLOCATED_FLAG));      return (!(surface->flags & QEMU_ALLOCATED_FLAG) &&
               !(surface->flags & QEMU_REALPIXELS_FLAG));
 }  }
 static inline void register_displaychangelistener(DisplayState *ds, DisplayChangeListener *dcl)  static inline void register_displaychangelistener(DisplayState *ds, DisplayChangeListener *dcl)
Line 287  void vnc_display_init(DisplayState *ds); Line 321  void vnc_display_init(DisplayState *ds);
 void vnc_display_close(DisplayState *ds);  void vnc_display_close(DisplayState *ds);
 int vnc_display_open(DisplayState *ds, const char *display);  int vnc_display_open(DisplayState *ds, const char *display);
 int vnc_display_password(DisplayState *ds, const char *password);  int vnc_display_password(DisplayState *ds, const char *password);
 void do_info_vnc(void);  void do_info_vnc(Monitor *mon);
   char *vnc_display_local_addr(DisplayState *ds);
 /* curses.c */  /* curses.c */
 void curses_display_init(DisplayState *ds, int full_screen);  void curses_display_init(DisplayState *ds, int full_screen);
 /* FIXME: term_printf et al should probably go elsewhere so everything  
    does not need to include console.h  */  
 /* monitor.c */  
 void monitor_init(CharDriverState *hd, int show_banner);  
 void term_puts(const char *str);  
 void term_vprintf(const char *fmt, va_list ap);  
 void term_printf(const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__ ((__format__ (__printf__, 1, 2)));  
 void term_print_filename(const char *filename);  
 void term_flush(void);  
 void term_print_help(void);  
 void monitor_suspend(void);  
 void monitor_resume(void);  
 int monitor_read_bdrv_key(BlockDriverState *bs);  
 /* readline.c */  
 typedef void ReadLineFunc(void *opaque, const char *str);  
 extern int completion_index;  
 void add_completion(const char *str);  
 void readline_handle_byte(int ch);  
 void readline_find_completion(const char *cmdline);  
 const char *readline_get_history(unsigned int index);  
 void readline_start(const char *prompt, int is_password,  
                     ReadLineFunc *readline_func, void *opaque);  
 #endif  #endif

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