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 #ifdef NEED_CPU_H  #ifdef NEED_CPU_H
 typedef void (*gdb_syscall_complete_cb)(CPUState *env,  typedef void (*gdb_syscall_complete_cb)(CPUArchState *env,
                                         target_ulong ret, target_ulong err);                                          target_ulong ret, target_ulong err);
 void gdb_do_syscall(gdb_syscall_complete_cb cb, const char *fmt, ...);  void gdb_do_syscall(gdb_syscall_complete_cb cb, const char *fmt, ...);
 int use_gdb_syscalls(void);  int use_gdb_syscalls(void);
 void gdb_set_stop_cpu(CPUState *env);  void gdb_set_stop_cpu(CPUArchState *env);
 void gdb_exit(CPUState *, int);  void gdb_exit(CPUArchState *, int);
 int gdb_queuesig (void);  int gdb_queuesig (void);
 int gdb_handlesig (CPUState *, int);  int gdb_handlesig (CPUArchState *, int);
 void gdb_signalled(CPUState *, int);  void gdb_signalled(CPUArchState *, int);
 void gdbserver_fork(CPUState *);  void gdbserver_fork(CPUArchState *);
 #endif  #endif
 /* Get or set a register.  Returns the size of the register.  */  /* Get or set a register.  Returns the size of the register.  */
 typedef int (*gdb_reg_cb)(CPUState *env, uint8_t *buf, int reg);  typedef int (*gdb_reg_cb)(CPUArchState *env, uint8_t *buf, int reg);
 void gdb_register_coprocessor(CPUState *env,  void gdb_register_coprocessor(CPUArchState *env,
                               gdb_reg_cb get_reg, gdb_reg_cb set_reg,                                gdb_reg_cb get_reg, gdb_reg_cb set_reg,
                               int num_regs, const char *xml, int g_pos);                                int num_regs, const char *xml, int g_pos);

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