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qemu 0.12.0

#ifndef QEMU_I2C_H
#define QEMU_I2C_H

#include "qdev.h"

/* The QEMU I2C implementation only supports simple transfers that complete
   immediately.  It does not support slave devices that need to be able to
   defer their response (eg. CPU slave interfaces where the data is supplied
   by the device driver in response to an interrupt).  */

enum i2c_event {
    I2C_NACK /* Masker NACKed a receive byte.  */

/* Master to slave.  */
typedef int (*i2c_send_cb)(i2c_slave *s, uint8_t data);
/* Slave to master.  */
typedef int (*i2c_recv_cb)(i2c_slave *s);
/* Notify the slave of a bus state change.  */
typedef void (*i2c_event_cb)(i2c_slave *s, enum i2c_event event);

typedef int (*i2c_slave_initfn)(i2c_slave *dev);

typedef struct {
    DeviceInfo qdev;

    /* Callbacks provided by the device.  */
    i2c_slave_initfn init;
    i2c_event_cb event;
    i2c_recv_cb recv;
    i2c_send_cb send;
} I2CSlaveInfo;

struct i2c_slave
    DeviceState qdev;
    I2CSlaveInfo *info;

    /* Remaining fields for internal use by the I2C code.  */
    uint8_t address;

i2c_bus *i2c_init_bus(DeviceState *parent, const char *name);
void i2c_set_slave_address(i2c_slave *dev, uint8_t address);
int i2c_bus_busy(i2c_bus *bus);
int i2c_start_transfer(i2c_bus *bus, uint8_t address, int recv);
void i2c_end_transfer(i2c_bus *bus);
void i2c_nack(i2c_bus *bus);
int i2c_send(i2c_bus *bus, uint8_t data);
int i2c_recv(i2c_bus *bus);

#define I2C_SLAVE_FROM_QDEV(dev) DO_UPCAST(i2c_slave, qdev, dev)
#define FROM_I2C_SLAVE(type, dev) DO_UPCAST(type, i2c, dev)

void i2c_register_slave(I2CSlaveInfo *type);

DeviceState *i2c_create_slave(i2c_bus *bus, const char *name, uint8_t addr);

/* max7310.c */
void max7310_reset(i2c_slave *i2c);
qemu_irq *max7310_gpio_in_get(i2c_slave *i2c);
void max7310_gpio_out_set(i2c_slave *i2c, int line, qemu_irq handler);

/* wm8750.c */
void wm8750_data_req_set(DeviceState *dev,
                void (*data_req)(void *, int, int), void *opaque);
void wm8750_dac_dat(void *opaque, uint32_t sample);
uint32_t wm8750_adc_dat(void *opaque);
void *wm8750_dac_buffer(void *opaque, int samples);
void wm8750_dac_commit(void *opaque);
void wm8750_set_bclk_in(void *opaque, int new_hz);

/* tmp105.c */
void tmp105_set(i2c_slave *i2c, int temp);

/* lm832x.c */
void lm832x_key_event(i2c_slave *i2c, int key, int state);