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Line 43  int register_ioport_write(pio_addr_t sta Line 43  int register_ioport_write(pio_addr_t sta
 void isa_unassign_ioport(pio_addr_t start, int length);  void isa_unassign_ioport(pio_addr_t start, int length);
 /* NOTE: as these functions may be even used when there is an isa  void cpu_outb(pio_addr_t addr, uint8_t val);
    brige on non x86 targets, we always defined them */  void cpu_outw(pio_addr_t addr, uint16_t val);
 #if !defined(NO_CPU_IO_DEFS) && defined(NEED_CPU_H)  void cpu_outl(pio_addr_t addr, uint32_t val);
 void cpu_outb(CPUState *env, pio_addr_t addr, uint8_t val);  uint8_t cpu_inb(pio_addr_t addr);
 void cpu_outw(CPUState *env, pio_addr_t addr, uint16_t val);  uint16_t cpu_inw(pio_addr_t addr);
 void cpu_outl(CPUState *env, pio_addr_t addr, uint32_t val);  uint32_t cpu_inl(pio_addr_t addr);
 uint8_t cpu_inb(CPUState *env, pio_addr_t addr);  
 uint16_t cpu_inw(CPUState *env, pio_addr_t addr);  
 uint32_t cpu_inl(CPUState *env, pio_addr_t addr);  
 #endif /* IOPORT_H */  #endif /* IOPORT_H */

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