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 #ifndef QEMU_NET_H  #ifndef QEMU_NET_H
 #define QEMU_NET_H  #define QEMU_NET_H
 #include "sys-queue.h"  #include "qemu-queue.h"
 #include "qemu-common.h"  #include "qemu-common.h"
   #include "qdict.h"
   #include "qemu-option.h"
   #include "net/queue.h"
   struct MACAddr {
       uint8_t a[6];
   /* qdev nic properties */
   typedef struct NICConf {
       MACAddr macaddr;
       VLANState *vlan;
       VLANClientState *peer;
   } NICConf;
   #define DEFINE_NIC_PROPERTIES(_state, _conf)                            \
       DEFINE_PROP_MACADDR("mac",   _state, _conf.macaddr),                \
       DEFINE_PROP_VLAN("vlan",     _state, _conf.vlan),                   \
       DEFINE_PROP_NETDEV("netdev", _state, _conf.peer)
 /* VLANs support */  /* VLANs support */
 typedef struct VLANClientState VLANClientState;  typedef enum {
   } net_client_type;
 typedef int (NetCanReceive)(VLANClientState *);  typedef int (NetCanReceive)(VLANClientState *);
 typedef ssize_t (NetReceive)(VLANClientState *, const uint8_t *, size_t);  typedef ssize_t (NetReceive)(VLANClientState *, const uint8_t *, size_t);
Line 14  typedef ssize_t (NetReceiveIOV)(VLANClie Line 42  typedef ssize_t (NetReceiveIOV)(VLANClie
 typedef void (NetCleanup) (VLANClientState *);  typedef void (NetCleanup) (VLANClientState *);
 typedef void (LinkStatusChanged)(VLANClientState *);  typedef void (LinkStatusChanged)(VLANClientState *);
 struct VLANClientState {  typedef struct NetClientInfo {
       net_client_type type;
       size_t size;
     NetReceive *receive;      NetReceive *receive;
       NetReceive *receive_raw;
     NetReceiveIOV *receive_iov;      NetReceiveIOV *receive_iov;
     /* Packets may still be sent if this returns zero.  It's used to  
        rate-limit the slirp code.  */  
     NetCanReceive *can_receive;      NetCanReceive *can_receive;
     NetCleanup *cleanup;      NetCleanup *cleanup;
     LinkStatusChanged *link_status_changed;      LinkStatusChanged *link_status_changed;
   } NetClientInfo;
   struct VLANClientState {
       NetClientInfo *info;
     int link_down;      int link_down;
     void *opaque;      QTAILQ_ENTRY(VLANClientState) next;
     struct VLANClientState *next;  
     struct VLANState *vlan;      struct VLANState *vlan;
       VLANClientState *peer;
       NetQueue *send_queue;
     char *model;      char *model;
     char *name;      char *name;
     char info_str[256];      char info_str[256];
       unsigned receive_disabled : 1;
 };  };
 typedef struct VLANPacket VLANPacket;  typedef struct NICState {
       VLANClientState nc;
 typedef void (NetPacketSent) (VLANClientState *, ssize_t);      NICConf *conf;
       void *opaque;
 struct VLANPacket {  } NICState;
     TAILQ_ENTRY(VLANPacket) entry;  
     VLANClientState *sender;  
     int size;  
     NetPacketSent *sent_cb;  
     uint8_t data[0];  
 struct VLANState {  struct VLANState {
     int id;      int id;
     VLANClientState *first_client;      QTAILQ_HEAD(, VLANClientState) clients;
     struct VLANState *next;      QTAILQ_ENTRY(VLANState) next;
     unsigned int nb_guest_devs, nb_host_devs;      unsigned int nb_guest_devs, nb_host_devs;
     TAILQ_HEAD(send_queue, VLANPacket) send_queue;      NetQueue *send_queue;
     int delivering;  
 };  };
 VLANState *qemu_find_vlan(int id, int allocate);  VLANState *qemu_find_vlan(int id, int allocate);
 VLANClientState *qemu_new_vlan_client(VLANState *vlan,  VLANClientState *qemu_find_netdev(const char *id);
                                       const char *model,  VLANClientState *qemu_new_net_client(NetClientInfo *info,
                                       const char *name,                                       VLANState *vlan,
                                       NetCanReceive *can_receive,                                       VLANClientState *peer,
                                       NetReceive *receive,                                       const char *model,
                                       NetReceiveIOV *receive_iov,                                       const char *name);
                                       NetCleanup *cleanup,  NICState *qemu_new_nic(NetClientInfo *info,
                                       void *opaque);                         NICConf *conf,
                          const char *model,
                          const char *name,
                          void *opaque);
 void qemu_del_vlan_client(VLANClientState *vc);  void qemu_del_vlan_client(VLANClientState *vc);
 VLANClientState *qemu_find_vlan_client(VLANState *vlan, void *opaque);  VLANClientState *qemu_find_vlan_client_by_name(Monitor *mon, int vlan_id,
                                                  const char *client_str);
   typedef void (*qemu_nic_foreach)(NICState *nic, void *opaque);
   void qemu_foreach_nic(qemu_nic_foreach func, void *opaque);
 int qemu_can_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc);  int qemu_can_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc);
 ssize_t qemu_sendv_packet(VLANClientState *vc, const struct iovec *iov,  ssize_t qemu_sendv_packet(VLANClientState *vc, const struct iovec *iov,
                           int iovcnt);                            int iovcnt);
 ssize_t qemu_sendv_packet_async(VLANClientState *vc, const struct iovec *iov,  ssize_t qemu_sendv_packet_async(VLANClientState *vc, const struct iovec *iov,
                                 int iovcnt, NetPacketSent *sent_cb);                                  int iovcnt, NetPacketSent *sent_cb);
 void qemu_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);  void qemu_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
   ssize_t qemu_send_packet_raw(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
 ssize_t qemu_send_packet_async(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf,  ssize_t qemu_send_packet_async(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf,
                                int size, NetPacketSent *sent_cb);                                 int size, NetPacketSent *sent_cb);
 void qemu_purge_queued_packets(VLANClientState *vc);  void qemu_purge_queued_packets(VLANClientState *vc);
 void qemu_flush_queued_packets(VLANClientState *vc);  void qemu_flush_queued_packets(VLANClientState *vc);
 void qemu_format_nic_info_str(VLANClientState *vc, uint8_t macaddr[6]);  void qemu_format_nic_info_str(VLANClientState *vc, uint8_t macaddr[6]);
   void qemu_macaddr_default_if_unset(MACAddr *macaddr);
   int qemu_show_nic_models(const char *arg, const char *const *models);
 void qemu_check_nic_model(NICInfo *nd, const char *model);  void qemu_check_nic_model(NICInfo *nd, const char *model);
 void qemu_check_nic_model_list(NICInfo *nd, const char * const *models,  int qemu_find_nic_model(NICInfo *nd, const char * const *models,
                                const char *default_model);                          const char *default_model);
 void qemu_handler_true(void *opaque);  
 void do_info_network(Monitor *mon);  void do_info_network(Monitor *mon);
 void do_set_link(Monitor *mon, const char *name, const char *up_or_down);  void do_set_link(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
 void do_info_usernet(Monitor *mon);  
 /* NIC info */  /* NIC info */
Line 93  enum { Line 127  enum {
 struct NICInfo {  struct NICInfo {
     uint8_t macaddr[6];      uint8_t macaddr[6];
     const char *model;      char *model;
     const char *name;      char *name;
     const char *devaddr;      char *devaddr;
     const char *id;  
     VLANState *vlan;      VLANState *vlan;
     VLANClientState *vc;      VLANClientState *netdev;
     void *private;  
     int used;      int used;
     int bootable;      int bootable;
     int nvectors;      int nvectors;
Line 107  struct NICInfo { Line 139  struct NICInfo {
 extern int nb_nics;  extern int nb_nics;
 extern NICInfo nd_table[MAX_NICS];  extern NICInfo nd_table[MAX_NICS];
   extern int default_net;
 /* BT HCI info */  /* BT HCI info */
Line 122  struct HCIInfo { Line 155  struct HCIInfo {
 struct HCIInfo *qemu_next_hci(void);  struct HCIInfo *qemu_next_hci(void);
 /* checksumming functions (net-checksum.c) */  
 uint32_t net_checksum_add(int len, uint8_t *buf);  
 uint16_t net_checksum_finish(uint32_t sum);  
 uint16_t net_checksum_tcpudp(uint16_t length, uint16_t proto,  
                              uint8_t *addrs, uint8_t *buf);  
 void net_checksum_calculate(uint8_t *data, int length);  
 /* from net.c */  /* from net.c */
 extern const char *legacy_tftp_prefix;  extern const char *legacy_tftp_prefix;
 extern const char *legacy_bootp_filename;  extern const char *legacy_bootp_filename;
 int net_client_init(Monitor *mon, const char *device, const char *p);  int net_client_init(Monitor *mon, QemuOpts *opts, int is_netdev);
 void net_client_uninit(NICInfo *nd);  void net_client_uninit(NICInfo *nd);
 int net_client_parse(const char *str);  int net_client_parse(QemuOptsList *opts_list, const char *str);
 void net_slirp_smb(const char *exported_dir);  int net_init_clients(void);
 void net_slirp_hostfwd_add(Monitor *mon, const char *arg1,  
                            const char *arg2, const char *arg3);  
 void net_slirp_hostfwd_remove(Monitor *mon, const char *arg1,  
                               const char *arg2, const char *arg3);  
 void net_slirp_redir(const char *redir_str);  
 void net_cleanup(void);  void net_cleanup(void);
 void net_client_check(void);  
 void net_set_boot_mask(int boot_mask);  void net_set_boot_mask(int boot_mask);
 void net_host_device_add(Monitor *mon, const char *device, const char *opts);  void net_host_device_add(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
 void net_host_device_remove(Monitor *mon, int vlan_id, const char *device);  void net_host_device_remove(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
 #define DEFAULT_NETWORK_SCRIPT "/etc/qemu-ifup"  #define DEFAULT_NETWORK_SCRIPT "/etc/qemu-ifup"
 #define DEFAULT_NETWORK_DOWN_SCRIPT "/etc/qemu-ifdown"  #define DEFAULT_NETWORK_DOWN_SCRIPT "/etc/qemu-ifdown"
Line 156  void net_host_device_remove(Monitor *mon Line 176  void net_host_device_remove(Monitor *mon
 #define SMBD_COMMAND "/usr/sbin/smbd"  #define SMBD_COMMAND "/usr/sbin/smbd"
 #endif  #endif
 void qdev_get_macaddr(DeviceState *dev, uint8_t *macaddr);  void qdev_set_nic_properties(DeviceState *dev, NICInfo *nd);
 VLANClientState *qdev_get_vlan_client(DeviceState *dev,  
                                       NetCanReceive *can_receive,  int net_handle_fd_param(Monitor *mon, const char *param);
                                       NetReceive *receive,  
                                       NetReceiveIOV *receive_iov,  
                                       NetCleanup *cleanup,  
                                       void *opaque);  
 #endif  #endif

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