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 #define QEMU_TIMER_H  #define QEMU_TIMER_H
 #include "qemu-common.h"  #include "qemu-common.h"
   #include "notify.h"
 #include <time.h>  #include <time.h>
 #include <sys/time.h>  #include <sys/time.h>
 #ifdef _WIN32  #ifdef _WIN32
 #include <windows.h>  #include <windows.h>
 #include <mmsystem.h>  
 #endif  #endif
 /* timers */  /* timers */
   #define SCALE_MS 1000000
   #define SCALE_US 1000
   #define SCALE_NS 1
 typedef struct QEMUClock QEMUClock;  typedef struct QEMUClock QEMUClock;
 typedef void QEMUTimerCB(void *opaque);  typedef void QEMUTimerCB(void *opaque);
Line 33  extern QEMUClock *vm_clock; Line 37  extern QEMUClock *vm_clock;
    the virtual clock. */     the virtual clock. */
 extern QEMUClock *host_clock;  extern QEMUClock *host_clock;
 int64_t qemu_get_clock(QEMUClock *clock);  
 int64_t qemu_get_clock_ns(QEMUClock *clock);  int64_t qemu_get_clock_ns(QEMUClock *clock);
 void qemu_clock_enable(QEMUClock *clock, int enabled);  void qemu_clock_enable(QEMUClock *clock, int enabled);
   void qemu_clock_warp(QEMUClock *clock);
   void qemu_register_clock_reset_notifier(QEMUClock *clock, Notifier *notifier);
   void qemu_unregister_clock_reset_notifier(QEMUClock *clock,
                                             Notifier *notifier);
 QEMUTimer *qemu_new_timer(QEMUClock *clock, QEMUTimerCB *cb, void *opaque);  QEMUTimer *qemu_new_timer(QEMUClock *clock, int scale,
                             QEMUTimerCB *cb, void *opaque);
 void qemu_free_timer(QEMUTimer *ts);  void qemu_free_timer(QEMUTimer *ts);
 void qemu_del_timer(QEMUTimer *ts);  void qemu_del_timer(QEMUTimer *ts);
 void qemu_mod_timer(QEMUTimer *ts, int64_t expire_time);  void qemu_mod_timer(QEMUTimer *ts, int64_t expire_time);
Line 46  int qemu_timer_expired(QEMUTimer *timer_ Line 55  int qemu_timer_expired(QEMUTimer *timer_
 void qemu_run_all_timers(void);  void qemu_run_all_timers(void);
 int qemu_alarm_pending(void);  int qemu_alarm_pending(void);
 int64_t qemu_next_deadline(void);  int64_t qemu_next_icount_deadline(void);
 void configure_alarms(char const *opt);  void configure_alarms(char const *opt);
 void configure_icount(const char *option);  void configure_icount(const char *option);
 int qemu_calculate_timeout(void);  int qemu_calculate_timeout(void);
Line 54  void init_clocks(void); Line 63  void init_clocks(void);
 int init_timer_alarm(void);  int init_timer_alarm(void);
 void quit_timers(void);  void quit_timers(void);
   int64_t cpu_get_ticks(void);
   void cpu_enable_ticks(void);
   void cpu_disable_ticks(void);
   static inline QEMUTimer *qemu_new_timer_ns(QEMUClock *clock, QEMUTimerCB *cb,
                                              void *opaque)
       return qemu_new_timer(clock, SCALE_NS, cb, opaque);
   static inline QEMUTimer *qemu_new_timer_ms(QEMUClock *clock, QEMUTimerCB *cb,
                                              void *opaque)
       return qemu_new_timer(clock, SCALE_MS, cb, opaque);
   static inline int64_t qemu_get_clock_ms(QEMUClock *clock)
       return qemu_get_clock_ns(clock) / SCALE_MS;
 static inline int64_t get_ticks_per_sec(void)  static inline int64_t get_ticks_per_sec(void)
 {  {
     return 1000000000LL;      return 1000000000LL;
Line 118  uint64_t ptimer_get_count(ptimer_state * Line 148  uint64_t ptimer_get_count(ptimer_state *
 void ptimer_set_count(ptimer_state *s, uint64_t count);  void ptimer_set_count(ptimer_state *s, uint64_t count);
 void ptimer_run(ptimer_state *s, int oneshot);  void ptimer_run(ptimer_state *s, int oneshot);
 void ptimer_stop(ptimer_state *s);  void ptimer_stop(ptimer_state *s);
 void qemu_put_ptimer(QEMUFile *f, ptimer_state *s);  
 void qemu_get_ptimer(QEMUFile *f, ptimer_state *s);  
 /* icount */  /* icount */
 int64_t qemu_icount_round(int64_t count);  int64_t qemu_icount_round(int64_t count);

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