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qemu 1.0.1

#ifndef __UART_H_LOADED
#define __UART_H_LOADED

       Copyright  1993, 1994 Digital Equipment Corporation,
                       Maynard, Massachusetts.

                        All Rights Reserved

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documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided  
that the copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies  
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Digital Equipment Corporation disclaims all warranties and/or guarantees  
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regarding the use of, or the results of the use of, the software and 
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otherwise; and you rely on the software, documentation and results solely at 
your own risk. 


#define com1Rbr	0x3f8
#define com1Thr	0x3f8
#define com1Ier	0x3f9
#define com1Iir	0x3fa
#define com1Lcr	0x3fb
#define com1Mcr	0x3fc
#define com1Lsr	0x3fd
#define com1Msr	0x3fe
#define com1Scr	0x3ff
#define com1Dll	0x3f8
#define com1Dlm	0x3f9

#define com2Rbr	0x2f8
#define com2Thr	0x2f8
#define com2Ier	0x2f9
#define com2Iir	0x2fa
#define com2Lcr	0x2fb
#define com2Mcr	0x2fc
#define com2Lsr	0x2fd
#define com2Msr	0x2fe
#define com2Scr	0x2ff
#define com2Dll	0x2f8
#define com2Dlm	0x2f9

#define COM1	(com1Rbr - com2Rbr)
#define COM2	0

#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__

extern int uart_charav(int port);
extern int uart_getchar(int port);
extern void uart_putchar_raw(int port, char c);
extern void uart_putchar(int port, char c);
extern void uart_puts(int port, const char *s);
extern void uart_init_line(int port, int baud);
extern void uart_init(void);

#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */
#endif /* __UART_H_LOADED */