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qemu 0.7.2

 * Copyright (c) 1995 Danny Gasparovski.
 * Please read the file COPYRIGHT for the 
 * terms and conditions of the copyright.

#define PRN_STDERR	1
#define PRN_SPRINTF	2

extern FILE *dfd;
extern FILE *lfd;
extern int dostats;
extern int slirp_debug;

#define DBG_CALL 0x1
#define DBG_MISC 0x2
#define DBG_ERROR 0x4

#ifdef DEBUG
#define DEBUG_CALL(x) if (slirp_debug & DBG_CALL) { fprintf(dfd, "%s...\n", x); fflush(dfd); }
#define DEBUG_ARG(x, y) if (slirp_debug & DBG_CALL) { fputc(' ', dfd); fprintf(dfd, x, y); fputc('\n', dfd); fflush(dfd); }
#define DEBUG_ARGS(x) if (slirp_debug & DBG_CALL) { fprintf x ; fflush(dfd); }
#define DEBUG_MISC(x) if (slirp_debug & DBG_MISC) { fprintf x ; fflush(dfd); }
#define DEBUG_ERROR(x) if (slirp_debug & DBG_ERROR) {fprintf x ; fflush(dfd); }


#define DEBUG_CALL(x)
#define DEBUG_ARG(x, y)
#define DEBUG_ARGS(x)
#define DEBUG_MISC(x)
#define DEBUG_ERROR(x)


void debug_init _P((char *, int));
//void ttystats _P((struct ttys *));
void allttystats _P((void));
void ipstats _P((void));
void vjstats _P((void));
void tcpstats _P((void));
void udpstats _P((void));
void icmpstats _P((void));
void mbufstats _P((void));
void sockstats _P((void));
void slirp_exit _P((int));