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qemu 0.13.0

 * Copyright (c) 1995 Danny Gasparovski.
 * Please read the file COPYRIGHT for the
 * terms and conditions of the copyright.

#ifndef _MISC_H_
#define _MISC_H_

struct ex_list {
	int ex_pty;			/* Do we want a pty? */
	struct in_addr ex_addr;		/* Server address */
	int ex_fport;                   /* Port to telnet to */
	const char *ex_exec;            /* Command line of what to exec */
	struct ex_list *ex_next;

char *strdup(const char *);

void do_wait(int);

#define EMU_NONE 0x0

/* TCP emulations */
#define EMU_CTL 0x1
#define EMU_FTP 0x2
#define EMU_KSH 0x3
#define EMU_IRC 0x4
#define EMU_REALAUDIO 0x5
#define EMU_RLOGIN 0x6
#define EMU_IDENT 0x7
#define EMU_RSH 0x8

#define EMU_NOCONNECT 0x10	/* Don't connect */

struct tos_t {
    uint16_t lport;
    uint16_t fport;
    uint8_t tos;
    uint8_t emu;

struct emu_t {
    uint16_t lport;
    uint16_t fport;
    uint8_t tos;
    uint8_t emu;
    struct emu_t *next;

extern int x_port, x_server, x_display;

int show_x(char *, struct socket *);
void redir_x(uint32_t, int, int, int);
void slirp_insque(void *, void *);
void slirp_remque(void *);
int add_exec(struct ex_list **, int, char *, struct in_addr, int);
int slirp_openpty(int *, int *);
int fork_exec(struct socket *so, const char *ex, int do_pty);
void snooze_hup(int);
void snooze(void);
void relay(int);
void add_emu(char *);
void u_sleep(int);
void fd_nonblock(int);
void fd_block(int);
int rsh_exec(struct socket *, struct socket *, char *, char *, char *);