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Line 97  int strstart(const char *str, const char Line 97  int strstart(const char *str, const char
 extern int vm_running;  extern int vm_running;
   typedef struct vm_change_state_entry VMChangeStateEntry;
   typedef void VMChangeStateHandler(void *opaque, int running);
 typedef void VMStopHandler(void *opaque, int reason);  typedef void VMStopHandler(void *opaque, int reason);
   VMChangeStateEntry *qemu_add_vm_change_state_handler(VMChangeStateHandler *cb,
                                                        void *opaque);
   void qemu_del_vm_change_state_handler(VMChangeStateEntry *e);
 int qemu_add_vm_stop_handler(VMStopHandler *cb, void *opaque);  int qemu_add_vm_stop_handler(VMStopHandler *cb, void *opaque);
 void qemu_del_vm_stop_handler(VMStopHandler *cb, void *opaque);  void qemu_del_vm_stop_handler(VMStopHandler *cb, void *opaque);
Line 120  void qemu_system_powerdown(void); Line 126  void qemu_system_powerdown(void);
 void main_loop_wait(int timeout);  void main_loop_wait(int timeout);
 extern int audio_enabled;  
 extern int sb16_enabled;  
 extern int adlib_enabled;  
 extern int gus_enabled;  
 extern int ram_size;  extern int ram_size;
 extern int bios_size;  extern int bios_size;
 extern int rtc_utc;  extern int rtc_utc;
Line 134  extern int graphic_depth; Line 136  extern int graphic_depth;
 extern const char *keyboard_layout;  extern const char *keyboard_layout;
 extern int kqemu_allowed;  extern int kqemu_allowed;
 extern int win2k_install_hack;  extern int win2k_install_hack;
   extern int usb_enabled;
   extern int smp_cpus;
 /* XXX: make it dynamic */  /* XXX: make it dynamic */
 #if defined (TARGET_PPC)  #if defined (TARGET_PPC)
Line 188  void kbd_put_keysym(int keysym); Line 192  void kbd_put_keysym(int keysym);
 typedef void IOReadHandler(void *opaque, const uint8_t *buf, int size);  typedef void IOReadHandler(void *opaque, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
 typedef int IOCanRWHandler(void *opaque);  typedef int IOCanRWHandler(void *opaque);
   typedef void IOHandler(void *opaque);
 int qemu_add_fd_read_handler(int fd, IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read,   int qemu_set_fd_handler2(int fd, 
                              IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);                           IOCanRWHandler *fd_read_poll, 
 void qemu_del_fd_read_handler(int fd);                           IOHandler *fd_read, 
                            IOHandler *fd_write, 
                            void *opaque);
   int qemu_set_fd_handler(int fd,
                           IOHandler *fd_read, 
                           IOHandler *fd_write,
                           void *opaque);
 /* character device */  /* character device */
 #define CHR_EVENT_BREAK 0 /* serial break char */  #define CHR_EVENT_BREAK 0 /* serial break char */
 #define CHR_EVENT_FOCUS 1 /* focus to this terminal (modal input needed) */  #define CHR_EVENT_FOCUS 1 /* focus to this terminal (modal input needed) */
   typedef struct {
       int speed;
       int parity;
       int data_bits;
       int stop_bits;
   } QEMUSerialSetParams;
   #define CHR_IOCTL_PP_READ_DATA        3
   #define CHR_IOCTL_PP_WRITE_DATA       4
   #define CHR_IOCTL_PP_READ_CONTROL     5
   #define CHR_IOCTL_PP_READ_STATUS      7
 typedef void IOEventHandler(void *opaque, int event);  typedef void IOEventHandler(void *opaque, int event);
 typedef struct CharDriverState {  typedef struct CharDriverState {
Line 205  typedef struct CharDriverState { Line 234  typedef struct CharDriverState {
     void (*chr_add_read_handler)(struct CharDriverState *s,       void (*chr_add_read_handler)(struct CharDriverState *s, 
                                  IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read,                                    IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read, 
                                  IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);                                   IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);
       int (*chr_ioctl)(struct CharDriverState *s, int cmd, void *arg);
     IOEventHandler *chr_event;      IOEventHandler *chr_event;
     void (*chr_send_event)(struct CharDriverState *chr, int event);      void (*chr_send_event)(struct CharDriverState *chr, int event);
     void *opaque;      void *opaque;
Line 217  void qemu_chr_add_read_handler(CharDrive Line 247  void qemu_chr_add_read_handler(CharDrive
                                IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read,                                  IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read, 
                                IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);                                 IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);
 void qemu_chr_add_event_handler(CharDriverState *s, IOEventHandler *chr_event);  void qemu_chr_add_event_handler(CharDriverState *s, IOEventHandler *chr_event);
                                  int qemu_chr_ioctl(CharDriverState *s, int cmd, void *arg);
 /* consoles */  /* consoles */
 typedef struct DisplayState DisplayState;  typedef struct DisplayState DisplayState;
Line 242  extern CharDriverState *serial_hds[MAX_S Line 273  extern CharDriverState *serial_hds[MAX_S
 extern CharDriverState *parallel_hds[MAX_PARALLEL_PORTS];  extern CharDriverState *parallel_hds[MAX_PARALLEL_PORTS];
 /* network redirectors support */  /* VLANs support */
   typedef struct VLANClientState VLANClientState;
   struct VLANClientState {
       IOReadHandler *fd_read;
       void *opaque;
       struct VLANClientState *next;
       struct VLANState *vlan;
       char info_str[256];
   typedef struct VLANState {
       int id;
       VLANClientState *first_client;
       struct VLANState *next;
   } VLANState;
   VLANState *qemu_find_vlan(int id);
   VLANClientState *qemu_new_vlan_client(VLANState *vlan,
                                         IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);
   void qemu_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
   void do_info_network(void);
   /* NIC info */
 #define MAX_NICS 8  #define MAX_NICS 8
 typedef struct NetDriverState {  typedef struct NICInfo {
     int index; /* index number in QEMU */  
     uint8_t macaddr[6];      uint8_t macaddr[6];
     char ifname[16];      VLANState *vlan;
     void (*send_packet)(struct NetDriverState *nd,   } NICInfo;
                         const uint8_t *buf, int size);  
     void (*add_read_packet)(struct NetDriverState *nd,   
                             IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read,   
                             IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);  
     /* tun specific data */  
     int fd;  
     /* slirp specific data */  
 } NetDriverState;  
 extern int nb_nics;  extern int nb_nics;
 extern NetDriverState nd_table[MAX_NICS];  extern NICInfo nd_table[MAX_NICS];
 void qemu_send_packet(NetDriverState *nd, const uint8_t *buf, int size);  
 void qemu_add_read_packet(NetDriverState *nd, IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read,   
                           IOReadHandler *fd_read, void *opaque);  
 /* timers */  /* timers */
Line 382  int register_savevm(const char *idstr,  Line 425  int register_savevm(const char *idstr, 
 void qemu_get_timer(QEMUFile *f, QEMUTimer *ts);  void qemu_get_timer(QEMUFile *f, QEMUTimer *ts);
 void qemu_put_timer(QEMUFile *f, QEMUTimer *ts);  void qemu_put_timer(QEMUFile *f, QEMUTimer *ts);
   void cpu_save(QEMUFile *f, void *opaque);
   int cpu_load(QEMUFile *f, void *opaque, int version_id);
 /* block.c */  /* block.c */
 typedef struct BlockDriverState BlockDriverState;  typedef struct BlockDriverState BlockDriverState;
 typedef struct BlockDriver BlockDriver;  typedef struct BlockDriver BlockDriver;
Line 486  void isa_unassign_ioport(int start, int  Line 532  void isa_unassign_ioport(int start, int 
 /* PCI bus */  /* PCI bus */
 extern int pci_enabled;  
 extern target_phys_addr_t pci_mem_base;  extern target_phys_addr_t pci_mem_base;
 typedef struct PCIBus PCIBus;  typedef struct PCIBus PCIBus;
Line 564  PCIBus *pci_apb_init(target_ulong specia Line 608  PCIBus *pci_apb_init(target_ulong specia
 /* openpic.c */  /* openpic.c */
 typedef struct openpic_t openpic_t;  typedef struct openpic_t openpic_t;
 void openpic_set_irq(void *opaque, int n_IRQ, int level);  void openpic_set_irq(void *opaque, int n_IRQ, int level);
 openpic_t *openpic_init (PCIBus *bus, int *pmem_index, int nb_cpus);  openpic_t *openpic_init (PCIBus *bus, int *pmem_index, int nb_cpus,
                            CPUState **envp);
 /* heathrow_pic.c */  /* heathrow_pic.c */
 typedef struct HeathrowPICS HeathrowPICS;  typedef struct HeathrowPICS HeathrowPICS;
 void heathrow_pic_set_irq(void *opaque, int num, int level);  void heathrow_pic_set_irq(void *opaque, int num, int level);
 HeathrowPICS *heathrow_pic_init(int *pmem_index);  HeathrowPICS *heathrow_pic_init(int *pmem_index);
   #ifdef HAS_AUDIO
   struct soundhw {
       const char *name;
       const char *descr;
       int enabled;
       int isa;
       union {
           int (*init_isa) (AudioState *s);
           int (*init_pci) (PCIBus *bus, AudioState *s);
       } init;
   extern struct soundhw soundhw[];
 /* vga.c */  /* vga.c */
 #define VGA_RAM_SIZE (4096 * 1024)  #define VGA_RAM_SIZE (4096 * 1024)
Line 628  void pci_piix3_ide_init(PCIBus *bus, Blo Line 688  void pci_piix3_ide_init(PCIBus *bus, Blo
 int pmac_ide_init (BlockDriverState **hd_table,  int pmac_ide_init (BlockDriverState **hd_table,
                    SetIRQFunc *set_irq, void *irq_opaque, int irq);                     SetIRQFunc *set_irq, void *irq_opaque, int irq);
   /* es1370.c */
   int es1370_init (PCIBus *bus, AudioState *s);
 /* sb16.c */  /* sb16.c */
 void SB16_init (void);  int SB16_init (AudioState *s);
 /* adlib.c */  /* adlib.c */
 void Adlib_init (void);  int Adlib_init (AudioState *s);
 /* gus.c */  /* gus.c */
 void GUS_init (void);  int GUS_init (AudioState *s);
 /* dma.c */  /* dma.c */
 typedef int (*DMA_transfer_handler) (void *opaque, int nchan, int pos, int size);  typedef int (*DMA_transfer_handler) (void *opaque, int nchan, int pos, int size);
Line 663  int fdctrl_get_drive_type(fdctrl_t *fdct Line 726  int fdctrl_get_drive_type(fdctrl_t *fdct
 /* ne2000.c */  /* ne2000.c */
 void isa_ne2000_init(int base, int irq, NetDriverState *nd);  void isa_ne2000_init(int base, int irq, NICInfo *nd);
 void pci_ne2000_init(PCIBus *bus, NetDriverState *nd);  void pci_ne2000_init(PCIBus *bus, NICInfo *nd);
 /* pckbd.c */  /* pckbd.c */
Line 681  void rtc_set_date(RTCState *s, const str Line 744  void rtc_set_date(RTCState *s, const str
 /* serial.c */  /* serial.c */
 typedef struct SerialState SerialState;  typedef struct SerialState SerialState;
 SerialState *serial_init(int base, int irq, CharDriverState *chr);  SerialState *serial_init(SetIRQFunc *set_irq, void *opaque,
                            int base, int irq, CharDriverState *chr);
   SerialState *serial_mm_init (SetIRQFunc *set_irq, void *opaque,
                                target_ulong base, int it_shift,
                                int irq, CharDriverState *chr);
 /* parallel.c */  /* parallel.c */
Line 724  int pit_get_out(PITState *pit, int chann Line 791  int pit_get_out(PITState *pit, int chann
 /* pc.c */  /* pc.c */
 extern QEMUMachine pc_machine;  extern QEMUMachine pc_machine;
   extern QEMUMachine isapc_machine;
   void ioport_set_a20(int enable);
   int ioport_get_a20(void);
 /* ppc.c */  /* ppc.c */
 extern QEMUMachine prep_machine;  extern QEMUMachine prep_machine;
Line 740  void PREP_debug_write (void *opaque, uin Line 811  void PREP_debug_write (void *opaque, uin
 extern CPUWriteMemoryFunc *PPC_io_write[];  extern CPUWriteMemoryFunc *PPC_io_write[];
 extern CPUReadMemoryFunc *PPC_io_read[];  extern CPUReadMemoryFunc *PPC_io_read[];
 extern int prep_enabled;  
 void PPC_debug_write (void *opaque, uint32_t addr, uint32_t val);  void PPC_debug_write (void *opaque, uint32_t addr, uint32_t val);
 /* sun4m.c */  /* sun4m.c */
 extern QEMUMachine sun4m_machine;  extern QEMUMachine sun4m_machine;
 uint32_t iommu_translate(uint32_t addr);  uint32_t iommu_translate(uint32_t addr);
   void pic_set_irq_cpu(int irq, int level, unsigned int cpu);
 /* iommu.c */  /* iommu.c */
 void *iommu_init(uint32_t addr);  void *iommu_init(uint32_t addr);
 uint32_t iommu_translate_local(void *opaque, uint32_t addr);  uint32_t iommu_translate_local(void *opaque, uint32_t addr);
 /* lance.c */  /* lance.c */
 void lance_init(NetDriverState *nd, int irq, uint32_t leaddr, uint32_t ledaddr);  void lance_init(NICInfo *nd, int irq, uint32_t leaddr, uint32_t ledaddr);
 /* tcx.c */  /* tcx.c */
 void *tcx_init(DisplayState *ds, uint32_t addr, uint8_t *vram_base,  void *tcx_init(DisplayState *ds, uint32_t addr, uint8_t *vram_base,
Line 763  void tcx_screen_dump(void *opaque, const Line 834  void tcx_screen_dump(void *opaque, const
 /* slavio_intctl.c */  /* slavio_intctl.c */
 void *slavio_intctl_init();  void *slavio_intctl_init();
   void slavio_intctl_set_cpu(void *opaque, unsigned int cpu, CPUState *env);
 void slavio_pic_info(void *opaque);  void slavio_pic_info(void *opaque);
 void slavio_irq_info(void *opaque);  void slavio_irq_info(void *opaque);
 void slavio_pic_set_irq(void *opaque, int irq, int level);  void slavio_pic_set_irq(void *opaque, int irq, int level);
   void slavio_pic_set_irq_cpu(void *opaque, int irq, int level, unsigned int cpu);
 /* magic-load.c */  /* magic-load.c */
 int load_elf(const char *filename, uint8_t *addr);  int load_elf(const char *filename, uint8_t *addr);
 int load_aout(const char *filename, uint8_t *addr);  int load_aout(const char *filename, uint8_t *addr);
 /* slavio_timer.c */  /* slavio_timer.c */
 void slavio_timer_init(uint32_t addr1, int irq1, uint32_t addr2, int irq2);  void slavio_timer_init(uint32_t addr, int irq, int mode, unsigned int cpu);
 /* slavio_serial.c */  /* slavio_serial.c */
 SerialState *slavio_serial_init(int base, int irq, CharDriverState *chr1, CharDriverState *chr2);  SerialState *slavio_serial_init(int base, int irq, CharDriverState *chr1, CharDriverState *chr2);
Line 855  void adb_mouse_init(ADBBusState *bus); Line 928  void adb_mouse_init(ADBBusState *bus);
 extern ADBBusState adb_bus;  extern ADBBusState adb_bus;
 int cuda_init(SetIRQFunc *set_irq, void *irq_opaque, int irq);  int cuda_init(SetIRQFunc *set_irq, void *irq_opaque, int irq);
   #include "hw/usb.h"
   /* usb ports of the VM */
   #define MAX_VM_USB_PORTS 8
   extern USBPort *vm_usb_ports[MAX_VM_USB_PORTS];
   extern USBDevice *vm_usb_hub;
   void do_usb_add(const char *devname);
   void do_usb_del(const char *devname);
   void usb_info(void);
   /* integratorcp.c */
   extern QEMUMachine integratorcp_machine;
   /* ps2.c */
   void *ps2_kbd_init(void (*update_irq)(void *, int), void *update_arg);
   void *ps2_mouse_init(void (*update_irq)(void *, int), void *update_arg);
   void ps2_write_mouse(void *, int val);
   void ps2_write_keyboard(void *, int val);
   uint32_t ps2_read_data(void *);
   void ps2_queue(void *, int b);
   /* smc91c111.c */
   void smc91c111_init(NICInfo *, uint32_t, void *, int);
 #endif /* defined(QEMU_TOOL) */  #endif /* defined(QEMU_TOOL) */
 /* monitor.c */  /* monitor.c */

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