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Tue Apr 24 17:58:34 2018 UTC (3 months, 3 weeks ago) by root
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Quake II v3.17

- default skin for female/cyborg models
- m_filter 2
- sw_draworder, gl_lightmap cheats
- autodownload controlled on client, too!


- hyperblaster shots being treated as solid in prediction (does the projectile
code fix this?)
- increased MAX_CONFIGSTRINGS by MAX_CLIENTS*2 to allow some general usage
  (for status bar and what not)
- add autodownload with resume capability.  Downloads the following items:
	- world bsp (and textures)
	- models
	- sounds (precached ones)
	- plug in player model, skin, skin_i and weapon.md2
  downloads go to a temp file (maps/blah.tmp for example) and get renamed
  when done.  autoresume is supported (if you lose connect during the
  download, just reconnect and resume).  Server has fine control over
  the downloads with the following new cvars:
	allow_download - global download on/off
	allow_download_players - players download on/off
	allow_download_models - models download on/off
	allow_download_sounds - sounds download on/off
	allow_download_maps - maps download on/off
  maps that are in pak files will _not_ autodownload from the server, this
  is for copyright considerations.
- save game code tweaked to handle translation of function pointers and
  mmove_t pointers (for monsters).  This should make save games work under
  most operating systems.  I abandoned the full rewrite to make it portable
  across versions and operating systems.  It's just an amazing amount of
- new player movement code is in that works much like Quake/Quakeworld
  and gives more control to the player.  ramp acceleration, more air
  control.  It's not realistic, but it rewards more control to the player
  which is a good thing.

- add connection speed option to multiplayer menu that sets a default rate
- fix player setup crashes
- movetype_fly on players is just like movetype_noclip, but clips to the world
- motd
- increase config strings by MAXCLIENTS*2 to allow some general usage
- allow_download (only files _not_ in pak files should be downloadable).
This is important since you can start downloading plugin models and skins.
- player movement stuff to be more Quake like (air control, ramp accel)
- add a simple addip/listip banning from the game.dll (can the game.dll add
  new local console commands?).  We have access to the IP now, but we don't do
  anything with it.
- rewrite the save game code to not save function pointers by registering
all think, die, pain, use, etc. functions.  This has many benefits, it makes
savegames work under Linux and makes them work across versions!  Major
changes will make savegames incompatible, but minor bug fixes won't.  We
should also byte order the save games as well to make them platform
independant.  Of course, having to register all the functions is lame, but
sorely needed.  It's easy to write some code that checks to see if functions
are registered since doing self->think = dothink; will be changed to
SetThink(self, dothink);
- make menu code search pak for models/skins as well as disk