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 * Copyright (c) 1999 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * @[email protected]
 * "Portions Copyright (c) 1999 Apple Computer, Inc.  All Rights
 * Reserved.  This file contains Original Code and/or Modifications of
 * Original Code as defined in and that are subject to the Apple Public
 * Source License Version 1.0 (the 'License').  You may not use this file
 * except in compliance with the License.  Please obtain a copy of the
 * License at and read it before using
 * this file.
 * The Original Code and all software distributed under the License are
 * distributed on an 'AS IS' basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER
 * License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
 * under the License."
 * @[email protected]

 	File:		Devices.h
 	Contains:	Device Manager Interfaces.
 	Version:	Technology:	PowerSurge 1.0.2.
 				Package:	Universal Interfaces 2.1.2 on ETO #20
 	Copyright:	 1984-1995 by Apple Computer, Inc.
 				All rights reserved.
 	Bugs?:		If you find a problem with this file, use the Apple Bug Reporter
 				stack.  Include the file and version information (from above)
 				in the problem description and send to:
 					Internet:	[email protected]
 					AppleLink:	APPLE.BUGS

#ifndef __DEVICES__
#define __DEVICES__

#ifndef __OSUTILS__
//naga#include <OSUtils.h>
/*	#include <Types.h>											*/
/*		#include <ConditionalMacros.h>							*/
/*	#include <MixedMode.h>										*/
/*	#include <Memory.h>											*/

#ifndef __FILES__
//naga#include <Files.h>
/*	#include <Finder.h>											*/

#ifndef __QUICKDRAW__
//naga#include <Quickdraw.h>
/*	#include <QuickdrawText.h>									*/

#ifndef __EVENTS__
//naga#include <Events.h>

#ifndef __DIALOGS__
//#include <Dialogs.h>
/*	#include <Errors.h>											*/
/*	#include <Menus.h>											*/
/*	#include <Controls.h>										*/
/*	#include <Windows.h>										*/
/*	#include <TextEdit.h>										*/

#ifndef __KERNEL__
//naga#include <Kernel.h>

#ifndef __NAMEREGISTRY__
//naga#include <NameRegistry.h>
#include <CodeFragments.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#pragma options align=mac68k

#pragma import on

enum {
	chooserInitMsg				= 11,							/* the user selected this device package */
	newSelMsg					= 12,							/* the user made new device selections */
	fillListMsg					= 13,							/* fill the device list with choices */
	getSelMsg					= 14,							/* mark one or more choices as selected */
	selectMsg					= 15,							/* the user made a selection */
	deselectMsg					= 16,							/* the user canceled a selection */
	terminateMsg				= 17,							/* allows device package to clean up */
	buttonMsg					= 19							/* the user selected a button */

/* Values of the 'caller' parameter to a Chooser device package */
enum {
	chooserID					= 1

/* Values of the 'message' parameter to a Control Panel 'cdev' */
enum {
	initDev						= 0,							/*Time for cdev to initialize itself*/
	hitDev						= 1,							/*Hit on one of my items*/
	closeDev					= 2,							/*Close yourself*/
	nulDev						= 3,							/*Null event*/
	updateDev					= 4,							/*Update event*/
	activDev					= 5,							/*Activate event*/
	deactivDev					= 6,							/*Deactivate event*/
	keyEvtDev					= 7,							/*Key down/auto key*/
	macDev						= 8,							/*Decide whether or not to show up*/
	undoDev						= 9,
	cutDev						= 10,
	copyDev						= 11,
	pasteDev					= 12,
	clearDev					= 13,
	cursorDev					= 14

/* Special values a Control Panel 'cdev' can return */
enum {
	cdevGenErr					= -1,							/*General error; gray cdev w/o alert*/
	cdevMemErr					= 0,							/*Memory shortfall; alert user please*/
	cdevResErr					= 1,							/*Couldn't get a needed resource; alert*/
	cdevUnset					= 3								/* cdevValue is initialized to this*/

/* Values of the 'message' parameter to a Monitor 'mntr' */
enum {
	initMsg						= 1,							/*initialization*/
	okMsg						= 2,							/*user clicked OK button*/
	cancelMsg					= 3,							/*user clicked Cancel button*/
	hitMsg						= 4,							/*user clicked control in Options dialog*/
	nulMsg						= 5,							/*periodic event*/
	updateMsg					= 6,							/*update event*/
	activateMsg					= 7,							/*not used*/
	deactivateMsg				= 8,							/*not used*/
	keyEvtMsg					= 9,							/*keyboard event*/
	superMsg					= 10,							/*show superuser controls*/
	normalMsg					= 11,							/*show only normal controls*/
	startupMsg					= 12							/*code has been loaded*/

/* control codes for DeskAccessories */
enum {
	goodbye						= -1,							/* heap being reinitialized */
	killCode					= 1,							/* KillIO requested */
	accEvent					= 64,							/* handle an event */
	accRun						= 65,							/* time for periodic action */
	accCursor					= 66,							/* change cursor shape */
	accMenu						= 67,							/* handle menu item */
	accUndo						= 68,							/* handle undo command */
	accCut						= 70,							/* handle cut command */
	accCopy						= 71,							/* handle copy command */
	accPaste					= 72,							/* handle paste command */
	accClear					= 73							/* handle clear command */

/* Control/Status Call Codes */
enum {
	drvStsCode					= 8,							/* status call code for drive status */
	ejectCode					= 7,							/* control call eject code */
	tgBuffCode					= 8								/* set tag buffer code */

/* miscellaneous Device Manager constants */
enum {
	ioInProgress				= 1,							/* predefined value of ioResult while I/O is pending */
	aRdCmd						= 2,							/* low byte of ioTrap for Read calls */
	aWrCmd						= 3,							/* low byte of ioTrap for Write calls */
	asyncTrpBit					= 10,							/* trap word modifier */
	noQueueBit					= 9								/* trap word modifier */

/* flags used in the driver header and device control entry */
enum {
	dReadEnable					= 0,							/* set if driver responds to read requests */
	dWritEnable					= 1,							/* set if driver responds to write requests */
	dCtlEnable					= 2,							/* set if driver responds to control requests */
	dStatEnable					= 3,							/* set if driver responds to status requests */
	dNeedGoodBye				= 4,							/* set if driver needs time for performing periodic tasks */
	dNeedTime					= 5,							/* set if driver needs time for performing periodic tasks */
	dNeedLock					= 6,							/* set if driver must be locked in memory as soon as it is opened */
	dNeedLockMask				= 0x4000,						/* set if driver must be locked in memory as soon as it is opened */
	dNeedTimeMask				= 0x2000,						/* set if driver needs time for performing periodic tasks */
	dNeedGoodByeMask			= 0x1000,						/* set if driver needs to be called before the application heap is initialized */
	dStatEnableMask				= 0x0800,						/* set if driver responds to status requests */
	dCtlEnableMask				= 0x0400,						/* set if driver responds to control requests */
	dWritEnableMask				= 0x0200,						/* set if driver responds to write requests */
	dReadEnableMask				= 0x0100						/* set if driver responds to read requests */

/* run-time flags used in the device control entry */
enum {
	dOpened						= 5,							/* driver is open */
	dRAMBased					= 6,							/* dCtlDriver is a handle (1) or pointer (0) */
	drvrActive					= 7,							/* driver is currently processing a request */
	drvrActiveMask				= 0x0080,						/* driver is currently processing a request */
	dRAMBasedMask				= 0x0040,						/* dCtlDriver is a handle (1) or pointer (0) */
	dOpenedMask					= 0x0020						/* driver is open */

struct DRVRHeader {
	short							drvrFlags;
	short							drvrDelay;
	short							drvrEMask;
	short							drvrMenu;
	short							drvrOpen;
	short							drvrPrime;
	short							drvrCtl;
	short							drvrStatus;
	short							drvrClose;
	unsigned char					drvrName[1];
typedef struct DRVRHeader DRVRHeader;

typedef DRVRHeader *DRVRHeaderPtr, **DRVRHeaderHandle;

struct DCtlEntry {
	Ptr								dCtlDriver;
	short							dCtlFlags;
	QHdr							dCtlQHdr;
	long							dCtlPosition;
	Handle							dCtlStorage;
	short							dCtlRefNum;
	long							dCtlCurTicks;
//naga	WindowPtr						dCtlWindow;
	short							dCtlDelay;
	short							dCtlEMask;
	short							dCtlMenu;
typedef struct DCtlEntry DCtlEntry;

typedef DCtlEntry *DCtlPtr, **DCtlHandle;

struct AuxDCE {
	Ptr								dCtlDriver;
	short							dCtlFlags;
	QHdr							dCtlQHdr;
	long							dCtlPosition;
	Handle							dCtlStorage;
	short							dCtlRefNum;
	long							dCtlCurTicks;
	//nagaGrafPtr							dCtlWindow;
	short							dCtlDelay;
	short							dCtlEMask;
	short							dCtlMenu;
	SInt8							dCtlSlot;
	SInt8							dCtlSlotId;
	long							dCtlDevBase;
	Ptr								dCtlOwner;
	SInt8							dCtlExtDev;
	SInt8							fillByte;
	UInt32							dCtlNodeID;
typedef struct AuxDCE AuxDCE;

typedef AuxDCE *AuxDCEPtr, **AuxDCEHandle;

typedef UInt16 UnitNumber;

typedef UInt32 DriverOpenCount;

typedef SInt16 DriverRefNum;

typedef SInt16 DriverFlags;

typedef UInt32 IOCommandCode;

enum {
	kOpenCommand				= 0,
	kCloseCommand				= 1,
	kReadCommand				= 2,
	kWriteCommand				= 3,
	kControlCommand				= 4,
	kStatusCommand				= 5,
	kKillIOCommand				= 6,
	kInitializeCommand			= 7,							/* init driver and device*/
	kFinalizeCommand			= 8,							/* shutdown driver and device*/
	kReplaceCommand				= 9,							/* replace an old driver*/
	kSupersededCommand			= 10							/* prepare to be replaced by a new driver*/
//typedef KernelID IOCommandID;

typedef UInt32 IOCommandKind;
typedef int RegEntryID;

enum {
	kSynchronousIOCommandKind	= 0x00000001,
	kAsynchronousIOCommandKind	= 0x00000002,
	kImmediateIOCommandKind		= 0x00000004

struct DriverInitInfo {
	DriverRefNum					refNum;
	RegEntryID						deviceEntry;
struct DriverFinalInfo {
	DriverRefNum					refNum;
	RegEntryID						deviceEntry;
typedef struct DriverInitInfo DriverInitInfo, *DriverInitInfoPtr;

typedef struct DriverInitInfo DriverReplaceInfo, *DriverReplaceInfoPtr;

typedef struct DriverFinalInfo DriverFinalInfo, *DriverFinalInfoPtr;

typedef struct DriverFinalInfo DriverSupersededInfo, *DriverSupersededInfoPtr;

/* Contents are command specific*/
union IOCommandContents {
	ParmBlkPtr						pb;
	DriverInitInfoPtr				initialInfo;
	DriverFinalInfoPtr				finalInfo;
	DriverReplaceInfoPtr			replaceInfo;
	DriverSupersededInfoPtr			supersededInfo;
typedef union IOCommandContents IOCommandContents;

typedef OSErr (DriverEntryPoint)(AddressSpaceID SpaceID, IOCommandID CommandID, IOCommandContents Contents, IOCommandCode Code, IOCommandKind Kind);
typedef DriverEntryPoint *DriverEntryPointPtr;

/* Driver Typing Information Used to Match Drivers With Devices */
struct DriverType {
	Str31							nameInfoStr;				/* Driver Name/Info String*/
	NumVersion						version;					/* Driver Version Number*/
typedef struct DriverType DriverType, *DriverTypePtr;

/* OS Runtime Information Used to Setup and Maintain a Driver's Runtime Environment */
typedef OptionBits RuntimeOptions;

enum {
	kDriverIsLoadedUponDiscovery = 0x00000001,					/* auto-load driver when discovered*/
	kDriverIsOpenedUponLoad		= 0x00000002,					/* auto-open driver when loaded*/
	kDriverIsUnderExpertControl	= 0x00000004,					/* I/O expert handles loads/opens*/
	kDriverIsConcurrent			= 0x00000008,					/* supports concurrent requests*/
	kDriverQueuesIOPB			= 0x00000010					/* device manager doesn't queue IOPB*/

struct DriverOSRuntime {
	RuntimeOptions					driverRuntime;				/* Options for OS Runtime*/
	Str31							driverName;					/* Driver's name to the OS*/
	UInt32							driverDescReserved[8];		/* Reserved area*/
typedef struct DriverOSRuntime DriverOSRuntime, *DriverOSRuntimePtr;

/* OS Service Information Used To Declare What APIs a Driver Supports */
typedef UInt32 ServiceCount;

struct DriverServiceInfo {
	OSType							serviceCategory;			/* Service Category Name*/
	OSType							serviceType;				/* Type within Category*/
	NumVersion						serviceVersion;				/* Version of service*/
typedef struct DriverServiceInfo DriverServiceInfo, *DriverServiceInfoPtr;

struct DriverOSService {
	ServiceCount					nServices;					/* Number of Services Supported*/
	DriverServiceInfo				service[1];					/* The List of Services (at least one)*/
typedef struct DriverOSService DriverOSService, *DriverOSServicePtr;

/* Categories */

enum {
	kServiceCategoryDisplay		= 'disp',						/* Display Manager*/
	kServiceCategoryOpenTransport = 'otan',						/* Open Transport*/
	kServiceCategoryBlockStorage = 'blok',						/* Block Storage*/
	kServiceCategoryNdrvDriver	= 'ndrv',						/* Generic Native Driver*/
	kServiceCategoryScsiSIM		= 'scsi'

/* Ndrv ServiceCategory Types */
enum {
	kNdrvTypeIsGeneric			= 'genr',						/* generic*/
	kNdrvTypeIsVideo			= 'vido',						/* video*/
	kNdrvTypeIsBlockStorage		= 'blok',						/* block storage*/
	kNdrvTypeIsNetworking		= 'netw',						/* networking*/
	kNdrvTypeIsSerial			= 'serl',						/* serial*/
	kNdrvTypeIsSound			= 'sond',						/* sound*/
	kNdrvTypeIsBusBridge		= 'brdg'

/*	The Driver Description */
enum {
	kTheDescriptionSignature	= 'mtej'

typedef UInt32 DriverDescVersion;

enum {
	kInitialDriverDescriptor	= 0

struct DriverDescription {
	OSType							driverDescSignature;		/* Signature field of this structure*/
	DriverDescVersion				driverDescVersion;			/* Version of this data structure*/
	DriverType						driverType;					/* Type of Driver*/
	DriverOSRuntime					driverOSRuntimeInfo;		/* OS Runtime Requirements of Driver*/
	DriverOSService					driverServices;				/* Apple Service API Membership*/
typedef struct DriverDescription DriverDescription, *DriverDescriptionPtr;

/* Record to describe a file-based driver candidate */
struct FileBasedDriverRecord {
	FSSpec							theSpec;					/* file specification*/
	DriverType						theType;					/* nameInfoStr + version number*/
	Boolean							compatibleProp;				/* true if matched using a compatible name*/
	UInt8							pad[3];						/* alignment*/
typedef struct FileBasedDriverRecord FileBasedDriverRecord, *FileBasedDriverRecordPtr;

/* Driver Loader API */
	struct {					\
	DriverDescription	fixed;	\
	DriverServiceInfo	additional_service[N_ADDITIONAL_SERVICES-1]; \
extern SInt16 HigherDriverVersion(NumVersion *driverVersion1, NumVersion *driverVersion2);
extern OSErr VerifyFragmentAsDriver(CFragConnectionID fragmentConnID, DriverEntryPointPtr *fragmentMain, DriverDescriptionPtr *driverDesc);
extern OSErr GetDriverMemoryFragment(Ptr memAddr, long length, ConstStr63Param fragName, CFragConnectionID *fragmentConnID, DriverEntryPointPtr *fragmentMain, DriverDescriptionPtr *driverDesc);
extern OSErr GetDriverDiskFragment(FSSpecPtr fragmentSpec, CFragConnectionID *fragmentConnID, DriverEntryPointPtr *fragmentMain, DriverDescriptionPtr *driverDesc);
extern OSErr InstallDriverFromFragment(CFragConnectionID fragmentConnID, RegEntryIDPtr device, UnitNumber beginningUnit, UnitNumber endingUnit, DriverRefNum *refNum);
extern OSErr InstallDriverFromFile(FSSpecPtr fragmentSpec, RegEntryIDPtr device, UnitNumber beginningUnit, UnitNumber endingUnit, DriverRefNum *refNum);
extern OSErr InstallDriverFromMemory(Ptr memory, long length, ConstStr63Param fragName, RegEntryIDPtr device, UnitNumber beginningUnit, UnitNumber endingUnit, DriverRefNum *refNum);
extern OSErr InstallDriverFromDisk(Ptr theDriverName, RegEntryIDPtr theDevice, UnitNumber theBeginningUnit, UnitNumber theEndingUnit, DriverRefNum *theRefNum);
extern OSErr FindDriversForDevice(RegEntryIDPtr device, FSSpec *fragmentSpec, DriverDescription *fileDriverDesc, Ptr *memAddr, long *length, StringPtr fragName, DriverDescription *memDriverDesc);
extern OSErr FindDriverCandidates(RegEntryIDPtr deviceID, Ptr *propBasedDriver, RegPropertyValueSize *propBasedDriverSize, StringPtr deviceName, DriverType *propBasedDriverType, Boolean *gotPropBasedDriver, FileBasedDriverRecordPtr fileBasedDrivers, ItemCount *nFileBasedDrivers);
extern OSErr ScanDriverCandidates(RegEntryIDPtr deviceID, FileBasedDriverRecordPtr fileBasedDrivers, ItemCount nFileBasedDrivers, FileBasedDriverRecordPtr matchingDrivers, ItemCount *nMatchingDrivers);
extern OSErr GetDriverForDevice(RegEntryIDPtr device, CFragConnectionID *fragmentConnID, DriverEntryPointPtr *fragmentMain, DriverDescriptionPtr *driverDesc);
extern OSErr InstallDriverForDevice(RegEntryIDPtr device, UnitNumber beginningUnit, UnitNumber endingUnit, DriverRefNum *refNum);
extern OSErr SetDriverClosureMemory(CFragConnectionID fragmentConnID, Boolean holdDriverMemory);
extern OSErr ReplaceDriverWithFragment(DriverRefNum theRefNum, CFragConnectionID fragmentConnID);
extern OSErr GetDriverInformation(DriverRefNum refNum, UnitNumber *unitNum, DriverFlags *flags, DriverOpenCount *count, StringPtr name, RegEntryID *device, CFragHFSLocator *driverLoadLocation, CFragConnectionID *fragmentConnID, DriverEntryPointPtr *fragmentMain, DriverDescription *driverDesc);
extern OSErr OpenInstalledDriver(DriverRefNum refNum, SInt8 ioPermission);
extern OSErr RenameDriver(DriverRefNum refNum, StringPtr newDriverName);
extern OSErr RemoveDriver(DriverRefNum refNum, Boolean immediate);
extern OSErr LookupDrivers(UnitNumber beginningUnit, UnitNumber endingUnit, Boolean emptyUnits, ItemCount *returnedRefNums, DriverRefNum *refNums);
extern UnitNumber HighestUnitNumber(void);
extern OSErr DriverGestaltOn(DriverRefNum refNum);
extern OSErr DriverGestaltOff(DriverRefNum refNum);
extern Boolean DriverGestaltIsOn(DriverFlags flags);


#pragma parameter __D0 PBOpenSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBOpenSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBOpenAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBOpenAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBOpenImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBOpenImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBCloseSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBCloseSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBCloseAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBCloseAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBCloseImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBCloseImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBReadSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBReadSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBReadAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBReadAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBReadImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBReadImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBWriteSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBWriteSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBWriteAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBWriteAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBWriteImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBWriteImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)
extern pascal void AddDrive(short drvrRefNum, short drvNum, DrvQElPtr qEl);
extern pascal QHdrPtr GetDrvQHdr(void)
 THREEWORDINLINE(0x2EBC, 0x0000, 0x0308);
/* Control Panel Default Proc */
typedef pascal long (*ControlPanelDefProcPtr)(short message, short item, short numItems, short cPanelID, EventRecord *theEvent, long cdevValue, DialogPtr cpDialog);

typedef UniversalProcPtr ControlPanelDefUPP;
typedef ControlPanelDefProcPtr ControlPanelDefUPP;

enum {
	uppControlPanelDefProcInfo = kPascalStackBased
		 | RESULT_SIZE(SIZE_CODE(sizeof(long)))
		 | STACK_ROUTINE_PARAMETER(5, SIZE_CODE(sizeof(EventRecord*)))

#define NewControlPanelDefProc(userRoutine)		\
		(ControlPanelDefUPP) NewRoutineDescriptor((ProcPtr)(userRoutine), uppControlPanelDefProcInfo, GetCurrentArchitecture())
#define NewControlPanelDefProc(userRoutine)		\
		((ControlPanelDefUPP) (userRoutine))

#define CallControlPanelDefProc(userRoutine, message, item, numItems, cPanelID, theEvent, cdevValue, cpDialog)		\
		CallUniversalProc((UniversalProcPtr)(userRoutine), uppControlPanelDefProcInfo, (message), (item), (numItems), (cPanelID), (theEvent), (cdevValue), (cpDialog))
#define CallControlPanelDefProc(userRoutine, message, item, numItems, cPanelID, theEvent, cdevValue, cpDialog)		\
		(*(userRoutine))((message), (item), (numItems), (cPanelID), (theEvent), (cdevValue), (cpDialog))

extern pascal DCtlHandle GetDCtlEntry(short refNum);
	SetChooserAlert used to simply set a bit in a low-mem global
	to tell the Chooser not to display its warning message when
	the printer is changed. However, under MultiFinder and System 7,
	this low-mem is swapped out when a layer change occurs, and the
	Chooser never sees the change. It is obsolete, and completely
	unsupported on the PowerPC. 68K apps can still call it if they
extern pascal Boolean SetChooserAlert(Boolean f);

#pragma parameter __D0 DriverInstall(__A0, __D0)
extern pascal OSErr DriverInstall(DRVRHeaderPtr drvrPtr, short refNum)

#pragma parameter __D0 DriverInstallReserveMem(__A0, __D0)
extern pascal OSErr DriverInstallReserveMem(DRVRHeaderPtr drvrPtr, short refNum)

#pragma parameter __D0 DrvrRemove(__D0)
extern pascal OSErr DrvrRemove(short refNum)
#define DriverRemove(refNum) DrvrRemove(refNum)
extern pascal OSErr OpenDriver(ConstStr255Param name, short *drvrRefNum);
extern pascal OSErr CloseDriver(short refNum);
extern pascal OSErr Control(short refNum, short csCode, const void *csParamPtr);
extern pascal OSErr Status(short refNum, short csCode, void *csParamPtr);
extern pascal OSErr KillIO(short refNum);

#pragma parameter __D0 PBControlSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBControlSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBControlAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBControlAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBControlImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBControlImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBStatusSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBStatusSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBStatusAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBStatusAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBStatusImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBStatusImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBKillIOSync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBKillIOSync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBKillIOAsync(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBKillIOAsync(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)

#pragma parameter __D0 PBKillIOImmed(__A0)
extern pascal OSErr PBKillIOImmed(ParmBlkPtr paramBlock)
extern pascal short OpenDeskAcc(ConstStr255Param deskAccName)
extern pascal void CloseDeskAcc(short refNum)
extern short opendeskacc(const char *deskAccName);
extern OSErr opendriver(const char *driverName, short *refNum);
	The PBxxx() routines are obsolete.  
	Use the PBxxxSync(), PBxxxAsync(), or PBxxxImmed version instead.
#define PBControl(pb, async) ((async) ? PBControlAsync(pb) : PBControlSync(pb))
#define PBStatus(pb, async) ((async) ? PBStatusAsync(pb) : PBStatusSync(pb))
#define PBKillIO(pb, async) ((async) ? PBKillIOAsync(pb) : PBKillIOSync(pb))
#define PBOpen(pb, async) ((async) ? PBOpenAsync(pb) : PBOpenSync(pb))
#define PBClose(pb, async) ((async) ? PBCloseAsync(pb) : PBCloseSync(pb))
#define PBRead(pb, async) ((async) ? PBReadAsync(pb) : PBReadSync(pb))
#define PBWrite(pb, async) ((async) ? PBWriteAsync(pb) : PBWriteSync(pb))

#pragma import off

#pragma options align=reset

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* __DEVICES__ */