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 * Copyright (c) 1999 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * @[email protected]
 * "Portions Copyright (c) 1999 Apple Computer, Inc.  All Rights
 * Reserved.  This file contains Original Code and/or Modifications of
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	File:		CatalogPrivate.h

	Contains:	Private Catalog Manager interfaces.

	Version:	HFS Plus 1.0

	Copyright:	 1997-1998 by Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved.

	File Ownership:

		DRI:				Don Brady

		Other Contact:		xxx put other contact here xxx

		Technology:			xxx put technology here xxx


		(JL)	Jim Luther
		(msd)	Mark Day
		(DSH)	Deric Horn
		(djb)	Don Brady

	Change History (most recent first):
	  <Rhap>	 11/10/98	djb		Remove obsolete PrepareInputName prototype;
	  <Rhap>	  4/6/98	djb		Added lock data stuctures and ReleaseCatalogIterator prototype;
	  <Rhap>	  4/6/98	djb		Removed CatalogDataCache since its no longer used.
	  <Rhap>	  4/2/98	djb		InvalidateCatalogNodeCache does nothing under Rhapsody.
	  <Rhap>	 3/31/98	djb		Sync up with final HFSVolumes.h header file.

	  <CS10>	11/20/97	djb		Radar #2002357. Fixing retry mechanism.
	   <CS9>	11/17/97	djb		PrepareInputName routine now returns an error.
	   <CS8>	11/13/97	djb		Radar #1683572. Move CatalogIterator to this file from
									FileMgrInternal.i. Double size of short unicode name.
	   <CS7>	10/31/97	JL		#2000184 - Changed prototypes for CreateFileThreadID and
	   <CS6>	10/17/97	msd		In CatalogCacheGlobals, add room for a single UniStr255 so
									catalog iterators can step over long Unicode names.
	   <CS5>	10/17/97	djb		Add ConvertInputNameToUnicode for Catalog Create/Rename.
	   <CS4>	 10/1/97	djb		Change catalog iterator implementation.
	   <CS3>	 7/16/97	DSH		FilesInternal.i renamed FileMgrInternal.i to avoid name
	   <CS2>	 6/24/97	djb		Add LocateCatalogNodeByMangledName routine.
	   <CS1>	 6/24/97	djb		first checked in


#include	"FileMgrInternal.h"
#include	"BTreesInternal.h"
#include	"HFSVolumes.h"

	#include <sys/lock.h>

// private catalog data cache

enum {
	kCatalogIteratorCount = 16		// total number of Catalog iterators (shared by all HFS/HFS Plus volumes)

// Catalog Iterator Types
enum {
	kIterateAll,			// from GetCatInfo call
	kIterateFilesOnly		// from GetFileInfo call

// Catalog Iterator Name Types
enum {
	kLongUnicodeName	// non-local name

// short unicode name (used by CatalogIterator)
struct UniStr63 {
	UInt16		length;					/* number of unicode characters */
	UniChar		unicode[63];			/* unicode characters */
typedef struct UniStr63 UniStr63;

struct CatalogIterator
	struct CatalogIterator *	nextMRU;	//	next iterator in MRU order
	struct CatalogIterator *	nextLRU;	//	next iterator in LRU order

	UInt16				iteratorType;		// {0 = GetCatInfo, 1 = GetFileInfo}
	SInt16				volRefNum;
	HFSCatalogNodeID	folderID;

	SInt16				currentIndex;
	SInt16				fileIndex;			// for GetFileInfo (to skip folders)
	UInt32				btreeNodeHint;		// node the key was last seen in
	UInt16				btreeIndexHint;		// index the key was last seen at
	UInt16				nameType;			// { 0 = Pascal, 1 = Unicode, 3 = long name}
	HFSCatalogNodeID	parentID;			// parent folder ID
		Str31			pascalName;
		UniStr63		unicodeName;
		HFSUniStr255 *	longNamePtr;
	} folderName;

	struct lock__bsd__	iterator_lock;
typedef struct CatalogIterator CatalogIterator;

struct CatalogCacheGlobals {
	UInt32				iteratorCount;	//	Number of iterators in cache
	CatalogIterator *	mru;
	CatalogIterator *	lru;
	UInt32				reserved;
	HFSUniStr255		longName;		//	used by a single kLongUnicodeName iterator

	simple_lock_data_t	simplelock;
typedef struct CatalogCacheGlobals CatalogCacheGlobals;

// Private Catalog Macros

// We keep a copy of the text encoding in the upper byte of the catalog hint (yuck!).
// This overloading was done in the first release since the client is in 68K assembly
// and it saves information (like the hint) in registers.
// The lower 24 bits is the b-tree node hint which allows for 16 million nodes (or a
// 67 GB Catalog B-tree).
// The text encoding needs to be a formal parameter in future releases!!
extern TextEncoding GetTextEncodingFromHint(UInt32 hint);
#define	GetTextEncodingFromHint(hint)				((hint)>>24)

extern void SetTextEncodingInHint(TextEncoding encoding, UInt32 *hint);
#define	SetTextEncodingInHint(encoding, hint)		(*(hint) += ((encoding)<<24))

extern UInt32 GetBTreeNodeFromHint(UInt32 hint);
#define	GetBTreeNodeFromHint(hint)					((hint) & 0x00FFFFFF)


// Private Catalog Manager Routines (for use only by Catalog Manager, CatSearch and FileID Services)

extern	OSErr	LocateCatalogThread( const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID nodeID, CatalogRecord *threadData,
									 UInt16 *threadSize, UInt32 *threadHint);

extern	OSErr	LocateCatalogNode(	const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID folderID, const CatalogName *name,
									UInt32 hint, CatalogKey *key, CatalogRecord *data, UInt32 *newHint);

extern OSErr	LocateCatalogNodeByKey ( const ExtendedVCB *volume, UInt32 hint, CatalogKey *keyPtr,
										 CatalogRecord *dataPtr, UInt32 *newHint );

extern OSErr	LocateCatalogRecord( const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID folderID, const CatalogName *name,
									 UInt32 hint, CatalogKey *keyPtr, CatalogRecord *dataPtr, UInt32 *newHint);

extern OSErr	LocateCatalogNodeWithRetry ( const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID folderID, ConstStr31Param pascalName,
											 CatalogName *unicodeName, UInt32 hint, CatalogKey *keyPtr, CatalogRecord *dataPtr,
											 UInt32 *newHint );

extern OSErr	LocateCatalogNodeByMangledName( const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID folderID, ConstStr31Param name,
												CatalogKey *keyPtr, CatalogRecord *dataPtr, UInt32 *hintPtr );

extern OSErr	FlushCatalog( ExtendedVCB *volume);

extern void		InvalidateCatalogNodeCache( ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID parentID );
#define			InvalidateCatalogNodeCache(v, pid)

extern OSErr	UpdateFolderCount( ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID parentID, const CatalogName *name, SInt16 newType,
								   UInt32 hint, SInt16 valenceDelta);

extern UInt16	GetCatalogRecordSize( const CatalogRecord *dataRecord);

extern void		ConvertInputNameToUnicode(ConstStr31Param name, TextEncoding encodingHint,
										  TextEncoding *actualEncoding, CatalogName *catalogName);

extern	void	BuildCatalogKey( HFSCatalogNodeID parentID, const CatalogName *name, Boolean isHFSPlus,
								 CatalogKey *key);

extern	OSErr	BuildCatalogKeyUTF8( HFSCatalogNodeID parentID, const char *name, Boolean isHFSPlus,
								 CatalogKey *key, UInt32 *textEncoding);

extern	void	UpdateCatalogName( ConstStr31Param srcName, Str31 destName);

extern UInt32	CatalogNameLength( const CatalogName *name, Boolean isHFSPlus);

extern void		CopyCatalogName( const CatalogName *srcName, CatalogName *dstName, Boolean isHFSPLus);

extern OSErr	ResolveFileID( ExtendedVCB *vcb, HFSCatalogNodeID fileID, HFSCatalogNodeID *parentID, Str31 name );

extern OSErr	CreateFileThreadID( FIDParam *filePB, WDCBRecPtr *wdcbPtr );

extern OSErr	ExchangeFiles( FIDParam *filePB, WDCBRecPtr *wdcbPtr );

extern void		CopyCatalogNodeData( const ExtendedVCB *volume, const CatalogRecord *dataPtr, CatalogNodeData *nodeData);

extern void		UpdateVolumeEncodings( ExtendedVCB *volume, TextEncoding encoding);

extern void		AdjustVolumeCounts( ExtendedVCB *volume, SInt16 type, SInt16 delta );

// Catalog Iterator Routines

extern CatalogIterator* GetCatalogIterator( const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID folderID, UInt16 index, UInt16 iterationType );

extern OSErr	ReleaseCatalogIterator( CatalogIterator *catalogIterator );

extern void		TrashCatalogIterator( const ExtendedVCB *volume, HFSCatalogNodeID folderID );

void			AgeCatalogIterator( CatalogIterator *catalogIterator );

extern void		UpdateBtreeIterator( const CatalogIterator *catalogIterator, BTreeIterator *btreeIterator );

extern void		UpdateCatalogIterator( const BTreeIterator *btreeIterator, CatalogIterator *catalogIterator );