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 * Cisco 7200/3600/2691 simulation platform.

15-Aug-2005, the project is starting.
  - Added support for: sll, addu/subu.
  - Fixed bugs with b... branch instructions (bad computation of new pc).
  - Added patch recording for blocks.
  - A sequence of MIPS instructions (without memory access instructions)
    from IOS was successfully run ! (need to check correctness).

  - Implemented a basic memory subsystem with an mmaped file.
  - Added memory access instructions (lb,lbu,lh,lhu,lw,lwu,ld,sb,sh,sw,sd).
  - Added a cross-compiled test program.
  - Fixed slti, sltiu, slt instructions.
  - Fixed memory endianness.
  - Fixed host memory addressing (bad haddr computation).

  - Added a generic memory address lookup function.
  - Added a minimal ELF loader.

  - ELF loader now loads files page per page.
  - Added device support (with RAM support).
  - Added MTS32 support for mapping of 4 Kb pages.
  - Added MTS32 support for device mapping in kernel mode and generic
    virtual to physical mapping (preparation for TLB).
  - Added a dummy console driver.
  - Added mult,multu,div,divu instructions.
  - Added a Red-Black trees module.
  - Block locator uses RB tree module.
  - It is now possible to run a program with multiple functions!
  - ELF loader now support multiple program headers and entry point is
    now used.
  - Fixed x86 buffer adjustment.
  - Modified console to be at the same address than c7200 DUART (to test
  - Memory access functions now update PC.
  - Added sra, srl, sllv, srlv, srav instructions.

  - Added dsrl32, dsll32, dsra, dsrav, dsra32 instructions.
  - Added bgtz, blez, bgez instructions.
  - Fixed sltu instruction.
  - ELF Entry point is now sign-extended.
  - Added blezl, bgtzl instructions.
  - Fixed the MIPS scanner to use unsigned 64-bits integers for addresses.
  - Added unknown opcode management (basic, it just print the unhandled
    opcode value and continues).
  - Added cache instruction.
  - Added bltzal, bltzall, bgezal, bgezall instructions.

  - Added System coprocessor (CP0) definitions.
  - Added tlbr instruction.
  - Added basic tlbwi instruction (doesn't change the MTS mappings now).
  - Added dmfc0, dmtc0, mfc0, mtc0 instructions.
  - Added TLB dump functions.
  - Added dummy pref/prefi instructions.	
  - Added basic exception trigger.
  - Added syscall, break instructions.
  - Fixed exception trigger.
  - Added dmfc1, dmtc1, mfc1, mtc1, sdc1 instructions.
  - Fixed the break instruction.
  - Modified the memory handling to be more friendly with instructions
    like sdc1 and for more safety in case of badly written device drivers.
  - Added ldc1 instruction.

  - Fixed sltiu/sltu instructions that were doing signed comparisons
    instead of unsigned comparisons (mis-use of jit).
  - Added lwr/lwl, swr/swl, ldl/ldr, sdr/sdl, ll/sc instructions 
    (not tested).	
  - Added PCI bus management.
  - Added GT64010 (PCI controller) device.
  - Added DEC 21050 (PCI bridge) device.
  - Added NVRAM.

  - Beginning of work on IRQs.

  - Timer IRQ should be OK.
  - Added C7200 bay management and Midplane FPGA.
  - Fixed the JR instruction which was broken in a case like that:
	lwu k1,0(k1)
	jr k1
	move k1,zero

  - Fixed jalr (as jr) instruction.
  - Added RAM "aliasing".
  - Added SRAM management.
  - Fixed NVRAM size.
  - Fixed ldr, swl/swr instructions.
  - Added c7200 IOcard.
  - Count register is now properly handled.
  - Added basic functions to set/clear interrupts.
  - Modified the console driver to trigger DUART interrupt.
  - IOS now starts!
  - Added "move" virtual instruction. It correspond to "addu" with rt=0.
    Here it avoids an useless add.
  - Added b/bal virtual instructions.
  - Packed NVRAM.

  - Added Dallas DS1620 temperature sensors.
  - Added voltage sensors.
  - Power supplies are now faked.
  - IOS Environmental Monitor doesn't try to shutdown the router anymore!
  - Device list is now displayed at startup.
  - Added Address Error Load/Save, TLB Load/Save exceptions.
    TODO: Branch Delay Slot management.
  - Modified the default value in config register in CP0 to set appropriate
    cache sizes. Now it is possible to boot compressed images directly!
  - Added the teq/teqi instructions.
  - Hmm, seen some IOS images (k9?) that seem to use the FPU (CP1). This
    does not prevent the image to boot, but some features will probably
    be not functional.
  - Tweaked the console driver to generate a dummy interrupt. It avoids
    the console problems.
  - Fixed the serial driver mueslix PCI vendor/device code.
  - The midplane FPGA now returns voltages based on virtual PA EEPROM
    presence. Up to 6 PA-8T were successfully emulated!

  - Included amd64-codegen.h with a (near empty) translator.
  - Some code factorization.
  - Added CPU state save/restore on disk.
  - Sending SIGQUIT to the process dumps the MIPS64 VM state on disk.
    (only CPU state is saved for now).
    Device state is not saved, so this does not work with booted IOS images
    for now (it works for an IOS image being self-decompressing, though).
  - Some code cleanups.

  - Fixed "Dirty" bit in TLB entries.
  - Extended the number of TLB entries from 48 to 64.
  - Added tlbp instruction.
  - Modified the nmc93c46 eeprom driver to allow more than 32 bytes reading.

  - Added a symbol table loader.

  - Added support for writing in PCI registers
  - Added a RAW file loader.
  - Added "add" instruction (without exception support).

  - Continued work on SMP support.
  - Replaced memory operations with fastcalls instead of asmlinkage functions.
  - Continued work on SMP support. Now it should be complete, except for
    LL/SC instructions.

  - A lot of work on amd64 jit compiler.
  - The memory management should be 64-bit compliant now.
  - Fixed a bug in SRA instruction in amd64 jit code. Dynamips is now working
    on amd64!

  - Created a virtual device giving the VM parameters.
  - Added command line parsing (patch from Nicolas Szalay).
  - Fixed ERET instruction (LLbit clearing was lacking).
  - Fixed BREAK instruction (x86/amd64).
  - Fixed 2 GB limit for log file.
  - Fixed clobbered registers in x86 translation.
  - Added a non-JIT mode (not completely working now)
  - Added "-j" flag on the command line to disable JIT.
  - Fixed some stupid bugs in shift operations.

  - Thanks to the great help of mtve, we have a working DEC21140 Ethernet
    driver and now the virtual C7200 can see the real world!!!

  - Beginning of a NETIO module to handle network I/O with external world.
  - Studied (a bit) the PA-8T controller on a real router.
  - It is now possible to set the base MAC address of the router
    using the "-m" flag.
  - Improved logging
  - The dec21140 code is generalized and it is now possible to have a 
    PA-FE-TX in any slot.
  - Fixed some problems with the NVRAM when it is empty ;
  - Added a "net_io.c" module that is an abstraction layer
    for network communications (TAP, Unix sockets...)
  - Added the "virtual" MIPS "li" instruction which
    is in fact "addiu reg,zero,value". This permits to have
    a more optimized JIT code.
  - Code factorization in the DEC21140 module.
  - mtve (aka "Mtv Europe") sent a patch for much better console handling,
    merge is planned on 03-Nov.
  - Added a "PA driver" framework.

  - The console is better handled: special keys are working, and there
    is a FIFO buffer to avoid character loss (added a "dev_vtty.c" module).
  - Merging with Mtve patch, that cleans NETIO module and adds features
    to the console.
  - Added a clock divisor hack, but it is not completely working.
    todo: implement a command line option for this.	

  - Mtve added tcp client/server NETIO.
  - The clock divisor is now working! It is set by the "-k" command line
  - Fixed the csr5 register handling in DEC21140 driver code.

  - A lot of cosmetic changes from Mtve.
  - Modified the infrastructure to allow the use of CPU groups
    that share a certain number of devices (per-CPU device array).
    All device drivers have been modified to handle this.
  - Took a look at LSI ATMizer II+, which is the circuit used on
    PA-A3-OC3 boards. The ATMizer is based on a MIPS CPU, so it should
    be possible to emulate it.
  - Added a per-CPU dedicated thread.
  - The PA-A1 ATM stuff is working!!!

  - Fixed a bug in the PA-A1 driver in TX buffer chaining.

  - Address bus masking, which clears bits 32 and 33 of physical addresses.
    It avoids the use of device aliasing.
  - Fixed the DEC21140 TX part which was incomplete.

  - There are still bugs in big packet forwarding. This is probably the ATM
    driver (added more debugging info).
  - Fabien Devaux wrote a README explaining the command line options.
  - Code cleanup in the net_io module.
  - Added the "ptask" (periodic tasks) module, this is mainly for TX ring
    scanning of network devices.

  - Added a memory logger (FIFO of 10 accesses), this was useful to debug the
    PA-A1 RX problem.
  - Fixed a RX buffer chaining problem in PA-A1.

  - Added support for PA-A1 reset ("clear int", "shut/no shut").
  - Optimized the IRQ handling (irq_pending flag in CPU structure
    is used as a "cache").

  - Optimized the cp0 count/compare process for the x86_64 platform
    (unfortunately, this doesn't work for the x86 platform).

  - Modified the NVRAM handling to allow calendar emulation ("sh calendar" is
    now working).

  - Added support for the NPE-400.
  - Playing with the PA-POS-2OC3 (called "Charlotte" by Cisco).

  - Added teq/teqi instructions to the x86_64 jit.

  - Added a Virtual ATM switch fabric to emulate an ATM backbone.

  - Final release for 0.2.2 train (0.2.2i).
  - Starting 0.2.3 train (0.2.3a)
  - Added proper NPE-150 support.
  - Added bit-bucket support (zeroed memory zone).
  - Added NPE type selection.

  - Added beginning of support for NPE-300 (endianness problems with PCI
    controllers ?)

  - Fixed the endianness problem with the NPE-300.
  - Added NPE300-IO-FE.

  - Added CLI option to load a symbol file.
  - Moved JIT code from dynamips.c to mips64_jit.c
  - Added support for NPE-100.
  - Updated the README file for NPE type selection.
  - Suppressed the annoying message "%%Error: Unrecognized I/O card in bay 0"

  - The bit clearing in physical addresses was done stupidly.
    Only the bit 33 is used to bypass L2 caching. 
    Re-introduced SRAM aliasing.
    PHY address 0x100000000 is in fact for PCI I/O space.
  - Began to play with the Cirrus Logic PD6729.
  - Added Bootflash based on Intel 28F008SA chips (1 Mb)
  - Fixed the alignment error occuring with "show version".

  - Better understanding of Flash SIMM register with bank number and bank
    size: modified the Flash SIMM code to handle a 8 Mb flash in 1 bank
    (emulation of Intel 28F016SA chip) which should be sufficient to store 
    crashinfo files or misc files like configs,...
  - Added ROM remote logging capabilities (with remote emulator control).

  - Integrated HEC and AAL5 field computation functions found at:
    (Author is Charles Michael Heard).
  - Added HEC field management to the virtual ATM switch fabric.
  - Added HEC and AAL5 CRC fields to the TX part of the TNETA1570 driver.

  - Added block timestamping, to evaluate use of JIT blocks and eventually
    enhance algorithm of block classifying.
  - Added a flag to the virtual devices to prevent use of MMAPed zones
    by MTS (used by NVRAM driver).
  - Added functions to extract IOS configuration from NVRAM.
    Pressing "Ctrl-] + c" nows write configuration to disk at any time.
  - Added support for PEM (NPE-B) EEPROM. It will probably allow support
    of NPE-175/NPE-225.

  - Added support for NPE-175/NPE-225 and added NPEB-IO-FE.

  - Enhancements to the remote console over TCP port.
  - Port to the Cygwin environment, allowing the emulator to run on Windows

  - Added a feature to push an IOS configuration into NVRAM ("-C" command line
  - Added enhanced checks to the NVRAM config export.
  - Added a variant of udp_connect() function for systems that do not support
    RFC 2553.
  - Added support for AUX port (TCP port).

  - Better memory logger.
  - Added breakpoint capabilities.
  - Fixed a segfault occuring on some IOS images with x86_64 JIT.
    (modified the minimum remaining size in JIT buffer adjustment).

  - The ROM is now embedded in the source code (added an utility to convert
    ELF file to C code). It is possible to use an alternate ROM using the
    "-R" option.
  - Enhanced the MTS lookups to allow use of embedded ROM for code execution.

  - Added PCI I/O space management.
  - Added a fake Cirrus Logic PD6729 PCI-to-PCMCIA host adapter.
  - Cleanups in NPE initialization code.
  - Fixed some bridge problems with the NPE-300.
  - Code factorization in the C7200 initialization module.
  - Generalization of C7200-IO-FE driver for all NPE types.
  - Added Fault History support.
  - Added chassis selection (standard or VXR)
  - Finally found the bug in the non-jit emulation code! It was a cast problem
    in mult/multu instructions.

  - Added generic hash tables.
  - Added "instruction lookup tables" (ILT), which greatly improve performance
    of non-JIT mode.
  - Added instruction statistics for the non-JIT mode ("Ctrl-] + j")

  - Added a port for non-x86 hosts. The emulator ran successfully on a
    Tru64 Unix box (Alpha CPU)! It should also be able to compile and run
    on MacOS X (PowerPC).

  - Added support for DMA channels on Galileo GT64k controllers since it seems
    that they may be used by IOS (NPE-400 for sure, other NPE?).
  - Added Linux Raw Ethernet driver to the NetIO infrastructure.
  - Hmm, I'm probably missing something in the DMA/SRAM interaction and

  - The DMA problem is finally fixed, in fact the SRAM can be accessed with
  - Added an unicast limiter to the DEC21140, to receive only trafic directed
    to the virtual machine (+ multicast/broadcast). This is done by analyzing
    the setup frames (MAC address filter).

  - The Linux Raw Ethernet driver needs promiscuous mode to be enabled to 
    receive appropriate packets, added the required code.
  - Added endianness definitions, and replaced hton[sl]/ntoh[sl] by the new
    definitions (for exchanges between VM and host).

  - Added parser infrastructure.

  - Added a virtual bridge system.
  - Release 0.2.3b

  - Fixed a stupid bug in DMA handling, which in certain conditions can
    cause an infinite loop.

  - Added an "instruction block hash" which avoids lookups in the instruction
    red-black tree. The IBH table takes only 16 Kb of memory.
  - Added CRC-12 and CRC-16 functions for future use.
  - Added a "gen_eth" NetIO driver, which allow to access ethernet interfaces
    in a portable way (tested on Linux and Cygwin).
  - Fixes to the PowerPC build on Darwin thanks to Olivier Cahagne.
  - Minor cosmetic changes to display supported/unsupported PA and NPE.
  - Release 0.2.3c

  - Added working Serial interfaces (PA-4T+) !
  - Bug: CDP not working with serial interfaces ("debug cdp events" reports
    a checksum problem).

  - Started the 0.2.4 release.
  - Modified the command line parser to allow many NIO per PA (for example
    for serials).
  - A lot of code cleanups in the C7200 initialization.
  - Added PA-8T support.
  - To fix: CDP with Serial interfaces: using cp_len (instead of cp_len+4)
    in packet rx fixes the problem but breaks IP. Probably something related
    to padding, see how a CDP packet is sent (special flag in tx ring ?)
  - Added virtual "beqz" instruction.
  - Added the "-X" option, allowing to use host memory directly instead of
    mapping a file to simulate RAM (faster).
  - Beginning of code reorganization to allow multiple instance contexts.

  - Added a basic virtual Frame-Relay switch. Unfortunately, LMI must be
    implemented to maintain links up.
  - Finally found the problem related to CDP! It was simply a padding problem.

  - Add support of promiscuous mode for the DEC21140 "unicast limiter":
    promiscuous mode is used in bridging configurations.
  - Fixed another bug with the serial interfaces: it seems that there is
    a "length substractor" for the txring.

  - Played a little with the PA-POS-OC3, without success.
  - Finally implemented the basic LMI stuff (only ANSI Annex D). Fortunately,
    IOS rocks and uses auto-detection, so no extra configuration is needed.
  - Integrated a Makefile patch from Max Khon for FreeBSD.
  - Updated documentation.
  - Release 0.2.4.

  - Fixed a cosmetic bug when displaying MAC address at startup.
  - Fixed a stupid bug in "srav" instruction in x86_64 JIT code. The
    arithmetic shift operation was done on a 64-bit basic instead of 32-bit,
    causing bad propagation of the sign-bit.
  - Added support for multiple instances (no CLI present yet).

  - Fixed 2 bugs in Frame-Relay switch: a crash occured when receiving
    a packet gave an error, and if many DLCI with the same ID on different
    interfaces were used, only one was announced on one interface.

  - Began work on advanced configuration parsing (instances).

  - Is the count/compare mechanism pertinent ?

  - Continued work on advanced config parsing (instances,NIO).
  - Added registry infrastructure.
  - Fixed some mistakes in documentation.

  - Continued work on advanced config parsing (NIO).
  - Added an IRQ counter.
  - Continued debugging on recurrent crashes problem.
  - Added proper checks to mts32_raw_lookup (at least it avoids the
  - Added display of all CP0 registers (except TLB).

  - Hardened a little the IRQ subsystem, but this doesn't fix the problem.
  - Added a debugging mode to track jumps to address 0 (x86_64 only!).
  - Fixed the teq/teqi instructions in amd64/x86 modes that were buggy.

  - Added some assembly optimized routines for x86 hosts.
  - Fixed a stupid bug in mts32_raw_lookup (op_size and op_type were
  - Added Unix and Null NETIO types for config files.
  - Fixes for incorrect behavior in virtual memory access routines, in
    case of exception.

  - Removed the configuration file parsing, in favor of a remote control
    system for use with the dynagen project.
  - Added basic hypervisor infrastructure.
  - Added basic NIO code to the hypervisor commands.
  - Added the hypervisor NIO code.
  - Added Frame-Relay and ATM switches to the hypervisor commands.
  - Played (successfully) with OIR (Online Insertion and Removal). OIR
    will require device deletion...

  - Fixed EEPROM code which used global variables.
  - Added the necessary code for basic OIR.
  - Added PCI device removal.

  - A lot of work on C3600 integration (although it is not functional).
  - Added a basic ns16552 driver.

  - Added some hypervisor commands for PA setup and OIR.
  - Hardened the Mueslix driver: after OIR, a "no shut" on a new interface
    crashed the virtual router. Now, IRQ status is managed appropriately.

  - Added ptask (periodic task) removal.
  - Added a basic (nearly empty) C3600 IO FPGA chip.

  - Added a NIO RX multiplexer.
  - Added NIO unset operation for PA.

  - Modified the virtual ATM/Frame-Relay switches and NIO bridge to use
    the new NIO RX multiplexer.
  - Added the NIO bridges to the hypervisor commands.
  - Fixed a stupid bug in hypervisor ATM/FR switch command, the VC were
    badly parsed.
  - Fixed a memory leak in the hypervisor module (tokens not freed).

  - Added appropriate locks to the ATM and Frame-Relay switches.
  - Added VC removal for ATM and Frame-Relay switches.

  - Added registry management to the ATM/FR switches and NIO bridge.

  - Added a refcount system to the NIO RX multiplexer.

  - Added NIO removal for NIO bridges.
  - Added NIO bridge removal.
  - Modified the NIO bridge code to use the registry infrastructure.
  - Same as above, for ATM and Frame-Relay switches.

  - Added the required infrastructure for online removal.
  - Added hypervisor commands for PA removal and to display C7200 hardware.
  - Fixed a bug in PCI device removal.
  - It's now possible to change cards on the fly!
  - The Mueslix driver was incorrectly modified: the TX ring scanner must
    run even if the NIO is not defined.
  - Modified the DEC21140 driver to report a Link Down when the NIO is not

  - Added packet dump (for debugging) to NetIO receive/send operations.

  - The SMP bug seems to be fixed! The irq_cause field is now manipulated
    atomically (inline asm for x86 and x86_64, pthread mutex on other 

  - Added a VM abstraction layer (for different platforms).
  - Fix of X86 assembly file for Cygwin.
  - The IOS config file is now saved with a specific filename from the
    VM instance.

  - Added per-instance logfile.

  - Fixed a stupid bug in non-JIT mode with IRQs.

  - bugfix: "null" NIO creation didn't record the NIO in registry.	
  - bugfix: mueslix logging.
  - bugfix: adding an NIO to the RX listener list (bad double linked-list)
  - bugfix: bad fgets() use in NIO bridge and ATM/FR switches.

  - bugfix: the same NIO could be recorded many times in the NIO RX
    multiplexer due to bad design in NIO adding.

  - Beginning of work on AMD Am79c971 ethernet controller (used by PA-4E
    and PA-8E).

  - The emulation of AMD Am79c971 seems to be working very well.
  - Modified the physical memory dump function to use the VM log file.

  - Modified the PA-4E/PA-8E EEPROM definitions to work with VXR midplanes.
  - PA-4E is now usable.

  - Added "shutdown" operation for PA-4E/PA-8E drivers.

  - Enhanced lock file management (with POSIX locks).
  - The devices are now dependent from VMs instead of being dependent
    of CPU groups. This makes a lot of things cleaner.

  - Added IRQ clearing with GT64K (DMA transfers).
  - Study of GT64120 controller to understand address decoding process.
  - Fixed a bug with NPE-175/NPE-225 PEM EEPROM selection.
  - The NPE-400 is now able to support 512 Mb of DRAM! (the supplemental
    memory is in fact considered as IO memory)
  - Added a safety check with RAM size.
  - The CPU identifier (PRID register) is now fixed depending on the NPE

  - Modified device subsystem to order devices by physical addresses,
    optimized dev_lookup/dev_lookup_next.
  - Added infrastructure for various object cleanup.
  - Added "shutdown" code for SRAM, NVRAM, Bootflash, Zero, remote control
  - Added CPU deletion support (incomplete).

  - Added PCI bus removal.
  - Added "shutdown" code for GT64010 and GT64120.
  - Added CFC0/CTC0 instructions (R7000) and handling for associated 
    registers. TODO: customized vector spacing.

  - Introduction of the new MTS64 subsystem!
  - Note: incorrect uses of assert(), especially in insn_lookup.c module.

  - Added a free list of chunks for MTS64 + some basic optimizations.
  - Added basic PCI/HT stuff for SB-1 processor (dev_sb1_pci.c module).
  - Added AP1011 (Sturgeon HyperTransport-PCI Bridge) device.
  - Fixed masks for MFC0/MTC0 instructions, and added new definition for MFC0
    to access set 1.
  - Fixed incorrect uses of assert().

  - Modified the console handling to be more efficient. 
  - Added global invalidation of the MTS64 cache.
  - Added selective invalidation of the MTS64 cache (for TLB management).
  - Added MTS64 statistics.
  - Modified the MTS64 hash settings. Origin: shift: 12, hash_bits: 16.
    Replaced by shift: 16, hash_bits: 12 -> more efficient and consumes
    less memory! (logical since IOS uses large TLB entries).
  - Modified cp0 module to use an abstraction layer for MTS access, allowing
    32 or 64 bit modes.

  - Fixed MTS64 on x86_64 machines.
  - The clock divisor can now be set per VM and with an hypervisor command.

  - Added "shutdown" code for RAM and ROM devices.
  - Added VM object dump ("Ctrl-] + o")

  - Bugfix: missing initialization of the address length parameter of accept()
    in the main hypervisor module.
  - Bugfix: missing initialization of registry memory pool (noticed with
  - Added NPE and midplane selections to the hypervisor.

  - Added NIO deletion to the hypervisor.
  - Fixed status message in hypervisor for object deletion.
  - Added "sub" instruction (without exception support).

  - Fixed CPU state change. It is now possible to reboot at any time using
    "Ctrl-] + k".
  - Added VTTY deletion.
  - Added "c7200 stop" command to the hypervisor (not finished).
  - The memory-mapped devices of port adapters are now enabled dynamically,
    depending on the PCI BAR (Base Address Registers) settings. This avoids
    use of hardcoded values.
  - Integrated a patch from Philipp Brenner, which fixes ELF loading problem
    on Cygwin when default text file type is set to DOS. Many thanks to him.
    (symptom was: "load_elf_image: elf_begin: I/O error: raw read")

  - Added "c7200 set_config" and "c7200 set_mac_addr" hypervisor commands.
  - Fixed a stupid bug in PCI bus removal.
  - Added more complete shutdown code.

  - Fixed uninitialized MTS64 allocated entries (seen with Valgrind).
  - Added missing unmapping of memory-mapped files (reported by Greg).
  - The VTTY shutdown doesn't close stdin anymore (causing terminal
    problems at exit).  
  - Fixed the shutdown procedure, added VM_STATUS_SHUTDOWN as status
    for a VM. Adapted the virtual CPU synchronization.

  - Some basic work on the hypervisor main modules (cleanup).
  - bugfix: base MAC address setup broken (reported by Greg).
  - Added global deletion of: ATM/FR switches, NetIO bridges, NetIO
    descriptors, C7200 instances ...
  - Added "hypervisor reset" command to go back to a clean state.

  - Modified the CPU synchronization system which was not working correctly.

  - bugfix: NIO unset in PA-4T+/PA-8T driver.
  - Added C7200 PA cleanup code.

  - Better handling of PA/NIO removal.
  - Base MAC addresses are now generated automatically if not specified.

  - Added "VDE" NetIO type to connect to UML switches / Virtual Distributed
    Ethernet switches.
  - Some cleanups in NetIO code.
  - Added shutdown code for MTS32/MTS64 (not used yet).

  - Minor optimizations for non-JIT mode.
  - bugfix: crash when dumping instruction block tree (JIT).
  - Some memory leak fixes (again with Valgrind, definitely this tool rocks).
    TOFIX: * clpd6729 + PCI I/O space (to check carefully).
           * IO/supplemental memory created with dev_create_ram().
  - Use of MTS shutdown code.

  - The compressed IOS images were not booting anymore: fixed the MIPS config
    register at startup (reported by Davide Brini).
  - Minor code cleanup for MIPS CPU reset.
  - I/O and supplemental memory are now created with dev_ram_init().
  - bugfix: in PA shutdown code, the driver shutdown operation was called
    even if the driver was not initialized.
  - bugfix: order of memory freeing in c7200_free_instance() wasn't good,
    producing a segfault (seen on windows machines).

  - Played with the PA-POS-OC3 driver, it seems that it is working. Need
    to check if the TX ring guess is correct (ie, with "routing" conditions).

  - PA-POS-OC3: Fixed the TX ring part to work with multiple buffers. There 
    is still a problem with buffer addresses (doesn't work with platforms 
    using SRAM).

  - Playing with ISDN emulation (PA-4B), and Munich32 chip. Interfaces
    are only visible for now.

  - Moved VM lockfile deletion to VM instance freeing function.
  - Ugly hack to allow the POS driver to work with SRAM-based platforms.
  - Added support for "VDE" NIO in hypervisor.
  - Beginning of hypervisor documentation (README.hypervisor).

  - Removed "c7200 trigger_oir" hypervisor command which was redundant.

  - bugfix: fixed some reference counting leaks with default ATM and 
    Frame-Relay switches and NIO bridge.
  - bugfix: DLCI were not announced in ascending order in LMI packets.
  - studied a bit how to use larger bootflash sizes.

  - DEC21140: Added multicast flag management for received frames.
  - Debugging of ISL problem reported by Valentin.
  - Added CRC-32 functions to the appropriate module.
  - ISL is now working with DEC21140. It seems that to handle ISL, another
    chip (FPGA ?) is present on PA-FE-TX and C7200-IO-FE to add the second
    FCS field. 
  - Added basic disassembly code (need to do something more generic).

  - Added virtual instruction "bnez" (basic optimization).
  - Added RM7000 "mul" instruction (not tested).
  - Added teq/teqi instructions to non-JIT mode.

  - Added output packet exclusion to PCAP module (not possible with WinPCAP
  - Enhanced packet filtering in dec21140 emulation (for Windows users).
  - bugfix: stupid cast problem in bootflash code preventing proper unmapping.
    (seen with /proc/<pid>/maps on Linux).
  - Added debugging message for device removal.
  - bugfix: memory not freed / file not closed with ELF loader.
  - bugfix: config register keeping the "ignore config" flag between instance
  - Added "c7200 set_conf_reg" hypervisor command.
  - ==> pre19
  - Experiment: Pending IRQ are now checked only at jump instructions.

  - bugfix: bootflash not working anymore with previous bugfix. 
  - Some optimizations for Program Counter (PC) handling in JIT mode.
  - Some optimizations for non-JIT mode (use of fastcalls).
  - Added a performance counter.

  - Added configuration saving command for hypervisor
    ("hypervisor save_config <file>")
  - The SB-1 DUART is working, allowing NPE-G1 console to work :)
  - Environmental monitor working with NPE-G1.
  - NPE-G1 next priorities: Ethernet (because it delays boot) and NVRAM
    (seems to be at a different address?)

  - NVRAM is now ok on NPE-G1 (it is at a different physical address).

  - Optimizations on fast lw/sw operations (x86 only for now).
  - Changed offset size for branches (x86_jump32 instead of x86_jump8).

  - Base MAC address now generated from PID and instance ID.

  - Optimizations on fast lw/sw operations (x86_64).
  - bugfix: fixed console problems when using TCP mode on Windows platforms 
    (Telnet, Putty). It just requires to ignore LF (Line Feed) character 
    (BTS entry #4)

  - bugfix: importing config to NVRAM was broken (device lookup was done on
    "cacheable" devices only in physmem* functions) (BTS entry #5)

  - bugfix: memory not freed when using host memory to emulate virtual RAM.
    (BTS entry #8).
  - Minor enhancements to clpd6729 driver.

  - Included a patch from Peter Ross ( which allows
    to bind console and AUX ports to real serial ports. Many thanks to him.

  - Playing with the PCMCIA stuff (especially CIS)

  - Continuing on PCMCIA.

  - The PCMCIA ATA disk is working, although the ATA command set is not
    completely implemented. 

  - Added virtual ethernet switch module.
  - bugfix: linux_eth file descriptor was not used correctly with NIO RXL.
  - Modified the ELF loader to use all sections.

  - Modified the NIO RX handling (packet receiving is done in NIO module).

  - bugfix: PA-4E/PA-8E not working with IOS 12.0T (incorrect device length).
    (BTS entry #17).
  - Some cleanups (untested though) in ATM and Frame-Relay switch modules

  - Added support for 2nd ATA disk.
  - Added command line options for disk0: and disk1: ATA devices.
    By default, disk0: has a capacity of 64 Mb, disk1: is not defined.
  - Added hypervisor commands "c7200 set_disk0" and "c7200 set_disk1".
  - Fixed some mistakes and typos in documentation. 

  - Factorized code of fast memory operations to have something cleaner.

  - Modified the JIT compiler to translate pages instead of "blocks"
    (improves performance).

  - Some code cleanup for the new JIT compiler.
  - bugfix: PA-4T+/PA-8T not working with IOS 12.0T (incorrect device length).
    (BTS entry #23).
  - Added JIT flush to limit the memory used for translation. At this time,
    this is basic, we count the number of translated pages and we flush when
    this number reaches a threshold (512 pages seems to be a good value).
  - Integrated a patch from Philipp Brenner (BTS entry #21)
    Description: "In standard mode it intercepts SIGINT and sends a CTRL+C 
    (0x03) to the target's vtty_con buffer, while in hypervisor mode it 
    gracefully shuts down the hypervisor which causes the application to 

  - Fixed a stupid bug in mts_cache (phys_page boundary not checked).
  - Optimized JIT flushing and insn block allocation.
  - Changed the maximum number of translated pages to 2048, which seems to 
    be a more adequate value.

  - Added an "exec zone" which is a pool of host executable pages. This
    zone is limited by default to 64 Mb for Linux/Unix and 16 Mb for Cygwin. 
    When the zone is fully used, the JIT structures are flushed (removed the 
    maximum number of translated pages).
    Now, there is no need to disable ExecShield or similar systems.
  - Added explicit error message when failing to open an ELF file.
  - Fixed getopt_long() usage.
  - Added CLI option "--exec-area <size>" to define exec zone size for the 
    default VM.

  - Added "tlbwr" (TLB Write Random) instruction and coprocessor 0 random 
    register management.
  - Added "c7200 set_exec_area" hypervisor command.
  - Allowed the hypervisor to run on Windows 2000 machines (ip_listen()
    version is now ok for non-rfc2553 systems).

  - Added command line help for "--exec-area" option.
  - Updated documentation.

  - bugfix: missing pointer cleanup in c7200_pa_shutdown() (BTS entry #30)
  - bugfix: incomplete shutdown code for NIO (little memory leak + no
    freeing code for NIO with null type).
  - bugfix: memory leak in udp_connect() + incorrect error checking.
  - Added cleanup code for general log file.
  - bugfix: memory leak in hypervisor command execution.
  - Added logging for hypervisor commands.
  - Invalid instructions in delay slots are now properly handled by the JIT
    compiler (error message + CPU stop).

  - Added an idle loop detector (--idle-pc CLI option + "Ctrl-] + i" key)
  - Added "c7200 set_idle_pc" hypervisor command.

  - Updated documentation.
  - Checked the idle loop system on Windows and Linux x86_64, seems to be
    working correctly.
  - Added idle loop system to non-JIT mode.
  - Fixed a bug in "cache" instruction when used in non-JIT mode.

  - Integrated a patch from Peter Ross ( for the 

  - bugfix: no empty mips64_emit_invalid_delay_slot() function for non-JIT
  - Added definition for mmap() MAP_ANONYMOUS flag for systems where only
    MAP_ANON is defined.
  - Accurate Timer IRQ (added --timer-itv parameter for tuning).

  - Fixed inter-pages jumps in delay slots (reported by nula)
  - Added a check preventing to run the idle-pc feature when an idle-pc value
    is already defined (since it would give biased results).
  - bugfix: VTTY list not locked in vtty_create()
  - bugfix: ensure the CPU is running before incrementing pending timer IRQs.
  - Added a checklist for minimal C7200 hardware components. It checks good
    init of ram, rom, nvram and zero devices.

  - Some work on JIT tuning (flush).

  - Better info logging for VTTY and C7200 modules.
  - Added a debug level for VMs.
  - Various code cleanups.
  - Added "c7200 set_debug_level" hypervisor command and "--vm-debug" command
    line option. Now, by default, less details are printed.
  - Fixed a bug with select() on Cygwin platform: before, only 64 FDs 
    could be used.

  - bugfix: accept_fd was not closed in VTTY module (BTS entry #42)
  - bugfix: properly handle CR/LF in configuration files (FR, ATM, ...)
    (BTS entry #36)
  - bugfix: accept fd not correctly printed in log file.
  - Added a mini-parser for hypervisor: allows directory with blanks, ...
  - bugfix: bad use of setsockopt() in the hypervisor.

  - Added the capability to use Null NetIO with the hypervisor 
    ("nio create_null" command).
  - Added a FIFO NetIO for intra-hypervisor communications.
  - Merged a patch from Peter Ross for incorrect idle-pc parsing with 64-bit
  - Non-JIT mode optimization for instruction fetch (although it could be
    enhanced again).
  - Various code cleanups.

  - Added "ethsw clear_mac_addr_table" to clear MAC address table of a
    virtual ethernet switch.
  - Added "ethsw show_mac_addr_table" to show all MAC addresses learnt by
    a virtual ethernet switch.
  - Fixed a potential bug with jalr/jr instructions, where the stack is used
    to save the return PC. If the instruction in the delay slot returned
    directly to the jit main loop (exception,...), the stack would be in
    an inconsistent state. This fix is also required for Darwin/x86.
  - Stack alignment for Darwin/x86 in memop functions and unknown opcode
  - The Darwin/x86 build requires -mdynamic-no-pic as compilation option.
  - Fixed some inline assembly mistakes with "lock" prefix.
  - The Darwin/x86 port seems to be working correctly.
  - Fixed the amd64 version of "jr" instruction similarly to the x86 version
    (no problem with "jalr" in this case).

  - Merged a patch from Peter Ross (
	* disable dynamips escape commands for serial
        * support receipt of char 0x00
        * force the device to into raw mode (cfmakeraw)
        * include additional uart register addresses in c7200 iofpga switch.
    The README is also updated.
  - Fixed some sign problems in VTTY module.

  - Merged a parch from Peter Ross for correct handling of Ctrl-C when
    a TCP console is used.
  - Code cleanup (JIT usage flag per VM, ...)
  - C3600: implemented a working ns16552 console driver.
  - C3600: fixed clpd6719 driver.
  - C3600: working environmental monitor.
  - C3600: changed default RAM to 128 Mb.
  - Fixed clobbered registers on AMD64 platform ("r14" was missing).

  - Added command line support for C3600 instances.
  - C3600: added appropriate deletion code.
  - C3600: added mainboard EEPROM support.
  - C3600: added bootflash of 8 Mb.
  - C3600: analyzed triggering of various IRQs.

  - C3600: added NM EEPROM support, slot activation now depends on the NM
  - Fixed nmc93c46 EEPROM code to set the data out bit to a high value when
    not reading data (was required for C3600 NM EEPROM) + various bug-fixes
    and cleanups.

  - C7200: some cleanups in PA function naming.
  - C7200: code refactoring for PA drivers.
  - C7200: ethernet stuff is now independent of dec21140 and am79c971 code.
  - C3600: added NM management stuff.
  - Mueslix serial stuff is now independent for C3600 and C7200.
  - C3600: added NM-1E, NM-1FE and NM-4T network modules.
    => problems: * no keepalive required for NM-1E/NM-1FE (media status ?)
	         * NM-4T packet delivery failure when end of RX ring is hit.

  - Modified Am79c971 MII registers to keep the link up in FastEthernet mode.
  - Merged a patch from Peter Ross for Console and AUX ports optimizations
    (especially with TCP mode)
	* console and aux FILE streams
        * reimplement vtty_read_and_store() as state machine:
          - parse telnet escape codes, instead of forwarding them to router.
          - display instance and router name in xterm/vt title bar.
  - Modified the Mueslix driver to have something working for both C3600 and
    C7200 models. Added some debugging info.
  - C3600: better ethernet NM code.
  - C3600: Added NM-4E (4 ethernet ports) network module.

  - Fixed the remote control driver which incorrectly used static variables.
  - NVRAM address can now be known with the remote control driver.
  - Command line usage is now correctly displayed depending on the selected

  - Some work on PA-4B (Munich32 chip).

  - Continuing on PA-4B (trying to understand TP3420).

  - C7200: Added PA Mgmt IRQ support (required for PA-4B, seen on a real
    c7200 with PA-4B offered by Vernon Missouri).
  - Added TP3420 definitions.

  - Continuing on PA-4B. Better understanding of the TX ring. 
    Fixed interrupt queue management.
  - Added hv_vm.c module to handle generic VM operations.
  - Added hv_c3600.c module for the Cisco 3600 platform.
  - Fixed a bug in VTTY flushing.

  - Added code to gen_eth module for Cygwin to prevent WinPCAP from giving
    back transmitted packets. It requires WinPCAP 0.4-alpha1 or better.
    TODO: need to be tested!
  - Fixed C3660 boot. Trying to understand/discover the hardware.
    Environmental monitor should be ok.

  - Added NS16552 flush optimization (Peter Ross).
  - Fixed missing periodic task removal in NS16552.

  - C3660: * Better understanding of NM presence / EEPROM registers.
           * Analyzed registers used when a Net IRQ is triggered.

  - C3660: Network Modules are now working! Remaining stuff: OIR.

  - Added more generic code to handle Cisco EEPROM to change easily
    chassis MAC addresses.
  - Updated README with C3600 information.
  - Updated hypervisor documentation (README.hypervisor).
  - Added dated package build to the Makefile (make packdev)
  - Checked WinPCAP fix of 20-Aug-2006: working.
  - Added the capability for high priority IRQ (like NetIO IRQ) to break
    the idle loop. Great latency improvement with NetIO IRQ.
  - C3600: the DUART irq is now higly prioritized. It gives better console

  - Huge performance improvement on dec21140 and am79c971 drivers, by
    transmitting up to 16 packets in one TX ring scan pass.
  - Added the same to Serial driver (untested).
  - Added "unicast limiter" feature to the am79c971 driver, similarly to the
    dec21140 driver. Not having this caused the virtual instances to see
    unrelated host traffic when using linux_eth/gen_eth NIO and consequently
    a bad performance was obtained. Thanks to Greg for noticing that.
  - Beginning of rework of PCI subsystem for PCI bridge support.
    (Greg noticed that with 12.2T releases, the PCI bus numbering is
    different for the C3660).
  - Finished the PCI subsystem rework.
  - C7200: Fixed PCI bridge use for midplanes (std: dec21050, vxr: dec21150).

  - Finally fixed the Serial problem on C3620 platform (hack in the driver
    to trigger interrupts differently).
  - Cleanup for VM PCI bus pool and C7200 "hidden" I/O bridge was missing.

  - Added safety checks to the PCI bus management.
  - Added a PLX9060 device (very basic for now).
  - Rewritten the PA-POS-OC3 driver to use the new PLX9060 driver.
  - Cleanup: removed use of c7200 bay info in drivers (everything uses
    PCI for configuration).
  - C7200: removed the bay module which contained static definitions of
    PCI bus, physical addresses for PA, ... Now everything is handled
    dynamically by the PCI subsystem and the remaining drivers (PA-4B,
    PA-POS-OC3) have been fixed.
  - C3600: removed PCI bus info from the bay module (due to PCI bridge new

  - Fixed some typos in comments.
  - Added a standalone utility to extract IOS configuration from an 
    NVRAM file.
  - Removed pcireg.h (from NetBSD) which was just used for one definition.
  - Added a "COPYING" file for the GPLv2 licence.

  - Added basic packet filtering framework, to simulate packet loss or
  - Hypervisor commands now supports a variable number of parameters.
  - bugfix: doing a "sh run" and then pressing "Escape" was causing trouble
    to the VTTY (the state machine was in an incorrect state).
  - Removed erroneous special handling of intra-page jumps in delay slots.
    (problem with c3640 12.0(7)T IP+ image).

  - C3600: processors ID are now correct.
  - Avoid removing the JIT block of the caller with the "cache" instruction.
  - Added "hypervisor version" to allow clients (Dynagen) to know the current
  - Added missing explanation for "-P <platform>" command line parameter.
  - C7200: Fixed incorrect cleanup of IO PCI bridge.

  - Better code for VM error messages.
  - Fixed the write attempts to ROM at startup.

  - C3600: added support for io memory size, which prevents Smart Init
    from running (hypervisor command: c3600 set_iomem <router> <val>).
  - C3600: fixed incorrect handling of commands for this platform, which
    caused port 0 to be disabled when manipulating other ports.

  - Fixed loop overflow in idle pc computation.
  - Added base64 encoding/decoding module from Yannick Le Teigner.
  - Added hypervisor commands "vm push_config" and "vm extract_config"
    to manage IOS configurations. Extracting to base64 is ok (verified with
    a third party decoder: )
  - C3600: NVRAM checksum is now correctly computed.

  - Following a suggestion of Yannick Le Teigner, applied the optimization
    principle to PA-A1 card already used in dec21140, ... Latency is clearly 
    better (on my system, this dropped from about 150ms to 50 ms).

  - Incorrect display of device name in PLX9060 driver.
  - Added manpages provided by Erik Wenzel ( Many thanks
    to him for this and for his work on packaging for Debian.
  - Final 0.2.5 release.
  - C7200: Added missing NVRAM checksum.

  - Working on NM-16ESW.
  - NM-16ESW: interfaces are now up (handles specifically the appropriate
    MII register).

  - Still continuing on the NM-16ESW (first packets received/transmitted).

  - NM-16ESW: seems to be working! (although there are still a lot of things
    to do).

  - Added a hack to allow Ethernet NM to work correctly in 3620/3640
    (seen when directly attached to the real network with very few packets
  - NM-16ESW: proper support for tx ring scatter/gather support.
  - NM-16ESW: fixed a bug in ARL insertion.
  - NM-16ESW: send directly BPDU packets to the CPU.

  - NM-16ESW: added support for "trunks" (ie etherchannel).
  - Added "Ctrl+p" sequence key to dump Port Adapter / Network Module info
    (only NM-16ESW reports something at this time).

  - NM-16ESW: proper management of station movement (etherchannel is handled).

  - NM-16ESW: added register handling.

  - NM-16ESW: playing with the port mirroring feature.
  - Finally understood how to handle link status changes! Now, 
    "shut"/"no shut" is working. Better understanding of MII registers
    in general.

  - Fixed bug described in BTS entry #65 (in the case where two virtual 
    addresses point at the same physical address, the JIT can use
    inappropriate block). This was a "silent" bug.

  - Modified the hypervisor parser to allow long lines (to upload IOS configs).

  - NM-16ESW: added ingress and egress port mirroring (todo: BPDU and CDP
    packets shouldn't be replicated).

  - 0.2.6-RC1 release.
  - NM-16ESW: implemented ARL count. Fixed the MAC address table display 

  - C3600: fixed NVRAM configuration export.
  - Merged a patch for Solaris/x86 from Damjan Marion.
  - Cleaned the EEPROM stuff to have something more generic.
  - NM-16ESW: base MAC address is now automatically generated.

  - NM-16ESW: added support to discard input packets.

  - NM-16ESW: modified the discard support to let BPDU packets arrive to
    the CPU.
  - Added online setup of idle-pc through the hypervisor command
    "vm set_idle_pc_online <vm_name> <cpu_id>".
  - Values computed for idle-pc are now stored in the virtual MIPS CPU
    and can be known through the hypervisor command 
    "vm show_idle_pc_prop <vm_name> <cpu_id>".

  - Added a timer module.
  - NM-16ESW: added an ARL ager that removes expired MAC addresses.

  - Added hypervisor commands to tune idle-pc parameters
    ("vm set_idle_max" and "vm set_idle_sleep_time").
  - Centralized NM/PA EEPROM to have common definitions for platforms
    with the same type of network interfaces.
  - 0.2.6-RC2 release.

  - C2691: added sketelon code.
  - C2691: working DUART.
  - C2691: added mainboard EEPROM.

  - Bugfix: dec21140 and amd79c97x were incorrectly discarding frames based
    on the source address, preventing HSRP/VRRP to work (BTS entry #75).
  - C2691: added hypervisor module to handle instances.

  - C2691: trying to understand the network interrupt mechanism.

  - C2691: fixed Galileo interrupt (IRQ 3), allowing packets to be received!
  - Added a basic GT96100 system controller (for C2691).
  - GT96100: added MII registers.
  - Added a basic Flash device to be used as ROM+NVRAM for C2691.
  - C2691: NVRAM (simulated from flash) is now ok.
  - C2691: Analyzed environmental monitor register. No warning anymore.

  - C2691: NVRAM config export is working, config import requires more work
    (since write operations to flash are not immediate).
  - Allowed Galileo DMA IRQ to preempt the idle loop.
  - Fixed ATA Flash "current of sectors per card" which must be in LSW/MSW
    order and not MSW/LSW.
  - Added another ATA Flash access method (for c2691).
  - C2691: added support for CompactFlash.

  - GT96100: added some definitions for the Ethernet part.

  - Working on TX part for GT96100. Unfortunately, don't know yet how to
    signal an interrupt for it on the 2691 platform :(

  - C2691: found how to announce correctly NM presence in slot 1.
  - GT96100: finally found how to notify appropriately the network interrupt:
    the Serial Cause Register has to be handled.
  - C2691: added the glue code to set up GT96100 ethernet ports.
  - GT96100: added RX part. Packets are now sucessfully handled.
  - C2691: better understanding of network interrupt status registers.
  - C2691: added correct flash code detection.
  - GT96100: fixed the "PHY reset" problem.
  - C2691: added default correct chassis base MAC address.

  - GT96100: added hash function (Mode 0 ok, Mode 1 to fix) for Ethernet
    address filtering + appropriate definitions.

  - GT96100: fixed hash mode 1 (not tested).
  - GT96100: added address filtering process.

  - GT96100: added minimal MIB counters.
  - Implemented LBA mode for PCMCIA ATA disk devices and fixed data access.
  - Changed the default idle sleep time from 50ms to 30ms to avoid timer 
    IRQ loss and timer drift.
  - Added hypervisor command "vm show_timer_drift <vm_instance> <cpu_id>"
    to display potential problem with a given idle-pc value.
  - C2691: added proper support for IO memory.
  - NM-16ESW: generalized code to support multiple platforms.
  - C2691: added support for NM-16ESW.

  - C3725: initial support. Hardware very similar to c2691: Cisco rocks!
  - C3745: added skeleton.
  - C3745: fixed GT96100 address.
  - C3745: added PCI bridges.
  - C3745: Network Modules are working!
  - C3745: CompactFlash working.

  - C3745: finally understood how to handle the system EEPROMs.
  - Updated documentation (README).
  - GT96100: minor enhancement of interrupt handling.

  - Added support for "ghost" RAM: instances use a RAM file (previously
    created) and use copy-on-write on it. It allows to share common memory 
    between instances and so less memory is used.

  - Better support for ghost RAM, added hypervisor commands 
    "vm set_ghost_status" and "vm set_ghost_file".

  - NM-16ESW: fixed incorrect BPDU handling (which caused to add a 2nd
    802.1Q tag to BPDU packets) and now 0100.0ccc.cccd is recognized as
    a BPDU MAC address (BTS entry #).
  - DEC21140: fixed CSR8 handling (missed frame counter), which returned
    an undefined value (BTS entry #81).
  - Merged a patch from Rostislav Opocensky who added support for C3600
    in nvram_export utility.
  - Re-enaebled debugging info for NM-16ESW on 2691/3600/37xx.

  - NM-16ESW: fixed a crash due to incomplete device removal.

  - Validated use of Serial interfaces with 2691/3725/3745.
  - Correct config register handling for 3600/2691/3725/3745 platforms
    (config register setting was ignored).
  - Added detection of empty NVRAM for 2691/3725/3745 to set the ignore config
    flag in the config register (to boot faster).
  - C3745: Fixed NVRAM properties.
  - C7200/C3600: rewrite of configuration push into NVRAM (can now be done 
  - C2691/C3725/C3745: added support for config push into ROM flash
    (simulated NVRAM).

  - Modified config export from NVRAM for all platforms (can now be done
  - Better handling of base MAC address (2691/3725/3745 + NM-16ESW).

  - Rework of the MTS subsystem (generalization of MTS64 algorithms to MTS32
    which was broken).
  - Fast memory operations for 32-bit mode.

  - Rewrite of the MIPS TLB lookup operation.

  - Fixed another bug in TLB lookup.
  - Beginning of work for PA-MC-8TE1 support.
  - Added hypervisor commands to send messages to instances VTTY.
  - Working on PLX PCI9054 for PA-MC-8TE1.

  - Continuing a bit on PA-MC-8TE1.
  - Correct handling of VPN2 mask for TLB lookup.
  - bugfix: support of c3745 was missing in the hypervisor.
  - Merged a patch from Akim Dreyer for Debian support.
  - 0.2.6-RC3 release.
  - C2691/C3725: fixed a crash occuring on some IOS images due to incorrect
    platform type.
  - Modified performance counter to have stats for instructions or blocks
    (cannot be used simultaneously).
  - "beq" jump code (x86) was incorrectly using non-local jump.
  - Bugfix: incorrect number of arguments for hypervisor commands related
    to ghost file handling.
  - 0.2.6-RC4 release.

  - Major code cleanup to make devices independent from the virtual processors.
  - Generic CPU stuff.

  - Merged of patch from Thomas Pani to list VM TCP console ports (required 
    for gDynagen).
  - NM-16ESW: fixed (again) BPDU handling (incorrect VLAN tagging with non
    trunk ports).
  - Very minimal PowerPC definitions. Only non-JIT mode at this time.
  - PPC: added "crorc", "cror", "crnor", "crnand", "crandc", "crand".
  - PPC: added "and", "andc", "andi", "andis", "creqv", "crxor".
  - PPC: added "eqv", "isync", "mfmsr", "mtmsr", "nand", "nor", "or", "orc".
  - PPC: added "ori", "oris", "sync", "xor", "xori", "xoris", "mfcr".
  - PPC: added "addi", "addis".

  - PPC: added "cmp", "cmpl", "cmpi", "cmpli", "extsb", "extsh".
  - PPC: added "add", "add.", "and.", "andc.", "extsb.", "extsh.".
  - PPC: added a dummy memory access function (does nothing yet).
  - PPC: added "lbz", "lbzu", "lbzux", "lbzx".
  - PPC: added "lhz", "lhzu", "lhzux", "lhzx".
  - PPC: added "lwz", "lwzu", "lwzux", "lwzx".
  - PPC: added "stb", "stbu", "stbux", "stbx".
  - PPC: added "sth", "sthu", "sthux", "sthx".
  - PPC: added "stw", "stwu", "stwux", "stwx".
  - PPC: added "xor.", "b", "ba", "bl", "bla".
  - bugfix: hypervisor commands specific to CPU crashed if the VM was not
    started (noticed by Greg).

  - PPC: added "addo", "addo.", "addc", "addc.", "addco", "addco."
  - PPC: added "addic", "addic.", "adde", "adde.", "addeo", "addeo."
  - PPC: added "neg", "neg.", "nego", "nego.", "nand.", "nor.", "or.", "orc."
  - PPC: added "slw", "slw.", "srw", "srw."

  - PPC: added "rlwimi", "rlwimi.", "rlwinm", "rlwinm.", "rlwnm", "rlwnm."

  - PPC: added "mulhw", "mulhw.", "mulhwu", "mulhwu.", "mulli".
  - PPC: added "mullw", "mullw.", "mullwo", "mullwo."
  - PPC: added "subf", "subf.", "subfo", "subfo."
  - PPC: added "bc", "bca", "bcl", "bcla", "bclr", "bclrl".
  - PPC: added minimal memory operation glue code.
  - PPC: added dump functions for MMU registers.
  - PPC: added support for BAT registers.
  - PPC: fixed branch offset computation.
  - PPC: added a dummy virtual machines for tests.
  - PPC: fixed bclrx opcodes.
  - PPC: added "mflr", "mtlr".

  - PPC: fixes in comparison functions.
  - PPC: added "subfc", "subfc.", "subfco", "subfco."

  - PPC: added "subfic", "mfctr".
  - PPC: fixed a lot of bugs.

  - PPC: added "rfi", "lha", "lhau", "lhaux", "lhax", "addze", "addme".
  - PPC: fixed "mtcrf".
  - Added IRQ routing vectors for virtual machines.

  - Playing with NPE-G2, just for fun.
  - NPE-G2: environmental monitor is now working!
  - PPC: added an empty MV64460 controller (need the datasheet).
  - PPC: added "lmw" instruction, fixed "stmw".
  - PPC: added "cntlzw".

  - NPE-G2: analyzed midplane data: this is similar to other NPE.
  - Added a basic PLX6520CB PCI bridge.
  - NPE-G2: added appropriate PCI bridges and PCI busses for Port Adapters.

  - NPE-G2: added PCI I/O space.
  - NPE-G2: added CLPD6729, it is now possible to use PCMCIA ATA disks.

  - MV64460: added ugly experimental SDMA support to have a console for the
    NPE-G2 (using the GT96100A datasheet). This code must be rewritten.
  - MV64460/NPE-G2: playing with the various IRQs.
  - PPC: added idle-pc support.

  - PPC: added virtual breakpoint support.

  - PPC: added functions to manually set up page tables.
  - MV64460: added more interrupt definitions (with help of GT96100A manual).

  - MV64460: fixed interrupt loss problem.
  - Basic port of the microcode for the PowerPC platforms. IOS now starts
    normally (like the MIPS64 platforms).

  - NPE-G2: found OIR IRQ.
  - MV64460: added more definitions (for SDMA).
  - Cleanup of MIPS64 JIT code (better naming).

  - PPC32: added the minimal JIT core infrastructure.
  - PPC32-JIT: added unknown opcode handling.
  - PPC32-JIT: added some instructions.

  - PPC32-JIT: added more instructions.
  - PPC32-JIT: continuing...
  - PPC32-JIT: added fast memory operations.

  - Added PPC32 nojit support.
  - PPC32: better checking for IRQs.

  - PPC32-JIT: added "amd64" support.
  - PPC32: added "lwbrx" and "stwbrx" instructions.

  - PPC32: added "tw"/"twi" instructions.
  - PPC32: added TLB support for PowerPC 405.
  - PPC32: added "tlbre", "tlbwe", "iccci", "dccci", "mfdcr", "mtdcr" for
    PowerPC 405.
  - Fixed a bug with ILT tables (incorrect count - last entry was missing).
  - PPC32: added "dcbst" instruction.

  - NPE-G2: correct handling of DUART interrupt with I/O card.

  - NPE-G2: correct console selection (NPE or I/O board) depending on slot 0.
  - PPC32: fixup for decrementer interrupt.
  - Generic CPU MTS rebuild (mips64/ppc32).
  - Split of memory.c / mips64_mem.c. memory.c will only contain generic 
    functions independent of the CPU model.
  - Memlogger is now independent of CPU type (untested).

  - Rewrite of the MTS subsystem to have less overhead with inlined 
    operations -> better performance.
  - Finished the MTS rewrite (amd64, statistics).
  - NPE-G2: added a 64 Mb bootflash (needs to be tested).

  - PPC32: added clean loading of BAT registers.
  - Fixed device remapping.

  - PPC32: added "lswi", "stswi", "lswx", "stswx".

  - PPC32: fixed carry evaluation for "srawi" instruction.

  - Playing with c2600 to see if support can be added.

  - C2600: adding skeleton code, added NM selection. However, unable
    to get a positive result for "sh diag 0".
  - Experimenting with sparse memory to reduce virtual memory use in
    hypervisor mode.
  - Continuing on sparse memory work.
  - C2600: added mainboard basic support.
  - MPC860: added a basic IDMA support.
  - C2600: first packet exchange :)

  - C2600: added basic mainboard drivers for integrated Ethernet ports.
  - C2600: added IRQ preemption for network interrupt and DUART.
  - Fixed use of sparse memory with ghost files.
  - Added a command line option to test sparse memory ("--sparse-mem").
  - Added locking for shared ghost images.

  - Validation of dynagen 0.8.3 with sparse memory and ghost image enabled.
  - MIPS64: fixed a bug of the JIT which incorrectly handled jump instructions 
    with a delay slot in another page.

  - C2600: added NVRAM configuration import/export and appropriate config
    register setting if NVRAM is empty at startup.
  - C2600: added a basic bootflash support.

  - C2600: io-mem size support.

  - i8254x: added skeleton code (for PA-2FE-TX).

  - i8254x: added MDIO code.

  - C2600: added "set_chassis" hypervisor command.
  - C2600: possible chassis/mainboards now displayed at command line help.
  - Fixed a bug when handling packet discard flag on NM-16ESW (seems to be
    only valid for native packets).

  - Working on i8254x TX part. Problem with TX ring wrapping.
  - Added packet capture to NIO filters, with PCAP output (Greg Anuzelli).
  - i82543: RX and TX parts are now basically working (of course, no IP/TCP
    checksum offloading, but this doesn't seem to be used).

  - C7200: added C7200-IO-2FE card, based on Intel i82543 chips.
  - C7200: added PA-GE interface, but TX part is broken.
  - i8254x: TDH/TDT and RDH/RDT registers are located at a different address.
    PA-GE is now working.

  - i8254x: delayed RX IRQ.
  - MIPS64: fixed (again) TLB lookup for entries in ksseg and kseg3.
  - Added a "byte-swapping" device.
  - i8254x: added byte-swapped data transfer.
  - PA-POS-OC3: applied byte-swapped data transfer for TX ring (RX ring
    doesn't seem to need this - strange).

  - C7200: added C7200-IO-GE+E, based on Intel i82543 chips.

  - MIPS64: fixed a problem of jump in delay slots (occuring with a "forward"
    jump). This caused a malfunction for C7200-IO-2FE and C7200-IO-GE-E cards.
  - C7200: adjusted the byte-swapped zone for NPE-300 io-memory.

  - PPC32: Remove JIT compiled pages when a write occurs (required for c2600).

  - PPC32: Optimization for writes on JIT page at address 0.
  - Working on MSFC1 - just for fun (this will probably never route any 
  - Fixed DEC21140 TX ring interrupt generation.
  - Continuing on MSFC1 (added EEPROM, SRAM, ...)
  - Added NMC93C56 EEPROM support.

  - MPC860: fixed a bug in DMA handling which caused incorrect writes out
    of DPRAM memory.
  - PPC32: added missing breakpoint function for JIT.
  - C7200: rework on network interrupts, for clean handling per slot/port.

  - C7200: Net IRQs are now correctly dispatched. Need to fix all drivers
    to generate IRQs correctly.
  - DEC21140: proper management of CSR5 register for new interrupt handling.
  - i8254x: converted to new interrupt handling.
  - Am79c971: fixed interrupt management + a bug with IRQ mask.
  - PA-A1/PA-POS-OC3/Mueslix: fixed interrupt management.

  - C2691: updated interrupt infrastructure.
  - NM-16ESW: fixed interrupt handling.

  - C3725/C3745: updated interrupt infrastructure.

  - C2600: updated interrupt infrastructure.

  - Added a cache for the instruction lookup tables (ILT), allowing a faster

  - Fixed instruction tables (problem seen on amd64 platforms).

  - MIPS64/PPC32: various code cleanups in JIT code.
  - MIPS64: replace the JIT block lookup algorithm based on physical
    pages by s-boxes (x86 only).

  - PPC32: JIT block lookup optimization (x86 only).

  - MIPS64/PPC32: JIT block lookup optimization (amd64).

  - PPC32: fixed invalid hash index in JIT block invalidation (thanks to Greg).
  - Updated the Mueslix driver and fixed it for packets > 128 bytes
    (IRQ clearing delay required because of the new interrupt system).
  - Allowed MTU up to 18000 bytes on the Mueslix driver. This required an
    update of the NIO core.
  - Full dump of the idle-pc values when no "good" value can be determined.

  - Store the idle-pc values in the CPU structure when no "good" value is
    available, so they are readable/usable by dynagen.
  - PA-POS-OC3: fixed memory copy which caused invalid frames to be sent.

  - Added a device access counter for each CPU for diagnostics purposes.

  - PPC32: optimizations for eflags->cr computing.

  - PPC32: optimizations in CR handling (split in 8 fields).

  - PPC32: added CR optimizations to amd64 backend.

  - Fixed "nojit" build (reported by Philipp Brenner, BTS entry #156).
  - AMD Am79c970 FastEthernet interfaces now announce 100 Mb/s Full duplex.

  - Fixed build (NetIO filters) when PCAP is lacking.

  - Added NM-1A-OC3MM EEPROM definition for future work.
  - NM-16ESW: filter CDP specifically to not propagate frames to all ports.

  - Added an hypervisor command to disable direct jumps between JIT blocks
    (vm set_blk_direct_jump <vm_name> <0|1>).

15-Apr-2007 => 22-Apr-2007
  - PPC32: rewrite of JIT with peephole and CR flags optimizations.
  - PPC32: converted amd64 JIT to new system.
  - MIPS64: fixed a bug in cache instruction preventing compressed IOS images
    to boot.
  - PPC32: same as above for ICBI instruction.
  - PPC32: fixed ADDZE instruction.

  - C3725: fixed interrupt problems with slot 2 (bad shift - only 4 irq
    lines per port).

  - Changed instruction counters to 32-bit type, to get more accurate

  - Experimenting with a per-register memory translation cache.

  - C2600: playing with MPC860 SPI to access WIC eeproms (slot 0 only).

  - MPC860: continuing on SPI.
  - Rewriting/Refactoring code to handle network interfaces (required for WIC

  - Continuing rework of network interfaces.

  - Added slot handling hypervisor commands to VM module.
  - Fixed some bugs/lacking checks in network card module.
  - C2600: added WIC EEPROM read through MPC860 SPI code.
  - C2600: beginning of work for basic SCC implementation.
  - C2600: continuing on SCC.
  - C2600: WIC-1T is now working!
  - C2600: added WIC-2T (async mode is not supported).
  - C1700: introduction of this platform (took c2600 as base model).
  - MPC860: added SPI relocation support (required for c1700).
  - C1700: added NVRAM.
  - C1700: added WIC detection / correct EEPROM support.
  - MPC860: beginning of work on Fast Ethernet Controller.
  - MPC860: Fast Ethernet Controller basically working (MII registers 
  - MPC860: better handling of interrupt levels.
  - C1700: added WIC support (WIC-1T/WIC-2T).

  - Flash code rework (required for c1700) to have something more generic.
  - New flash code re-enabled for all routers requiring it (NPE-G2 bootflash
    is broken however).
  - C1700: added WIC-1ENET code base with EEPROM MAC address programming.

  - Memory exceptions are now handled through setjmp/longjmp, avoiding error
    checks in memory access functions.

  - C2600: fixed PCI handling which prevented i82559 device to work.
    In fact, the PCI bridge is in a Xilinx device, and the output of 
    "sh pci hardware" was very different from a real router.
  - i8255x (eepro100): added basic code (no RX/TX, only MII working).

  - Continuing on i8255x.

  - i8255x: Intel doesn't provide enough info in its documentation for
    the RX flexible mode...

  - i8255x: RX flexible mode works similarly to the 82596CA chipset.
    Packet TX and RX seems ok.

  - C2691/C3725/C3745: fixed GT96100 binding to slot 0.
  - GT96100/ETH: fixed interrupt handling for TX packets (the interrupt was 
    incorrectly disabled when no packet was available on a ring, causing
    packet loss when the two ports were enabled) - BTS entry #171.

  - C3660: correct support of mainboard FastEthernet ports with the new
    card subsystem.
  - C7200: fixed I/O card definition with new card subsystem.
  - Added compatibility mode with old version for slot binding in the
    command line.

  - Heavily fixed/tested the Serial drivers to correctly transmit/receive
    frames. Now the CRC is not anymore transmitted and the correct size is
    set for RX rings (TODO: crc-32 for Mueslix and PA-POS-OC3).

  - Fixed incorrect free in deletion of frame-relay switch VC.

  - PA-POS-OC3/Mueslix: added correct handling of crc-16/crc-32.

  - MIPS64: correct handling of stack for MacOS X (alignment).
  - MSFC1: cleaned up module to use the new card infrastructure.
  - Frame-Relay switch: removed "trailing" handling which was in fact
    only the CRC + final byte. 
  - Fixed PA-FE-TX initialization (EEPROM setting lacking).

  - PPC32-JIT: fixed stack alignment for MacOSX/Darwin.
  - PPC32-JIT: fixed perf counter and breakpoints.

  - Integrated patches from FreeBSD (Pavel I Volkov), excepted for the vtty

  - Rework of VM infrastructure.

  - Added basic plugin subsystem.
  - CPU: added custom handler support for undefined memory accesses.

  - GT96100: working on SDMA and MPSC.
  - C3745: finally understood how to handle WIC EEPROMs.

  - C3745: added support of WIC-1T & WIC-2T.
  - GT96100: fixed SDMA handling.
  - C2691/C3725: added WIC-1T and WIC-2T similarly to C3745.
  - C1700: fixed mainboard definitions, added proper support of C1710
    (no WIC port, Ethernet port connected on MPC860 SCC1).
  - C1700: added 1751 and 1760 definitions.

  - MPC860: fixed MII registers for 1710, 1721 and 1760.

  - C2600/C2691/C3725/C3745: Added NM-CIDS/NM-NAM which can be connected
    to a PC emulator.
  - C2600: added a check for NM-CIDS/NM-NAM which require XM models.

  - Added WIC address space definitions for platforms that support them.

  - Added ISL support for am79c970 based cards (NM-1FE-TX and others).

  - GT96100: missing check for NULL pointer in set_nio/unset_nio.
  - MPC860: same bugfix (SCC and FEC).

  - MIPS/PPC: modified device memory access to allow devices not at a 4k
    page boundary (like WICs on 2600). 
  - Added fake WIC serial drivers, just to catch the memory accesses.

  - PPC32: Fixed BCTR instruction on amd64 jit.

  - Added an object store (through hypervisor) for Dynagen.
  - Proper cleanup of gt_data/mpc_data fields for MPC860 and GT96100 based
    platforms (start/stop/exit/crash symptom with Dynagen).

  - Fixed udp_recv simple program which was broken.
  - Added "delete_all" command for hypervisor object store.
  - Added appropriate code for serial WIC drivers on 1700.

  - Added TCP keepalives on VTTY connections (
  - Fixed Flash code.

  - Added a virtual ATM SAR (segmentation and reassembly) engine.
  - Added a virtual ATM bridge device (RFC1483).

  - GT96100: fixed CRC handling in MPSC HDLC channels (2 bytes, not 4!)

  - PPC32-JIT: fixed CR signed evaluation in case of overflow.

  - Added ISL support for integrated ports on 2691/3725/3745.
  - Fixed non-JIT build for PPC32.

  - MV64460: rewrite of SDMA code to follow GT96100 model.

  - MV64460: added MPSC registers (as for GT96100).

  - MV64460: added SRAM.

  - C3745: some work on OIR, but unfortunately only NM-4T works at the moment.

  - C3660: added OIR support.

  - C7200: added support for jacket card (C7200-JC-PA) and support for PA
    in slot 7.

  - Fixed AAL5 CRC.

  - Added Multicast NIO

  - Added "nio set_mcast_ttl" hypervisor command to change TTL for multicast

  - Added 64-bit support for MacOS X 10.5 - Leopard (stack alignment).

  - PPC32: Fixed DIVW instruction (incorrect cast: unsigned instead of signed).
    This was causing problems with OSPF (and probably other protocols) on 2600
  - Some minor info added (OS name) to ease debugging.

  - Added NIO traffic statistics (packets/bytes in/out).

  - Added QinQ support in integrated ethernet switch (untested).
  - More coherent naming for JIT variables ("blocks" -> "tcb").
  - Fix QinQ input vector in Ethernet switch (thanks to Pavel Skovajsa).
  - Merged PPC-host JIT patch from Zhe Fang. 
  - Worked on a JIT code sharing system (only MIPS ported at this time)
  - MIPS64: fixed a lot of mistakes in handling of TLB entries.
  - Added "udp auto" NIO to avoid fixed port allocation which can easily fail.
  - Bug fixes in socket handling (incorrect setsockopt() for non-RFC2553