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- Correct branch delay slot handling with exceptions.
- Complete/accurate console driver.
- Memory write protection and proper TLB management.
- TLB exceptions.
- FPU operations.
- add/addi: to implement with integer overflow exception support ?
- Multicore CPU ?

+ TODO list on Web-site.

object referencing
* at this time, only at high-level, should be done at low-level ?
* nio management for atmsw/frsw/bridge/...: really useful to record NIOs ?
* nio bindings for instances: add_nio_binding / pa_set_nio / pa_unset_nio ...

add_nio_binding is used before instance startup.

===> add_nio_binding/remove_nio_binding: manage NIO bindings with object
===> pa_set_nio/pa_unset_nio become pa_enable_nio/pa_disable_nio => without
     NIO parameter (NIO must be defined with add_nio_binding)
===> remove_nio_binding: check the NIO is not used anymore in instance ???
===> Remark: a NIO can be used many times (example: shared eth media)