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 * Cisco router simulation platform.
 * Copyright (c) 2005,2006 Christophe Fillot (
 * Network I/O Layer.

#ifndef __NET_IO_H__
#define __NET_IO_H__

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <sys/un.h>
#include <pthread.h>

#include "utils.h"
#include "gen_uuid.h"

#ifdef LINUX_ETH
#include "linux_eth.h"
#ifdef GEN_ETH
#include "gen_eth.h"

/* Maximum packet size */
#define NETIO_MAX_PKT_SIZE  32768

/* Maximum device length */
#define NETIO_DEV_MAXLEN    64

enum {
#ifdef LINUX_ETH
#ifdef GEN_ETH

enum {

typedef struct netio_desc netio_desc_t;

/* VDE switch definitions */
enum vde_request_type { VDE_REQ_NEW_CONTROL };

#define VDE_SWITCH_MAGIC   0xfeedface

struct vde_request_v3 {
   m_uint32_t magic;
   m_uint32_t version;
   enum vde_request_type type;
   struct sockaddr_un sock;

/* netio unix descriptor */
typedef struct netio_unix_desc netio_unix_desc_t;
struct netio_unix_desc {
   char *local_filename;
   struct sockaddr_un remote_sock;
   int fd;

/* netio vde descriptor */
typedef struct netio_vde_desc netio_vde_desc_t;
struct netio_vde_desc {
   char *local_filename;
   struct sockaddr_un remote_sock;
   int ctrl_fd,data_fd;

/* netio tap descriptor */
typedef struct netio_tap_desc netio_tap_desc_t;
struct netio_tap_desc {
   char filename[NETIO_DEV_MAXLEN];
   int fd;

/* netio udp/tcp descriptor */
typedef struct netio_inet_desc netio_inet_desc_t;
struct netio_inet_desc {
   int local_port,remote_port;
   char *remote_host;
   int fd;

/* netio mcast descriptor */
typedef struct netio_mcast_desc netio_mcast_desc_t;
struct netio_mcast_desc {
   uuid_t local_id;
   char *mcast_group;
   int mcast_port;
   int fd;
#if HAS_RFC2553
   struct sockaddr_storage sa;
   struct sockaddr_in sa;
   int sa_len;

#ifdef LINUX_ETH
/* netio linux raw ethernet descriptor */
typedef struct netio_lnxeth_desc netio_lnxeth_desc_t;
struct netio_lnxeth_desc {
   char dev_name[NETIO_DEV_MAXLEN];
   int dev_id,fd;

#ifdef GEN_ETH
/* netio generic raw ethernet descriptor */
typedef struct netio_geneth_desc netio_geneth_desc_t;
struct netio_geneth_desc {
   char dev_name[NETIO_DEV_MAXLEN];
   pcap_t *pcap_dev;

/* FIFO packet */
typedef struct netio_fifo_pkt netio_fifo_pkt_t;
struct netio_fifo_pkt {
   netio_fifo_pkt_t *next;
   size_t pkt_len;
   char pkt[0];

/* Netio FIFO */
typedef struct netio_fifo_desc netio_fifo_desc_t;
struct netio_fifo_desc {
   pthread_cond_t cond;
   pthread_mutex_t lock,endpoint_lock;
   netio_fifo_desc_t *endpoint;
   netio_fifo_pkt_t *head,*last;
   u_int pkt_count;

/* Packet filter */
typedef struct netio_pktfilter netio_pktfilter_t;
struct netio_pktfilter {
   char *name;
   int  (*setup)(netio_desc_t *nio,void **opt,int argc,char *argv[]);
   void (*free)(netio_desc_t *nio,void **opt);
   int  (*pkt_handler)(netio_desc_t *nio,void *pkt,size_t len,void *opt);
   netio_pktfilter_t *next;

/* Statistics */
typedef struct netio_stat netio_stat_t;
struct netio_stat {
   m_uint64_t pkts,bytes;

#define NETIO_BW_SAMPLES     10

/* Generic netio descriptor */
struct netio_desc {
   u_int type;
   void *dptr;
   char *name;
   int debug;
   /* Frame Relay specific information */
   m_uint8_t fr_lmi_seq;
   void *fr_conn_list;

   /* Ethernet specific information */
   u_int vlan_port_type;
   m_uint16_t vlan_id;
   void *vlan_input_vector;

   union {
      netio_unix_desc_t nud;
      netio_vde_desc_t nvd;
      netio_tap_desc_t ntd;
      netio_inet_desc_t nid;
      netio_mcast_desc_t nmd;
#ifdef LINUX_ETH
      netio_lnxeth_desc_t nled;
#ifdef GEN_ETH
      netio_geneth_desc_t nged;
      netio_fifo_desc_t nfd;
   } u;

   /* Send and receive prototypes */
   ssize_t (*send)(void *desc,void *pkt,size_t len);
   ssize_t (*recv)(void *desc,void *pkt,size_t len);

   /* Configuration saving */
   void (*save_cfg)(netio_desc_t *nio,FILE *fd);

   /* Free ressources */
   void (*free)(void *desc);

   /* Bandwidth constraint (in Kb/s) */
   u_int bandwidth;
   m_uint64_t bw_cnt[NETIO_BW_SAMPLES];
   m_uint64_t bw_cnt_total;
   u_int bw_pos;  
   u_int bw_ptask_cnt;

   /* Packet filters */
   netio_pktfilter_t *rx_filter,*tx_filter,*both_filter;
   void *rx_filter_data,*tx_filter_data,*both_filter_data;

   /* Statistics */
   m_uint64_t stats_pkts_in,stats_pkts_out;
   m_uint64_t stats_bytes_in,stats_bytes_out;

   /* Next pointer (for RX listener) */
   netio_desc_t *rxl_next;

   /* Packet data */
   u_char rx_pkt[NETIO_MAX_PKT_SIZE];

/* RX listener */
typedef int (*netio_rx_handler_t)(netio_desc_t *nio,
                                  u_char *pkt,ssize_t pkt_len,
                                  void *arg1,void *arg2);

struct netio_rx_listener {
   netio_desc_t *nio;
   u_int ref_count;
   volatile int running;
   netio_rx_handler_t rx_handler;
   void *arg1,*arg2;
   pthread_t spec_thread;
   struct netio_rx_listener *prev,*next;

/* Get NETIO type given a description */
int netio_get_type(char *type);

/* Show the NETIO types */
void netio_show_types(void);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_unix(char *nio_name,char *local,char *remote);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with VDE method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_vde(char *nio_name,char *control,char *local);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with TAP method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_tap(char *nio_name,char *tap_name);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with TCP_CLI method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_tcp_cli(char *nio_name,char *addr,char *port);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with TCP_SER method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_tcp_ser(char *nio_name,char *port);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with UDP method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_udp(char *nio_name,int local_port,
                                    char *remote_host,int remote_port);

/* Get local port */
int netio_udp_auto_get_local_port(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Connect to a remote host/port */
int netio_udp_auto_connect(netio_desc_t *nio,char *host,int port);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with auto UDP method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_udp_auto(char *nio_name,char *local_addr,
                                         int port_start,int port_end);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with Multicast method */
netio_desc_t *
netio_desc_create_mcast(char *nio_name,char *mcast_group,int mcast_port);

/* Set TTL for a multicast socket */
int netio_mcast_set_ttl(netio_desc_t *nio,int ttl);

#ifdef LINUX_ETH
/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with raw Ethernet method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_lnxeth(char *nio_name,char *dev_name);

#ifdef GEN_ETH
/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with generic raw Ethernet method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_geneth(char *nio_name,char *dev_name);

/* Establish a cross-connect between two FIFO NetIO */
int netio_fifo_crossconnect(netio_desc_t *a,netio_desc_t *b);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with FIFO method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_fifo(char *nio_name);

/* Create a new NetIO descriptor with NULL method */
netio_desc_t *netio_desc_create_null(char *nio_name);

/* Acquire a reference to NIO from registry (increment reference count) */
netio_desc_t *netio_acquire(char *name);

/* Release an NIO (decrement reference count) */
int netio_release(char *name);

/* Delete a NetIO descriptor */
int netio_delete(char *name);

/* Delete all NetIO descriptors */
int netio_delete_all(void);

/* Save the configuration of a NetIO descriptor */
void netio_save_config(netio_desc_t *nio,FILE *fd);

/* Save configurations of all NetIO descriptors */
void netio_save_config_all(FILE *fd);

/* Send a packet through a NetIO descriptor */
ssize_t netio_send(netio_desc_t *nio,void *pkt,size_t len);

/* Receive a packet through a NetIO descriptor */
ssize_t netio_recv(netio_desc_t *nio,void *pkt,size_t max_len);

/* Get a NetIO FD */
int netio_get_fd(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Reset NIO statistics */
void netio_reset_stats(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Indicate if a NetIO can transmit a packet */
int netio_can_transmit(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Update bandwidth counter */
void netio_update_bw_stat(netio_desc_t *nio,m_uint64_t bytes);

/* Reset NIO bandwidth counter */
void netio_clear_bw_stat(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Set the bandwidth constraint */
void netio_set_bandwidth(netio_desc_t *nio,u_int bandwidth);

/* Enable a RX listener */
int netio_rxl_enable(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Add an RX listener in the listener list */
int netio_rxl_add(netio_desc_t *nio,netio_rx_handler_t rx_handler,
                  void *arg1,void *arg2);

/* Remove a NIO from the listener list */
int netio_rxl_remove(netio_desc_t *nio);

/* Initialize the RXL thread */
int netio_rxl_init(void);