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// R_local.h

#ifndef __R_LOCAL__
#define __R_LOCAL__

#define	ANGLETOSKYSHIFT		22		// sky map is 256*128*4 maps

#define	BASEYCENTER			100

#define MAXWIDTH			1120
#define	MAXHEIGHT			832

#define	PI					3.141592657


#define	MINZ			(FRACUNIT*4)

#define	FIELDOFVIEW		2048	// fineangles in the SCREENWIDTH wide window

// lighting constants
#define	LIGHTLEVELS			16
#define	MAXLIGHTZ			128
#define	LIGHTZSHIFT			20
#define	NUMCOLORMAPS		32		// number of diminishing




//================ used by play and refresh

typedef struct
	fixed_t		x,y;
} vertex_t;

struct line_s;

typedef	struct
	fixed_t		floorheight, ceilingheight;
	short		floorpic, ceilingpic;
	short		lightlevel;
	short		special, tag;

	int			soundtraversed;		// 0 = untraversed, 1,2 = sndlines -1
	mobj_t		*soundtarget;		// thing that made a sound (or null)
	int			blockbox[4];		// mapblock bounding box for height changes
	degenmobj_t	soundorg;			// for any sounds played by the sector

	int			validcount;			// if == validcount, already checked
	mobj_t		*thinglist;			// list of mobjs in sector
	void		*specialdata;		// thinker_t for reversable actions
	int			linecount;
	struct line_s	**lines;			// [linecount] size
} sector_t;

typedef struct
	fixed_t		textureoffset;		// add this to the calculated texture col
	fixed_t		rowoffset;			// add this to the calculated texture top
	short		toptexture, bottomtexture, midtexture;
	sector_t	*sector;
} side_t;


typedef struct line_s
	vertex_t	*v1, *v2;
	fixed_t		dx,dy;				// v2 - v1 for side checking
	short		flags;
	short		special, tag;
	short		sidenum[2];			// sidenum[1] will be -1 if one sided
	fixed_t		bbox[4];
	slopetype_t	slopetype;			// to aid move clipping
	sector_t	*frontsector, *backsector;
	int			validcount;			// if == validcount, already checked
	void		*specialdata;		// thinker_t for reversable actions
} line_t;

typedef struct subsector_s
	sector_t	*sector;
	short		numlines;
	short		firstline;
} subsector_t;

typedef struct
	vertex_t	*v1, *v2;
	fixed_t		offset;
	angle_t		angle;
	side_t		*sidedef;
	line_t		*linedef;
	sector_t	*frontsector;
	sector_t	*backsector;		// NULL for one sided lines
} seg_t;

typedef struct
	fixed_t		x,y,dx,dy;			// partition line
	fixed_t		bbox[2][4];			// bounding box for each child
	unsigned short	children[2];		// if NF_SUBSECTOR its a subsector
} node_t;




typedef byte	lighttable_t;		// this could be wider for >8 bit display

#define	MAXVISPLANES	128

typedef struct
	fixed_t		height;
	int			picnum;
	int			lightlevel;
	int			special;
	int			minx, maxx;
	byte		pad1;						// leave pads for [minx-1]/[maxx+1]
	byte		top[SCREENWIDTH];
	byte		pad2;
	byte		pad3;
	byte		bottom[SCREENWIDTH];
	byte		pad4;
} visplane_t;

typedef struct drawseg_s
	seg_t		*curline;
	int			x1, x2;
	fixed_t		scale1, scale2, scalestep;
	int			silhouette;			// 0=none, 1=bottom, 2=top, 3=both
	fixed_t		bsilheight;			// don't clip sprites above this
	fixed_t		tsilheight;			// don't clip sprites below this
// pointers to lists for sprite clipping
	short		*sprtopclip;		// adjusted so [x1] is first value
	short		*sprbottomclip;		// adjusted so [x1] is first value
	short		*maskedtexturecol;	// adjusted so [x1] is first value
} drawseg_t;

#define	SIL_NONE	0
#define	SIL_BOTTOM	1
#define SIL_TOP		2
#define	SIL_BOTH	3

#define	MAXDRAWSEGS		256

// A vissprite_t is a thing that will be drawn during a refresh
typedef struct vissprite_s
	struct vissprite_s	*prev, *next;
	int			x1, x2;
	fixed_t		gx, gy;			// for line side calculation
	fixed_t		gz, gzt;		// global bottom / top for silhouette clipping
	fixed_t		startfrac;		// horizontal position of x1
	fixed_t		scale;
	fixed_t		xiscale;		// negative if flipped
	fixed_t		texturemid;
	int			patch;
	lighttable_t	*colormap;
	int			mobjflags;		// for color translation and shadow draw
	boolean		psprite;		// true if psprite
	fixed_t		footclip;		// foot clipping
} vissprite_t;

extern	visplane_t	*floorplane, *ceilingplane;
// Sprites are patches with a special naming convention so they can be 
// recognized by R_InitSprites.  The sprite and frame specified by a 
// thing_t is range checked at run time.
// a sprite is a patch_t that is assumed to represent a three dimensional
// object and may have multiple rotations pre drawn.  Horizontal flipping 
// is used to save space. Some sprites will only have one picture used
// for all views.  

typedef struct
	boolean		rotate;		// if false use 0 for any position
	short		lump[8];	// lump to use for view angles 0-7
	byte		flip[8];	// flip (1 = flip) to use for view angles 0-7
} spriteframe_t;

typedef struct
	int				numframes;
	spriteframe_t	*spriteframes;
} spritedef_t;

extern	spritedef_t		*sprites;
extern	int				numsprites;


extern	int			numvertexes;
extern	vertex_t	*vertexes;

extern	int			numsegs;
extern	seg_t		*segs;

extern	int			numsectors;
extern	sector_t	*sectors;

extern	int			numsubsectors;
extern	subsector_t	*subsectors;

extern	int			numnodes;
extern	node_t		*nodes;

extern	int			numlines;
extern	line_t		*lines;

extern	int			numsides;
extern	side_t		*sides;

extern	fixed_t		viewx, viewy, viewz;
extern	angle_t		viewangle;
extern	player_t	*viewplayer;

extern	angle_t		clipangle;

extern	int			viewangletox[FINEANGLES/2];
extern	angle_t		xtoviewangle[SCREENWIDTH+1];
extern	fixed_t		finetangent[FINEANGLES/2];

extern	fixed_t		rw_distance;
extern	angle_t		rw_normalangle;

// R_main.c
extern	int				viewwidth, viewheight, viewwindowx, viewwindowy;
extern	int				centerx, centery;
extern	int				flyheight;
extern	fixed_t			centerxfrac;
extern	fixed_t			centeryfrac;
extern	fixed_t			projection;

extern	int				validcount;

extern	int				sscount, linecount, loopcount;
extern	lighttable_t	*scalelight[LIGHTLEVELS][MAXLIGHTSCALE];
extern	lighttable_t	*scalelightfixed[MAXLIGHTSCALE];
extern	lighttable_t	*zlight[LIGHTLEVELS][MAXLIGHTZ];

extern	int				extralight;
extern	lighttable_t	*fixedcolormap;

extern	fixed_t			viewcos, viewsin;

extern	int				detailshift;		// 0 = high, 1 = low

extern	void		(*colfunc) (void);
extern	void		(*basecolfunc) (void);
extern	void		(*fuzzcolfunc) (void);
extern	void		(*spanfunc) (void);

int		R_PointOnSide (fixed_t x, fixed_t y, node_t *node);
int		R_PointOnSegSide (fixed_t x, fixed_t y, seg_t *line);
angle_t R_PointToAngle (fixed_t x, fixed_t y);
angle_t R_PointToAngle2 (fixed_t x1, fixed_t y1, fixed_t x2, fixed_t y2);
fixed_t	R_PointToDist (fixed_t x, fixed_t y);
fixed_t R_ScaleFromGlobalAngle (angle_t visangle);
subsector_t *R_PointInSubsector (fixed_t x, fixed_t y);
void R_AddPointToBox (int x, int y, fixed_t *box);

// R_bsp.c
extern	seg_t		*curline;
extern	side_t	*sidedef;
extern	line_t	*linedef;
extern	sector_t	*frontsector, *backsector;

extern	int	rw_x;
extern	int	rw_stopx;

extern	boolean		segtextured;
extern	boolean		markfloor;		// false if the back side is the same plane
extern	boolean		markceiling;
extern	boolean		skymap;

extern	drawseg_t	drawsegs[MAXDRAWSEGS], *ds_p;

extern	lighttable_t	**hscalelight, **vscalelight, **dscalelight;

typedef void (*drawfunc_t) (int start, int stop);
void R_ClearClipSegs (void);

void R_ClearDrawSegs (void);
void R_InitSkyMap (void);
void R_RenderBSPNode (int bspnum);

// R_segs.c
extern	int			rw_angle1;		// angle to line origin

void R_RenderMaskedSegRange (drawseg_t *ds, int x1, int x2);

// R_plane.c
typedef void (*planefunction_t) (int top, int bottom);
extern	planefunction_t		floorfunc, ceilingfunc;

extern	int			skyflatnum;

extern	short			openings[MAXOPENINGS], *lastopening;

extern	short		floorclip[SCREENWIDTH];
extern	short		ceilingclip[SCREENWIDTH];

extern	fixed_t		yslope[SCREENHEIGHT];
extern	fixed_t		distscale[SCREENWIDTH];

void R_InitPlanes (void);
void R_ClearPlanes (void);
void R_MapPlane (int y, int x1, int x2);
void R_MakeSpans (int x, int t1, int b1, int t2, int b2);
void R_DrawPlanes (void);

visplane_t *R_FindPlane (fixed_t height, int picnum, int lightlevel,
	int special);
visplane_t *R_CheckPlane (visplane_t *pl, int start, int stop);

// R_debug.m
extern	int	drawbsp;

void RD_OpenMapWindow (void);
void RD_ClearMapWindow (void);
void RD_DisplayLine (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, float gray);
void RD_DrawNodeLine (node_t *node);
void RD_DrawLineCheck (seg_t *line);
void RD_DrawLine (seg_t *line);
void RD_DrawBBox (fixed_t *bbox);

// R_data.c
extern	fixed_t		*textureheight;		// needed for texture pegging
extern	fixed_t		*spritewidth;		// needed for pre rendering (fracs)
extern	fixed_t		*spriteoffset;
extern	fixed_t		*spritetopoffset;
extern	lighttable_t	*colormaps;
extern	int		viewwidth, scaledviewwidth, viewheight;
extern	int			firstflat;
extern	int			numflats;

extern	int			*flattranslation;		// for global animation
extern	int			*texturetranslation;	// for global animation

extern	int		firstspritelump, lastspritelump, numspritelumps;

byte	*R_GetColumn (int tex, int col);
void	R_InitData (void);
void R_PrecacheLevel (void);

// R_things.c

extern	vissprite_t	vissprites[MAXVISSPRITES], *vissprite_p;
extern	vissprite_t	vsprsortedhead;

// constant arrays used for psprite clipping and initializing clipping
extern	short	negonearray[SCREENWIDTH];
extern	short	screenheightarray[SCREENWIDTH];

// vars for R_DrawMaskedColumn
extern	short		*mfloorclip;
extern	short		*mceilingclip;
extern	fixed_t		spryscale;
extern	fixed_t		sprtopscreen;
extern	fixed_t		sprbotscreen;

extern	fixed_t		pspritescale, pspriteiscale;

void R_DrawMaskedColumn (column_t *column, signed int baseclip);

void 	R_SortVisSprites (void);

void	R_AddSprites (sector_t *sec);
void	R_AddPSprites (void);
void	R_DrawSprites (void);
void 	R_InitSprites (char **namelist);
void	R_ClearSprites (void);
void	R_DrawMasked (void);
void	R_ClipVisSprite (vissprite_t *vis, int xl, int xh);

// R_draw.c

extern	lighttable_t	*dc_colormap;
extern	int				dc_x;
extern	int				dc_yl;
extern	int				dc_yh;
extern	fixed_t			dc_iscale;
extern	fixed_t			dc_texturemid;
extern	byte			*dc_source;		// first pixel in a column

void 	R_DrawColumn (void);
void 	R_DrawColumnLow (void);
void 	R_DrawFuzzColumn (void);
void 	R_DrawFuzzColumnLow (void);
void	R_DrawTranslatedColumn (void);
void	R_DrawTranslatedFuzzColumn (void);
void	R_DrawTranslatedColumnLow (void);

extern	int				ds_y;
extern	int				ds_x1;
extern	int				ds_x2;
extern	lighttable_t	*ds_colormap;
extern	fixed_t			ds_xfrac;
extern	fixed_t			ds_yfrac;
extern	fixed_t			ds_xstep;
extern	fixed_t			ds_ystep;
extern	byte			*ds_source;		// start of a 64*64 tile image

extern	byte	*translationtables;
extern	byte	*dc_translation;

void 	R_DrawSpan (void);
void 	R_DrawSpanLow (void);

void 	R_InitBuffer (int width, int height);
void	R_InitTranslationTables (void);

#endif		// __R_LOCAL__