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; Copyright 1992 Eric R. Smith
; Copyright 1993 Atari Corporation
; All rights reserved.
; quickmove(char *dst, char *src, long nbytes):
; quickly copy "nbytes" bytes from src to dst. Assumes that both
; src and dst are word aligned.
; quickmovb(char *dst, char *src, long nbytes):
; like memcpy, does unaligned too...  does not check for overlap (memmove).

	XDEF	_quickmove
	XDEF	_quickmovb

;%ifdef OWN_LIB
	XDEF	_bcopy
	XDEF	__bcopy
	XDEF	_memcpy

	move.l	8(sp),a0		; get dst
	move.l	4(sp),a1		; get src
	bra.s	_quickmovb1

; for gcc >= 2.5.8

	move.l	4(sp),a0		; get dst
	move.l	8(sp),a1		; get src
	move.w	a0,d0
	move.w	a1,d1
	eor.w	d1,d0			; bit 0 == unaligned
	lsr.w	#1,d0			; in x flag
	move.l	12(sp),d0		; get nbytes
	beq		Ldone
	roxr.w	#1,d1			; bit 0 == both odd, msb == unaligned
	bmi		bytecopy		; unaligned, do the slow thing...
	bcc.s	quickmov1		; both even, ok
	subq.l	#1,d0			; both odd, can be fixed
	move.b	(a1)+,(a0)+
	bra.s	quickmov1
	move.l	4(sp),a0		; get dst
	move.l	8(sp),a1		; get src
	move.l	12(sp),d0		; get nbytes
	move.w	#$1ff,d1
	and.w	d0,d1			; d1 = nbytes % 512
	lsr.l	#8,d0			; 
	lsr.l	#1,d0			; d0 = nbytes / 512
	ble.s	Leftover		; if <= 0, skip

	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,-(sp)	; save regs
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; read 12*4 = 48 bytes
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 2nd read
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,48(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 3rd read
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,96(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 4th read
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,144(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 5th
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,192(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 6th
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,240(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 7th
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,288(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 8th
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,336(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 9th
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,384(a0)	;
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; 10th
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2-a6,432(a0)	; At this point, 480 bytes done
	movem.l	(a1)+,d1-d7/a2		; Only do 32 more bytes
	movem.l	d1-d7/a2,480(a0)	; for a total of 512

	lea	512(a0),a0
	subq.l	#1,d0
	bgt.s	L1

	movem.l	(sp)+,d1-d7/a2-a6	; pop registers

Leftover:				; do the remaining bytes
	moveq.l	#3,d0
	and.w	d1,d0
	lsr.w	#2,d1
	subq.w	#1,d1			; prepare for dbra loop
	bmi.s	L4done
	lsr.w	#1,d1
	bcc.s	L23
	move.l	(a1)+,(a0)+
	move.l	(a1)+,(a0)+
	dbra	d1,L2l
	subq.w	#1,d0			; prepare for dbra loop
	bmi.s	Ldone
	move.b	(a1)+,(a0)+
	dbra	d0,L2
	rts				; return

	subq.l	#1,d0			; prepare for dbra loop
	move.l	d0,d1
	swap	d1
	move.b	(a1)+,(a0)+
	dbra	d0,L3
	dbra	d1,L3
	rts				; return