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; Copyright 1992 Eric R. Smith
; All rights reserved
; quickzero(char *place, long size): zero an area of memory. "size" is
; the number of 256 byte blocks in the area, and must be > 0.
; registers changed: d0 and a0
	XDEF	_quickzero
	move.l	4(sp),a0	; place to zero at
	move.l	8(sp),d0	; number of blocks
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,-(sp)	; save registers
	moveq.l	#0,d1		; zero them out
	moveq.l	#0,d2
	moveq.l	#0,d3
	moveq.l	#0,d4
	moveq.l	#0,d5
	moveq.l	#0,d6
	moveq.l	#0,d7
	move.l	d1,a1
	subq.l	#1,d0		; adjust for dbra loop
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,(a0)	; zero the memory, 32 bytes at a time
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,32(a0)
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,64(a0)
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,96(a0)
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,128(a0)
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,160(a0)
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,192(a0)
	movem.l	d1-d7/a1,224(a0)
	lea	256(a0),a0
	dbra	d0,loop
	movem.l	(sp)+,d1-d7/a1	; restore regs
	rts			; and leave