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Copyright 1990,1991,1992 Eric R. Smith. All rights reserved.

#ifndef _types_h
#define _types_h

#ifndef dLibs
typedef unsigned long 	ulong;
typedef unsigned short	ushort;
typedef unsigned char	uchar;

typedef long ARGS_ON_STACK (*Func)();

/* structure used to hold i/o buffers */
typedef struct io_rec {
	char *bufaddr;
	short buflen;
	volatile short head, tail;
	short low_water, hi_water;

/* Bconmap struct, * returned by Bconmap(-2) */
typedef struct {
	struct {
		long bconstat, bconin, bcostat, bconout, rsconf;
		IOREC_T	*iorec;
	} *maptab;
	short	maptabsize;