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Copyright (C) 1996-1997 Id Software, Inc.

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modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
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// dosisms.h: I'd call it dos.h, but the name's taken

#ifndef _DOSISMS_H_
#define _DOSISMS_H_

int dos_lockmem(void *addr, int size);
int dos_unlockmem(void *addr, int size);

typedef union {
	struct {
		unsigned long edi;
		unsigned long esi;
		unsigned long ebp;
		unsigned long res;
		unsigned long ebx;
		unsigned long edx;
		unsigned long ecx;
		unsigned long eax;
	} d;
	struct {
		unsigned short di, di_hi;
		unsigned short si, si_hi;
		unsigned short bp, bp_hi;
		unsigned short res, res_hi;
		unsigned short bx, bx_hi;
		unsigned short dx, dx_hi;
		unsigned short cx, cx_hi;
		unsigned short ax, ax_hi;
		unsigned short flags;
		unsigned short es;
		unsigned short ds;
		unsigned short fs;
		unsigned short gs;
		unsigned short ip;
		unsigned short cs;
		unsigned short sp;
		unsigned short ss;
	} x;
	struct {
		unsigned char edi[4];
		unsigned char esi[4];
		unsigned char ebp[4];
		unsigned char res[4];
		unsigned char bl, bh, ebx_b2, ebx_b3;
		unsigned char dl, dh, edx_b2, edx_b3;
		unsigned char cl, ch, ecx_b2, ecx_b3;
		unsigned char al, ah, eax_b2, eax_b3;
	} h;
} regs_t;

unsigned int ptr2real(void *ptr);
void *real2ptr(unsigned int real);
void *far2ptr(unsigned int farptr);
unsigned int ptr2far(void *ptr);

int	dos_inportb(int port);
int	dos_inportw(int port);
void dos_outportb(int port, int val);
void dos_outportw(int port, int val);

void dos_irqenable(void);
void dos_irqdisable(void);
void dos_registerintr(int intr, void (*handler)(void));
void dos_restoreintr(int intr);

int	dos_int86(int vec);

void *dos_getmemory(int size);
void dos_freememory(void *ptr);

void	dos_usleep(int usecs);

int dos_getheapsize(void);

extern regs_t regs;

#endif	// _DOSISMS_H_