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Copyright (C) 1996-1997 Id Software, Inc.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

// quakeasm.h: general asm header file

//#define GLQUAKE	1

#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(WINDED)

#if defined(_M_IX86)
#define __i386__	1


#ifdef __i386__
#define id386	1
#define id386	0

// !!! must be kept the same as in d_iface.h !!!

#ifndef NeXT
#ifndef GLQUAKE
	.extern C(d_zistepu)
	.extern C(d_pzbuffer)
	.extern C(d_zistepv)
	.extern C(d_zrowbytes)
	.extern C(d_ziorigin)
	.extern C(r_turb_s)
	.extern C(r_turb_t)
	.extern C(r_turb_pdest)
	.extern C(r_turb_spancount)
	.extern C(r_turb_turb)
	.extern C(r_turb_pbase)
	.extern C(r_turb_sstep)
	.extern C(r_turb_tstep)
	.extern	C(r_bmodelactive)
	.extern	C(d_sdivzstepu)
	.extern	C(d_tdivzstepu)
	.extern	C(d_sdivzstepv)
	.extern	C(d_tdivzstepv)
	.extern	C(d_sdivzorigin)
	.extern	C(d_tdivzorigin)
	.extern	C(sadjust)
	.extern	C(tadjust)
	.extern	C(bbextents)
	.extern	C(bbextentt)
	.extern	C(cacheblock)
	.extern	C(d_viewbuffer)
	.extern	C(cachewidth)
	.extern	C(d_pzbuffer)
	.extern	C(d_zrowbytes)
	.extern	C(d_zwidth)
	.extern C(d_scantable)
	.extern C(r_lightptr)
	.extern C(r_numvblocks)
	.extern C(prowdestbase)
	.extern C(pbasesource)
	.extern C(r_lightwidth)
	.extern C(lightright)
	.extern C(lightrightstep)
	.extern C(lightdeltastep)
	.extern C(lightdelta)
	.extern C(lightright)
	.extern C(lightdelta)
	.extern C(sourcetstep)
	.extern C(surfrowbytes)
	.extern C(lightrightstep)
	.extern C(lightdeltastep)
	.extern C(r_sourcemax)
	.extern C(r_stepback)
	.extern C(colormap)
	.extern C(blocksize)
	.extern C(sourcesstep)
	.extern C(lightleft)
	.extern C(blockdivshift)
	.extern C(blockdivmask)
	.extern C(lightleftstep)
	.extern C(r_origin)
	.extern C(r_ppn)
	.extern C(r_pup)
	.extern C(r_pright)
	.extern C(ycenter)
	.extern C(xcenter)
	.extern C(d_vrectbottom_particle)
	.extern C(d_vrectright_particle)
	.extern C(d_vrecty)
	.extern C(d_vrectx)
	.extern C(d_pix_shift)
	.extern C(d_pix_min)
	.extern C(d_pix_max)
	.extern C(d_y_aspect_shift)
	.extern C(screenwidth)
	.extern C(r_leftclipped)
	.extern C(r_leftenter)
	.extern C(r_rightclipped)
	.extern C(r_rightenter)
	.extern C(modelorg)
	.extern C(xscale)
	.extern C(r_refdef)
	.extern C(yscale)
	.extern C(r_leftexit)
	.extern C(r_rightexit)
	.extern C(r_lastvertvalid)
	.extern C(cacheoffset)
	.extern C(newedges)
	.extern C(removeedges)
	.extern C(r_pedge)
	.extern C(r_framecount)
	.extern C(r_u1)
	.extern C(r_emitted)
	.extern C(edge_p)
	.extern C(surface_p)
	.extern C(surfaces)
	.extern C(r_lzi1)
	.extern C(r_v1)
	.extern C(r_ceilv1)
	.extern C(r_nearzi)
	.extern C(r_nearzionly)
	.extern C(edge_aftertail)
	.extern C(edge_tail)
	.extern C(current_iv)
	.extern C(edge_head_u_shift20)
	.extern C(span_p)
	.extern C(edge_head)
	.extern C(fv)
	.extern C(edge_tail_u_shift20)
	.extern C(r_apverts)
	.extern C(r_anumverts)
	.extern C(aliastransform)
	.extern C(r_avertexnormals)
	.extern C(r_plightvec)
	.extern C(r_ambientlight)
	.extern C(r_shadelight)
	.extern C(aliasxcenter)
	.extern C(aliasycenter)
	.extern C(a_sstepxfrac)
	.extern C(r_affinetridesc)
	.extern C(acolormap)
	.extern C(d_pcolormap)
	.extern C(r_affinetridesc)
	.extern C(d_sfrac)
	.extern C(d_ptex)
	.extern C(d_pedgespanpackage)
	.extern C(d_tfrac)
	.extern C(d_light)
	.extern C(d_zi)
	.extern C(d_pdest)
	.extern C(d_pz)
	.extern C(d_aspancount)
	.extern C(erroradjustup)
	.extern C(errorterm)
	.extern C(d_xdenom)
	.extern C(r_p0)
	.extern C(r_p1)
	.extern C(r_p2)
	.extern C(a_tstepxfrac)
	.extern C(r_sstepx)
	.extern C(r_tstepx)
	.extern C(a_ststepxwhole)
	.extern C(zspantable)
	.extern C(skintable)
	.extern C(r_zistepx)
	.extern C(erroradjustdown)
	.extern C(d_countextrastep)
	.extern C(ubasestep)
	.extern C(a_ststepxwhole)
	.extern C(a_tstepxfrac)
	.extern C(r_lstepx)
	.extern C(a_spans)
	.extern C(erroradjustdown)
	.extern C(d_pdestextrastep)
	.extern C(d_pzextrastep)
	.extern C(d_sfracextrastep)
	.extern C(d_ptexextrastep)
	.extern C(d_countextrastep)
	.extern C(d_tfracextrastep)
	.extern C(d_lightextrastep)
	.extern C(d_ziextrastep)
	.extern C(d_pdestbasestep)
	.extern C(d_pzbasestep)
	.extern C(d_sfracbasestep)
	.extern C(d_ptexbasestep)
	.extern C(ubasestep)
	.extern C(d_tfracbasestep)
	.extern C(d_lightbasestep)
	.extern C(d_zibasestep)
	.extern C(zspantable)
	.extern C(r_lstepy)
	.extern C(r_sstepy)
	.extern C(r_tstepy)
	.extern C(r_zistepy)
	.extern C(D_PolysetSetEdgeTable)
	.extern C(D_RasterizeAliasPolySmooth)

	.extern float_point5
	.extern Float2ToThe31nd
	.extern izistep
	.extern izi
	.extern FloatMinus2ToThe31nd
	.extern float_1
	.extern float_particle_z_clip
	.extern float_minus_1
	.extern float_0
	.extern fp_16
	.extern fp_64k
	.extern fp_1m
	.extern fp_1m_minus_1
	.extern fp_8 
	.extern entryvec_table
	.extern advancetable
	.extern sstep
	.extern tstep
	.extern pspantemp
	.extern counttemp
	.extern jumptemp
	.extern reciprocal_table
	.extern DP_Count
	.extern DP_u
	.extern DP_v
	.extern DP_32768
	.extern DP_Color
	.extern DP_Pix
	.extern DP_EntryTable
	.extern	pbase
	.extern s
	.extern t
	.extern sfracf
	.extern tfracf
	.extern snext
	.extern tnext
	.extern	spancountminus1
	.extern zi16stepu
	.extern sdivz16stepu
	.extern tdivz16stepu
	.extern	zi8stepu
	.extern sdivz8stepu
	.extern tdivz8stepu
	.extern reciprocal_table_16
	.extern entryvec_table_16
	.extern ceil_cw
	.extern single_cw
	.extern fp_64kx64k
	.extern pz
	.extern spr8entryvec_table

	.extern C(snd_scaletable)
	.extern C(paintbuffer)
	.extern C(snd_linear_count)
	.extern C(snd_p)
	.extern C(snd_vol)
	.extern C(snd_out)
	.extern C(vright)
	.extern C(vup)
	.extern C(vpn)
	.extern C(BOPS_Error)