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Copyright (C) 1996-1997 Id Software, Inc.

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modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
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// world.h

typedef struct
	vec3_t	normal;
	float	dist;
} plane_t;

typedef struct
	qboolean	allsolid;	// if true, plane is not valid
	qboolean	startsolid;	// if true, the initial point was in a solid area
	qboolean	inopen, inwater;
	float	fraction;		// time completed, 1.0 = didn't hit anything
	vec3_t	endpos;			// final position
	plane_t	plane;			// surface normal at impact
	edict_t	*ent;			// entity the surface is on
} trace_t;

#define	MOVE_NORMAL		0
#define	MOVE_MISSILE	2

void SV_ClearWorld (void);
// called after the world model has been loaded, before linking any entities

void SV_UnlinkEdict (edict_t *ent);
// call before removing an entity, and before trying to move one,
// so it doesn't clip against itself
// flags ent->v.modified

void SV_LinkEdict (edict_t *ent, qboolean touch_triggers);
// Needs to be called any time an entity changes origin, mins, maxs, or solid
// flags ent->v.modified
// sets ent->v.absmin and ent->v.absmax
// if touchtriggers, calls prog functions for the intersected triggers

int SV_PointContents (vec3_t p);
int SV_TruePointContents (vec3_t p);
// returns the CONTENTS_* value from the world at the given point.
// does not check any entities at all
// the non-true version remaps the water current contents to content_water

edict_t	*SV_TestEntityPosition (edict_t *ent);

trace_t SV_Move (vec3_t start, vec3_t mins, vec3_t maxs, vec3_t end, int type, edict_t *passedict);
// mins and maxs are reletive

// if the entire move stays in a solid volume, trace.allsolid will be set

// if the starting point is in a solid, it will be allowed to move out
// to an open area

// nomonsters is used for line of sight or edge testing, where mosnters
// shouldn't be considered solid objects

// passedict is explicitly excluded from clipping checks (normally NULL)