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# Generated automatically from by configure.
# for UAE

CC        = gcc
CPP       = gcc -E
CFLAGS    = -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -Wall -Wno-unused -Wno-format -W -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -D__inline__=inline -DSTATFS_NO_ARGS=2 -DSTATBUF_BAVAIL=f_bavail -DBROKEN_JOYSTICK_H= -DXF86OS2 -D__unix
X_CFLAGS  =  -I/XFree86/includ -Zmtd
TARGET    = x11
LIBRARIES =  -L/XFree86/li  -lSM -lICE -lXext -lX11  
GFXOBJS   = xwin.o nogui.o

INSTALL         = @[email protected]
INSTALL_PROGRAM = @[email protected]
INSTALL_DATA    = @[email protected]
prefix          = /usr/local
exec_prefix     = ${prefix}
bindir          = ${exec_prefix}/bin
libdir          = ${exec_prefix}/lib
sysconfdir      = ${prefix}/etc

.SUFFIXES: .o .c .h .m


OBJS = main.o newcpu.o memory.o debug.o custom.o cia.o disk.o blitter.o $(GFXOBJS) \
       autoconf.o os.o ersatz.o filesys.o hardfile.o keybuf.o expansion.o zfile.o \
       readcpu.o cpudefs.o gfxutil.o gfxlib.o blitfunc.o blittable.o $(ASMOBJS) \
       cpu0.o cpu1.o cpu2.o cpu3.o cpu4.o cpu5.o cpu6.o cpu7.o \
       cpu8.o cpu9.o cpuA.o cpuB.o cpuC.o cpuD.o cpuE.o cpuF.o cpustbl.o
all: include/sysconfig.h $(TARGET)

include/sysconfig.h: include/sysconfig.h.xf86os2
	cp include/sysconfig.h.xf86os2 include/sysconfig.h

x11: progs

progs: uae readdisk


readdisk: readdisk.o
	$(CC) readdisk.o -o readdisk $(LDFLAGS) $(DEBUGFLAGS) -Zmtd -Zexe

uae: $(OBJS)

	-rm -f *.o uae readdisk
	-rm -f gencpu genblitter build68k cpudefs.c
	-rm -f cpu?.c blit.h
	-rm -f cputbl.h cpustbl.c
	-rm -f blitfunc.c blitfunc.h blittable.c

	-rm -f $(OBJS) $(GFXOBJS)

streifenfrei: clean
	-rm -f Makefile config.cache config.log config.status

blit.h: genblitter
	genblitter i >blit.h
blitfunc.c: genblitter blitfunc.h
	genblitter f >blitfunc.c
blitfunc.h: genblitter
	genblitter h >blitfunc.h
blittable.c: genblitter blitfunc.h
	genblitter t >blittable.c

genblitter: genblitter.o
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o [email protected] $? -Zmtd -Zexe
build68k: build68k.o
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o [email protected] $? -Zmtd -Zexe
gencpu: gencpu.o readcpu.o cpudefs.o
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o [email protected] gencpu.o readcpu.o cpudefs.o -Zmtd -Zexe

custom.o: blit.h

cpudefs.c: build68k table68k
	build68k >cpudefs.c
cpustbl.c: gencpu
	gencpu s >cpustbl.c
cputbl.c: gencpu
	gencpu t >cputbl.c
cputbl.h: gencpu
	gencpu h >cputbl.h

cpu0.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 0 >cpu0.c
cpu1.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 1 >cpu1.c
cpu2.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 2 >cpu2.c
cpu3.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 3 >cpu3.c
cpu4.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 4 >cpu4.c
cpu5.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 5 >cpu5.c
cpu6.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 6 >cpu6.c
cpu7.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 7 >cpu7.c
cpu8.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 8 >cpu8.c
cpu9.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 9 >cpu9.c
cpuA.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 10 >cpuA.c
cpuB.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 11 >cpuB.c
cpuC.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 12 >cpuC.c
cpuD.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 13 >cpuD.c
cpuE.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 14 >cpuE.c
cpuF.c: gencpu
	gencpu f 15 >cpuF.c

cpu0.o: cpu0.c cputbl.h
cpu1.o: cpu1.c cputbl.h
cpu2.o: cpu2.c cputbl.h
cpu3.o: cpu3.c cputbl.h
cpu4.o: cpu4.c cputbl.h
cpu5.o: cpu5.c cputbl.h
cpu6.o: cpu6.c cputbl.h
cpu7.o: cpu7.c cputbl.h
cpu8.o: cpu8.c cputbl.h
cpu9.o: cpu9.c cputbl.h
cpuA.o: cpuA.c cputbl.h
cpuB.o: cpuB.c cputbl.h
cpuC.o: cpuC.c cputbl.h
cpuD.o: cpuD.c cputbl.h
cpuE.o: cpuE.c cputbl.h
cpuF.o: cpuF.c cputbl.h
bebox.o: bebox.cpp


# Saves recompiling...
	touch *.o; touch build68k; touch cpudefs.c; touch cpudefs.o; touch gencpu genblitter; touch cpu?.c cpu*tbl.[ch]; touch cpu?.o cpu*tbl.o

# Some more dependencies...
cpustbl.o: cputbl.h
cputbl.o: cputbl.h

build68k.o: include/readcpu.h
readcpu.o: include/readcpu.h

main.o: config.h
cia.o: config.h include/events.h
custom.o: config.h include/events.h
newcpu.o: config.h include/events.h
autoconf.o: config.h
expansion.o: config.h
xwin.o: config.h
svga.o: config.h
bebox.o: config.h
os.o: config.h
memory.o: config.h
debug.o: config.h
ersatz.o: config.h
disk.o: config.h include/events.h
blitter.o: config.h include/events.h