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  * UAE - The Un*x Amiga Emulator
  * Serial Line Emulation
  * Copyright 1996, 1997 Stefan Reinauer <[email protected]>
  * Copyright 1997 Christian Schmitt <[email protected]>

extern void serial_init(void);
extern void serial_exit(void);
extern void serial_dtr_off(void);

extern uae_u16 SERDATR(void);
extern int   SERDATS(void);
extern void  SERPER(uae_u16 w);
extern void  SERDAT(uae_u16 w);

extern uae_u16 serial_writestatus(int, int);
extern int serial_readstatus (void);
extern uae_u16 serdat;

extern int doreadser, serstat;

extern void serial_flush_buffer(void);