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  * UAE - The Un*x Amiga Emulator
  * Prototypes for main.c
  * Copyright 1996 Bernd Schmidt

extern void do_start_program (void);
extern void do_leave_program (void);
extern void start_program (void);
extern void leave_program (void);
extern void real_main (int, char **);
extern void usage (void);
extern void parse_cmdline (int argc, char **argv);

extern void uae_abort (const char *) NORETURN;
extern void uae_reset (int);
extern void uae_quit (void);
extern void reset_all_systems (void);

extern int quit_program;

extern char warning_buffer[256];

/* This structure is used to define menus. The val field can hold key
 * shortcuts, or one of these special codes:
 *   -4: deleted entry, not displayed, not selectable, but does count in
 *       select value
 *   -3: end of table
 *   -2: line that is displayed, but not selectable
 *   -1: line that is selectable, but has no keyboard shortcut
 *    0: Menu title
struct bstring {
    const char *data;
    int val;

extern char *colormodes[];