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// Copyright  1998, Bruce A. Lewis
// This code may not be re-used in a commercial product
// of any kind without express written consent from
// the author, Bruce A. Lewis.
#ifndef MIDIDEF
   #define MIDIDEF 1

typedef enum { midi_nofile, midi_stop, midi_play, midi_pause } midi_state;

typedef struct
    DWORD    MidiPosition;
    DWORD    MidiDevice;
    DWORD    MidiStatus;
    MCIERROR MidiError;
    char     szMidiFile[128];

BOOL  MidiPlay(HWND hWnd, MIDI_Data_t *mdd);
BOOL  MidiReplay(HWND hWnd, MIDI_Data_t *mdd);
BOOL  MidiPause(HWND hWnd, MIDI_Data_t *mdd);
BOOL  MidiResume(HWND hWnd, MIDI_Data_t *mdd);
void  MidiStop(MIDI_Data_t *mdd);